Kari Faux Release New Surreal Music Video for Single “Fantasy” [New Video]

Breakout female emcee and Little Rock, AR native, Kari Faux premiered her new music video for “Fantasy,” on, this Wednesday. “Fantasy” is the third single from Kari’s debut album, Lost En Los Angeles (aka L.E.L.A.) which was released April 8, 2016 via Wolf & Rothstein.

“This song started off as a poem, then I began making this little beat on Logic as a reference,” Kari told The Fader. “It took some time, but I got a couple of musicians on it and it became what it is now. “Cool Like That” by Digable Planets and “Certainly” by Erykah Badu helped as inspiration. It’s really just a song about how I was feeling in that specific moment.”

The video helps bring Kari’s feelings to life, giving viewers a look inside her darkest thoughts as it explores the duality within the songs opening lines, “I’m no man’s fantasy. I never plan to be.” Is it a cry of empowerment or an unfortunate realization on behalf of the artist? The video takes place in one continuous shot of a small claustrophobic room in an apartment building. As the camera slowly pans the room you see Kari staring off blankly, as well as the rest of the studio apartment. The camera circles within the room 2 more times, each time getting a little more surreal, a little more disheveled, and taking the viewer a little further into Kari’s subconscious as she sinks deeper into her own thoughts.

By the end of the video we are fully immersed within one of Kari’s nightmares. Strings play in the background as her building is brought crumbling to the ground by a giant upright bass, one of the very instruments that helped her create the atmosphere for the track.

The video drives home the point that not everything is as it seems. Even the strongest/calmest people must battle their inner demons.

Check out the new video above.

Also make sure to check out her new album Lost En Los Angeles, which chronicles the past eighteen months of this breakthrough recording artist, producer, painter, explorer’s process of “discovery” and “disconnection.”

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