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You Gon Make Me Buy Bottles For John McCain: Obama Impersonator Remixes Drakes Back To Back (Spoof)


With President Obama approaching his last year running in office, the buzz around our next winning candidate has rapidly risen. As expected of course, but if you’re on the good wishing side of Mr.Barack there’s no way you’d be at all a fan of ¬†Donald Trump in the least!

The Obama's

Now, our president has truly been among the coolest and most definitely the flyest the White House has ever seen! With that, we have to wonder, after presidency what would he be up to next?

President Obama has gained a lot of popularity in the entertainment spiel of things but hilariously this guy we’re about to show you gives us a taste of what things would be like if Obama flipped the script and became an MC. Check out the funny video below:

LMAO We Approve!

-Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany