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The Donald Trump Curse Starts: The Obama’s Dog Bites White House Guest

The Obama‘s are leaving the White House and the First Black Family’s dog wants no parts of strangers visiting the home. One of the Portuguese Water Dogs named Sunny was approached by an 18-year-old family friend and was bitten in the face as she attempted to kiss the dog.

TMZ reports:

We’re told the incident occurred Monday when the 18-year-old was visiting the White House. Sources connected to the girl tell us she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog bit her on the face.

Sunny — a female Portuguese Water Dog — left a nasty gash under the girl’s eye. We’re told the Obamas’ family physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, checked her out and decided she needed stitches.

She’s gonna be okay, but we’re told she’ll likely have a small scar … which upset her. 

The bite is out of character for the breed, which typically is not aggressive in family situations. The Obamas have 2 Portuguese Water Dogs — 8-year-old Bo has the title,”First Dog.”

We reached out to the White House. No comment on the incident.

We’re glad she’s ok but let’s this be a lesson that you just can’t approach a dog when they’re not familiar with you.

But We Blame Trump at this point. Just sayin…

Photo Credit: TMZ