In NOT so FLY News…

First off, what grown man calls himself Waka Flocka Flame? *Blank Stare* I’m not calling him that.


Several teens were shot and injured on Friday night following a concert headlined by Waka at a skating rink in Gary, Indiana. Reports indicate that gunmen opened fire on about 200 teens who were waiting on their rides outside the venue. 8 teenage boys, ages 14 to 18, suffered non-life-threatening injuries according to police.

Mind you this happened one day after a shooting in Atlanta that Waka was connected to.

Smh.  Thus, we will not be covering any events that are Waka Flocka related. Getting shot is not on my Bucket List.

Wayne is gone. He turned himself in yesterday, and began serving his 1 year (6 Months tops) sentence today. What are your thoughts on the survival of Young Money?

D’Angelo, Amber Rose and more after the jump…