Celebration of Some of Cosplay’s Flyest #28DaysofBlackCosplay Returns

Cosplayer Sami Bess / M23 Images

While February has been reserved for reflection on the black experience and the contributions that have come from it, the month has also evolved into a celebration of black achievements and their influence on various genres including pop culture. One such area is the geek market, particularly cosplay, where cosplayers or color often find themselves fighting colorism and racism even when dressing up as fictional characters. To encourage these cosplayers to continue expressing their fandom, despite the backlash, the hashtag #28daysofblackcosplay was created. The brainchild of cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch  #28daysofblackcosplay started as a rallying cry and evolved into a celebratory lighting rod that drew attention to not only the plight of black cosplayers but their resilience, their excellence and dedication to their craft.

For those who want to get involved and share their favorite cosplayers, Chaka has put a spin on this year’s festivities adding themes to each day.


And if you are looking for cosplayers to follow and/or share Petite Ebby Cosplay has created a database with the social media pages of over 300 cosplayers with more being added constantly. ( List )

We will be sharing some of our flyest cosplayers throughout the month so check back often.



FLY LIGHTS: Mike Tyson, Michael Jai White and Estelle Attend New York Comic Con

Adult Swim At New York Comic Con 2014

There was definitely some black star power in the building this year at New York Comic Con. Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, For Better or Worse star Michael Jai White and singer Estelle were in the building to talk about their animated series at panels held by Cartoon Network.