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Last Night In NYC: Hip hop mogul Kevin Liles and mega-producer London On Da Track Kick Off Verizon’s #freestyle50 challenge

Last Tuesday, 300 Entertainment CEO Kevin Liles and producer London On Da Track hosted a launch event for Verizon‘s #freestyle50 challenge, a national talent competition in search of the next voice of hip hop, at Marquee in New York City.

The exclusive, invite-only party featured performances by hip hop icons Busta Rhymes, DJ Enuff and DJ Freedom as well as the next generation of rap superstars, including Tee Grizzley, Smack White and Tre’ Da Kid, winner of the 2016 #freestyle50 challenge.

During the evening, Liles and London announced the grand prize for the competition –a single record deal with 300 Entertainment, $10,000 and an opening act slot on an upcoming 300 tour– and emphasized the importance of preserving the roots of hip hop culture and promoting positive self-expression through freestyle.

Now in its second year, the #freestyle50 challenge was inspired by Verizon’s 8GB for $50 prepaid offer available exclusively at Walmart. To enter, contestants must post a video of themselves freestyling over Tee Grizzley’s “No Effort” instrumental to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #freestyle50challenge and tagging @Verizon and @300Ent. The deadline for entries is August 4.

Eight national finalists will be selected to compete live at the #freestyle50 cypher in Los Angeles on August 30th, where the 2017 #freestyle50 challenge champion will be crowned.


Dyme-A-Duzin Freestyles On DJ Enuff’s ‘The Hot Box’

Brooklyn native, Dyme-A-Duzin, is proving himself to be a force on the microphone. The twenty four year old is slated to release his highly anticipated project, Crown Fried, at the top of the new year.

So far in 2016, he has released a slew of material, including his recent WorldstarHipHop premiered video featuring Fabolous. For Dyme, fame and fortune is one thing, but the bigger picture for him is being able to change the standard way of thinking in our culture. He wants to pave the wave for others to express themselves freely. Dyme’s passion is to lead the new generation forward, in honor of legends before him.

Recently, Dyme made another stop at Hot 97 – after being a guest on Hip Hop Mike’s podcast a few weeks back – as a participant in DJ Enuff’s The Hot Box. The Crown Heights representative performed his lead single, “That Chicken” and followed it up with a freestyle (8:00 minute mark).

Check it out above.

Twitter: @DymeADuzin

FLY Events Last Night in NYC

Hot 97’s DJ Enuff Debuts His New Singer/Songwriter Annalise Azadian


On Saturday, Brooklyn based Songstress Annalise Azadian‘s soulful but modern voice captured the diverse crowd of passionate music lovers and industry influencers last night in the lower east side’s Rockwood Music Hall. With the Heavy Hitter’s CEO and Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff by her side, Annalise poured through her very own unapologetic originals including “Tired” and “Bleeding Out”.

DJ Megan Ryte of Hot 97 said:

“Annalise’s voice gives me goosebumps. She is one of the most talented young women that I’ve ever come across. She’s not just a singer, she’s a musician. There are no gimmicks, its just straight talent. Her music speaks to my soul.”

The multi-instrumentalist, Annalise looped in her own melodic covers of today’s hits from artist like Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, and Florence Welch.

DJ Bobby Trends said:

“Annalise is incredibly talented and is the future. She is who will influence the next generation of greatness. I am officially a fan.”

DJ Enuff raves about his first and only artist, Annalise:

“It’s about being lucky enough to discover something new and witness the evolution. I remember seeing that with Kanye, Alicia Keys and 50 cent. It’s an amazing feeling to be apart of something so fresh and genuine.”

Having now performed at Rockwood Music Hall for the second time, Annalise has moved on to the bigger stage and an even bigger crowd.

She says:

“Loving the feedback from all of the people and I can’t wait to release my single and video, “Work in Progress” next week.”

Stay tuned for Annalise Azadian’s next release “Work In Progress”.

Follow Annalise On Social Media
IG/ Twitter/ FB: @annaliseazadian

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Watch: Tory Lanez & Phresher Trade Bars On DJ Enuff’s “The Hot Box”


Toronto based rapper/singer Tory Lanez has been a fixture on the music scene as of late with his ready for primetime music and show stealing guest features. The Interscope Records signee recently paid a visit to New York City and went bar for bar with Brooklyn upstart Phresher at DJ Enuff‘s The Hot Box. The pair rhymed over Drake‘s “Energy” and Clipse‘s “Grindin'” respectively.

Who do you think got the edge? Check it out below and let us know:

Twitter: @torylanez | @PHRESHER_DGYGZ | @djenuff

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Watch: Rain910 Freestyles On DJ Enuff’s The Hot Box #HOT97


Fayetteville, North Carolina native Rain910 has been earning his keep on the music scene for quite some time now, flexing his talents on some of the most prestigious platforms any MC can shine on.

Currently, putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming project A Perfect Day To Die, which represents killing the old way of thinking and reaching for something better, Rain pays a visit to DJ Enuff of Hot 97’s Hot Box and shares his gift.

He kicks things off by performing his motivational track, ‘The Blacker The Berry’, and then proceeds to his slay the ‘Hot Box’ by spitting a ferocious set of bars over his own self produced cut. High frequency rap at its finest.

Check it out below:

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The Word Hip-Hop Edition: Kendrick Lamar “Hottest MC” In The Game


MTV’s Hottest Mc’s In The Game VIII list is complete and it looks like Kendrick Lamar’s good year is still going strong as he was named this years #1 MC in the game. The completed list looks like this:

10. Meek Mill


8.A$AP Rocky

7. Kanye West

6.Big Sean



3.Rick Ross

2.2 Chainz

1. Kendrick Lamar


 The list did kick up a lot of dust in the hip-hop world as there were a few rappers who were not pleased  with  Sway and his panel’s placing of them.Kanye West  lead the pack of offended rappers as he was not to pleased at his no.7 ranking not known for biting his tongue he of course got some things off his chest with when he called into DJ Enuff’s radio show.


Kanye gave zero fucks about that list!  I also don’t as well as the list is as comparable to The Sources mic rating system as far as relevancy is concerned. Kanye is right where he should be on the list though I wouldn’t have been mad if they put Kanye at #6 swapping places with his apprentice Big Sean.url-7

Kanye wasn’t alone as far as not getting a high placing on the list as the PMF A$AP Rocky also spoke out on his no.8 ranking . I mean A$AP’s buzz is very high, his debut album was well received amongst his hip-hop peers and his single “Fucking Problems” is huge but his placing is just right maybe next year bro just be happy your on a list period.

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz have a reason to celebrate as they both finished in the top 3. Ross’s placement in just right as well right now no one is working as hard the biggest act in hip-hop period. His stable of rappers follow his lead and keep music coming out at a consistent flow. Whether it be albums or mixtapes Ricky and his crew make sure they stay relevant in these hip-hop streets.


You right Ricky these n*ggas won’t hold you back as long as you don’t get lazy on us.

As for Mr 2 Chainz his number 2 slot is up for debate, yeah he was the feature king, very memorable singles but… a sub par showing of an album. I think Sway did NaS a disservice giving 2 Chainz that no.2 spot but NaS is the Susan Lucci of rap as he can’t seem to win anything. NaS had the best hip-hop album of the year followed by Kendrick the Queens general got disrespected once again (sighs). 


Congrats on the no.2 spot though, can’t deny how hard this guy works.

When it comes to hip-hop music this list will always spark up a debate, shit we still debate in barber shops if Biggie is better than Tupac or whether “Takeover” is better than “Ether”. There is never no final answer or a deciding factor in these discussions so agree to disagree.  What MTV’s list is an opinion based on the material and work ethic these guys put out so don’t take it as a final word. My list for those who care to know is as follows:

10. Meek Mill


8.A$AP Rocky

7. Big Sean


5.2 Chainz


3.Rick Ross


1.Kendrick Lamar

Again its all a matter of opinion , everyone has their own list and perception of who is out there killing the hip-hop airwaves. So if you were on the panel who would be on your list? Who shouldn’t even be considered?  


Congrats to the Good Kid I have no qualms with this pick as this is who I thought MTV was going to pick for the coveted No.1 spot on their list.

Stay Fly!

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[New Video] Mike Classic – ‘Drop Bombs’

Mike Classic delivers an eye-catching video titled ‘Drop Bombs’! I had the opportunity of meet this artist recently and I must say that he is definitely someone to look out for! Peep his video after the jump and then you will understand where I am coming from…