Kim Kardashian Breaks…T-Mobile?! Guess Who You Will See Saving Data and Taking Selfies On Super Bowl XLIX Day?


We prepare for work in the morning. We prepare for interviews and we prepare for visits from “bae”. With the Super Bowl XLIX on it’s way this Sunday — and advertising agencies putting their most clever campaigns to the test, be prepared for Kim Kardashian to Break Your Television set….Lit – erally.



For Kim’s next break, she’s landed a new T-Mobile data stash ad campaign. It might be perfect for her. Hence, she suggests cell phone subscribers go with T-Mobile where their unused data rolls over providing users extra data to do “more important things”, like look at Kim’s selfies. You gotta love it!

Not to mention, The Kardashians clan has had T-Mobile service/phones for years now, since the first episode of their long-standing hit reality show. In 2008, Mrs. West auctioned her personal Sidekick LX phone for charity on eBay. Kim was addicted to her SK LX. It was one of the toughest decisions that she ever had to make being as Kim was, and still is a text-addict like the rest of us.

Get into Kim K’s very own T-Mobile Spoof below:

Did this article and vieo break your internet, yet?! You have to admit, this was quite genius! Lol!
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