Dave Chappelle Accurately Jokes About Trump Voters In Clip From New “Equanimity” Standup Special

Dave Chappelle Equanimity

A new clip has arrived from Dave Chappelle’s forthcoming Netflix standup special Equanimity and it’s right on time based on the current climate of the country. 45 and his fellow Republican cronies are currently swimming in pools of money after passing a large tax cut for the rich. It’s their first major legislative victory since Trump and his family slithered into the White House.

In the clip, Dave reflects on the dreaded 2016 Presidential Election that gave us Donald Trump and his experience voting in that election. He jokingly reveals that “poor whites are his least favorites” mainly because they vote against their interest all of the time. Dave points out when he looked into their faces he didn’t see any “deplorable people” instead he saw “angry faces, determined faces and they felt like decent folk”.

Could have fooled us.

Dave even points out that he even felt sorry for them because he knows the game and he knows that rich white people call poor white people trash because he made so much money the rich white people told him at a cocktail party.

Dave continues his voting story and tells the sold-out crowd that he continued to listen to the poor white voters say poor naive things like Donald Trump is going to fight for them. Dave then thinks to himself exactly what we all have been thinking about these poor, naive white voters. We’ll late Dave tell the story in the clip below cause it’s even funnier when he tells it and be sure to catch Equanimity on December, 31st.

About “Dave Chappelle: Equanimity” 
Emmy® Award-winning comedy titan Dave Chappelle is capping a banner year with a stand-up event packed with scorching new material, self-reflection and tough love. Chappelle holds court in a special homecoming performance filmed in front of a packed house at the historic Warner Theater in Washington D.C. In “Dave Chappelle: Equanimity,” the comedian hilariously revels in taking on culture and class, politics and the specter of getting old.
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DJ TRAUMA – “Take Me High” feat. The Dan (Prod. by Needlz and Donut) [New Music]

Take all those summer feels into fall with DJ Trauma‘s new single “Take Me High” featuring a dope new artist, The Dan. This new smash hit was produced by superstar multi-platinum producers, Needlz and Donut, who have also worked with Drake, 50 Cent and Bruno Mars. The official song has elements of R&B, hip hop, reggae and electronic music and is inspired by the different music Trauma both hears and spins around the world.

DJ Trauma is a worldwide DJ, currently on tour with Dave Chappelle, having spun on every continent for celebrities like Ciara, Akon, Ludacris, Monica, Tyler Perry & many more.

Check out the track above and make sure to add to your Labor Day Weekend playlist! 

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