SFPL Artist Spotlight: DeAndre Brackensick – “I’m Not The Only One” (Sam Smith Cover)



In a world completely saturated with viral videos, it’s hard to remember any of them after 15 minutes. However, this viral sensation is going to get more than 15 after getting the recognition he deserves. DeAndre Brackensick is his name and he is a former American Idol contestant with a very unique voice of raw emotion and precise riffs. Paired with creativity, melodic runs and harmonies tight enough to make you want to holler, he WILL be your next obsession! Yes! He is that good!

After his run on American Idol where he made it to the top 12, he decided to start working on his own music. He recorded his first single “Her Crazy” released in 2013. Fortunately, for us it didn’t just stop at studio recording. DeAndre hopped on social media using various video recording apps and has created his own collection of covers good enough to make you say, “Maxwell who?” Yes, the talented singer was and still is quite compared to the legendary R&B singer to this very day, and DeAndre accepts that. It’s almost like DeAndre is secretly the “secret child” of Maxwell and Beyonce, but we just don’t know it! Could you imagine??!
Like, take a look at this pic below….

If you are unfamiliar with his voice, take a moment and listen to his recent Sam Smith cover of the hit single “I’m Not The Only One”:

Also, check out more past videos of DeAndre below:

“Her Crazy”


“I’d Rather Go Blind”


For more material, check out DeAndre’s social media accounts where he updates new music on a daily:






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