Alessia Cara Touches On Self-Love In “Scars To Your Beautiful” [New Video]

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Alessia Cara debuts her touching new visual that reflects on the subject of acceptance and self-love. The titled track is called “Scars To You Beautiful,” which was birthed from her current album Know-It-All.

In the video, guests speak their truth from all walks of life like: cancer survivors, transgender people, those speaking about obesity and shape, bullying, and more.

During the visual, a special message was displayed towards the end of the moving video:


Alessia also spoke with our Fly Friend, Kathy Iandoli of Cosmopolitan where she premiered the video:

It was such a powerful video, but the song alone is powerful too. It’s kind of like a contemporary version of TLC’s “Unpretty.”

Yeah, yeah! Even like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” A couple of female artists have done it in the past, and I wanted to put my own spin on it because I feel like you can never have too many reminders and too many songs talking about those things. It was important to put that in my own words and remind people that they are beautiful no matter what.

About singer/songwriter JoJo being apart of the project:

JoJo is also in the video. How did she come to be a part of it?

Oh my gosh, she’s amazing. We have the same management team and we’ve known each other for a little bit now. She’s been supporting my music for a while and I’ve loved her since forever, so we just asked her to be in it and she was like, “Yeah!” It was really cool to have [her] too, because I felt like it was important to have a public figure in the video. A lot of the time, people don’t realize that public figures have these insecurities too. They’re always in the spotlight and they may seem like they have it all together, but they don’t always have it all together, you know? It’s actually very difficult to be in the public and to be a female and to feel confident every day with all the social media and all these opinions of people.

Check out the full video above.

Get more of the interview HERE.


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