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Fly Kicks of The Day: Diesel’s YUK 20th Anniversary Sneakers

Diesel re-launching YUK 20 years after its first release: a pre-internet shoe, refreshingly stripped of all modern technology!


[Fly-LIGHTs] Diesel X GQ’s Holiday Gift Guide Event ….

Tuesday evening, Team SFPL was on deck to celebrate Diesel‘s first ever Holiday Gift Guide in collaboration with GQ Magazine, hosted by GQ’s Executive Stylist, Brett Fahlgren

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[Video] Mister Cartoon x Diesel Time To Ride Pt. 2

For Part 2 of the ‘Diesel Time 2 Ride Thailand’ series, Estevan Oriol captures Mister Cartoon tattooing Tat, a dedicated friend and client for over 10 years. As the owner of one of Thailand’s top restaurants – Genji, Tat explains how important time is in his life and career. Cartoon felt it was important to feature Tat’s story as he only wears Cartoon’s ink. Check out the visual below…


[We LIKE] @DieselUSA Fall Preview / Back To School

Diesel is gearing up for the Fall season and back to school with great sweaters, jackets, boots and bags. Check it out!

FLY Events Last Night in NYC


Last Night In NYC…We attended 55DSL‘s Summer Series entitled “Photos Can Speak”, which was held at the 55DSL store in soho. The event featured a plethora of dope photography by some of the hottest photographers in NY.



Come out to the 5th ave Diesel store @54th st location and enjoy a cocktails by Tyku and a dynamic performance by Allen Stone, as Diesel celebrate their release of the Jogg Jeans!

See you there!!

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[Fly Look of The Day] @MissKeriBaby at @DieselUSA 5th Avenue

Keri Hilson took a timeout from her busy touring schedule to stop by the Diesel 5th Avenue flagship store in NYC, ducking out of the rain to select a new–and dry!–outfit. She left wearing the Diesel Jogg Jean hybrid “Tintsie BPX” and a new denim “Divina” bag.

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[FLY News] Diesel’s Memorial Day Weekend Family x Friend Sale…

We here at SFPL just wanted to spread some holiday love by letting you guys know of the Diesel Family and Friend Sale this weekend…

All you have to do is mention the sale in any participating location, and receive 30% off of their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, from May 27-May 30!!


Stay Fly!

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Last Night in NYC: Jesse Boykins III Live @ The Diesel Planet

DIESEL‘s Music Teaser Tuesday is a monthly music series featuring new and established artists to perform at Diesel Planet, in NYC.

We took our talents to the Diesel Store on 54th and 5th Avenue, right in the middle of the Fashion Shopping Capital of NYC, for a performance we would not forget.

We were given the chance to interview Jessie Boykins III, so take a glimpse into his inspirations, his thoughts on being FLY, and his words of wisdoms for us all…

1. What’s your overall inspirational?

“Life’s experiences! Definitely traveling and making connections with people. The thing is to break down relationships, analyze them, and make a song out of it. Cinema also inspires me alot, and movies. I watch a lot of movies, and i also read alot. I read alot of James Joyce old poetry, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, a lot of stories and visuals. Also, a lot of writing. I do a lot of writing. As well as researching and studying my history. Studying what soul music really means. Knowing where my history comes from to make sure I stay grounded in my music. No matter the transition of sound, it’s always going to be that feeling of soul.”

2. So, we run a blog called, and we want to know, “What does the term ‘FLY’ mean to you?”

“Fly is all about confidence, and self love. Anyone can be fly, it doesn’t matter. If your fly in your mind and expose your “fly,”  you show people your confidence. Regardless of what you’re wearing, you show people by how you speak and carry yourself. Being able to express yourself as best as you can, and at the same time be understood, THAT’S FLY!”

3. If you could give our readers one thing to leave away with, what would it be?

“This might sound corny, but don’t ever let anyone tell you that anything is impossible. If you have a love for something, pursue it, because people live long lives, so instead of questioning yourself with ‘What if’s’ and ‘No, i can’t do that,’ just try it out. Always approach anything you do, or love, with a positive vibe, a positive light, and positive energy, and most likely, it will get handled.

In case your unfamiliar with the beautiful sounds of Jesse Boykins III, check out this official video from the Event…

-Stay Fly!