Fly Technology: Microsoft thinks they have the One with new Xbox reveal

Today, Microsoft gave the press its first look of their highly anticipated next gen system to challenge Sony’s Playstation 4 revealed earlier this year. The Xbox 360 successor which was worked on under the code name Durango has been dubbed the Xbox One.

Named for Microsoft’s mission to, “design and build an all-in-one system to light up a new generation of games, TV and entertainment,” as said by Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick, the Xbox One aims to be the centerpiece of a new entertainment experience. The game console is now taking on more of a multimedia role, a trend that was already starting with Playstation 3’s integrated Blue Ray player, but the Xbox One aims for true integration. The Kinetic voice and motion controller is now a part of the package and allows for hands free operation of your system. It also is said to be able to instantly recognize various users allowing for different settings based on the user. Owners will be able to switch games, channels or going from gaming to TV to browsing the internet by voice alone. Voice prompts like “Show me what’s on ESPN” will take the place of those dang hard to set preset channels on your current remotes.

Other features include, practically silent operation, a new controller that has a new ergonomic design, dynamic impulse triggers with built in feedback, Xbox smart glass, of course faster processors, more memory, and a built in DVR.

Overall the system looks a bit large in contrast to the current slim systems and not much emphasis was focused on the actual gaming of the system, as there was only a few clips of upcoming games, but it is clear that this presentation was targeting the mainstream market. A stark contrast to and maybe planned move by Microsoft as Sony’s reveal of the Playstation 4 was primarily touting the system’s gaming ability and aimed at gamers and developers.

We are excited by the prospects of the new system, but are reserving judgement for more details including possible integration with cable systems (as it resembles a cable box anyway) and more importantly finding out when it will actually launch and how much we have to shell out for it.

Stay Fly!

Written by: Ian Freeman