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SFPL Music: Meek Mill ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss “All The Way Up” Freestyle

Meek Mill is the latest emcee to jump on Fat Joe and Remy Ma‘s banger “All The Way Up.”

Mill tapped Brooklyn rapper Fabolous for the assist and of course couldn’t resist throwing some shade at the 6 God. Drake threw a couple of shots the Philadelphia spitters way on “Hype,” off his latest release VIEWS.

“I don’t run out of material/You shouldn’t speak on me period/You try to give your side of the story/They heard it/But they weren’t hearing it.”

Mill’s dig of course alludes to the accusations that Drake supposedly doesn’t write his rhymes, allegations he himself brought against the Toronto emcee.

“This is hip-hop / You ain’t write it, don’t record it / I don’t know how they gettin’ down ‘cross the border.”

Since the drop last night Meek has also released a version of the freestyle with a verse from Queens rapper Jadakiss. You can listen to both versions of the song below. Now we just have to wait for Drake to respond. Given their back and forth over the last few months he’s definitely going to cook something up. Let the countdown begin.


The Word: Safaree To Nicki; “Good Luck With Those Punchlines…”


I’d like to say the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived … but that’s not really true.


The truth is, most of us actually liked Nicki & Safaree together. The fact is, most of us would like to see them reconcile. But that may be a non option after the release of Safaree’s new … Diss Record.

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The Word: A Petition Has Been Filed For Funk Flex To Step Down From Hot 97


Looks like the bombs on you big guy!


Fans have spoken! And at this point, all 6,039 of them!


After a failed attempt to deliver what was an EXTREME anticipated diss track from artist Meek Mill in response to Drake’s Charged Up” single, one person has had enough! So fed, Azeem Khan created a petition to have DJ Funk Master Flex step down from his position on Hot 97 and “surprisingly” he was not alone.


5 Reasons You Don’t Want To Mess With Nicki Minaj



Nicki Minaj is full of sugar and spice, possibly some Luster’s Pink Lotion, and everything nice…until you piss her off! Here are the top 5 reasons to NOT cross Nicki Minaj! Enter at your own risk…

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[The Daily Word] Andre Harell Not Pleased With Divas 2012 & Nicki Minaj Vs. Funk Flex Beef Officially Squashed

Welp, Music executive Andre Harrell (and his glasses) wasn’t really pleased with the Whitney Houston tribute done at the 2012 Divas Live concert this past weekend. 


[The Word] Lil’ Wayne needs attention…


So now Lil’ Wayne is taking shots at Jay-Z *Yawns* over a bar that Hov spit over 7 months ago.


A few months ago Jay spit these bars in the underwhelming buzz single HAM;

“I’m like really half a billi n-gga, Really you got baby money, Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas aint got my lady money” – Jay-Z

Now ‘Allegedly’ this was a stab at Wayne’s street father  Baby for making it well known that he believes Wayne is the ‘Best Rapper Alive’. I don’t for a million think this is what Jay is addressing. But Wayne sure did, and he’s feeling a little salty. As his new album The Carter IV gets ready to hit the streets next week, the leak has already hit the net, and among it is a track entitled ‘I’m good’ Featuring Drake and Jadakiss, where Wayne belts out…

Talking bout Baby money / I got your baby money/ Kidnap ya b*tch, get that ‘how much you love yo lady’ money/ I know you fake n*gga, press ya breaks n*gga/ I’ll take you out, that’s a date n*gga

NOT calling the Queen a Bitch though. Lil’ Wayne your dead to me.

Today on‘s Blogger’s Circle I stated …

I must say this little ‘jab’ is HILARIOUS. Jay dropped that line about haters having ‘Baby’ Money MONTHS ago, and I think he literally meant ‘Baby’ Money in oppose to Adult money. Do I think he was talking about the Cash Money Rapper, Absolutely not. So now Wayne responds, months later, and goes one step further and calls Queen Bey a Bitch? Wow. 

Should Jay respond? Absolutely not. This is the ultimate ploy for Wayne to sell more records and get money off Jay’s legacy by dividing the fans. The funny thing is, Wayne doesn’t have to go this route, he’s embarrassing himself. And Wayne *leans in and whispers* You don’t have his Lady’s money.

I mean why would Jay be upset that Baby made a statement like that?

Why wouldn’t he make that statement?

Lil’ Wayne, you need attention.


-Stay Fly!