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Last Night In NYC: Drumline: A New Beat Cast Members LeToya Luckett, Alexandra Shipp & Jordan Calloway Attend VIP Screening


Last Night In NYC, at the Viacom screening room in the heart of Times Square NYC, Team SFPL was on hand to catch a Vip screening of VH1’s newest movie Drumline: A New Beat.

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Eddie Murphy’s older brother Charley leads an all-star cast of comics, including DeRay Davis and J.B. Smoove, in the direct-to-DVD horror comedy Frankenhood. Loosely modeled after the classic horror yarn Frankenstein, the movie follows two morgue attendents who dream of leaving their dead-end jobs by winning the grandprize in the local 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Since they’re short a player, they decide to build the ultimate B-baller out of spare body parts lying around the morgue. Watch an exclusive clip from Frankenhood below and check out the full film when it arrives on DVD next Tuesday, May 5.


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