Just In Time for Halloween, Cody Vavrik Delivers “F**K YOU WANT” [New Video]

Cody Vavrik is not you. Although he hails from suburbia Cody hopes to transcend the stereotype of the so-called average white kid from the burbs. Cody wants to break stereotype period. Asking his fans to “dig deeper than the surface,” Cody intentionally distort his face in photos stating that “this ins not about what I look like” but more about how we feel about everything that is happening around us. “F**K YOU WANT, his first single says it all in the title.

The official song lays it all out there from the start. On the surface it feels like that laid back tune that meanders its way forward with ease as the goth like melodies lead us into fun drop which comes with a hardness that gives a glimpse into “the cray cray that makes us all unique.”

Cody says “I know you like it,” as if he is enticing us to admit the fact that the burbs might just be a little more urban than the right might want to admit.

“FYW” was produced by the House Music pioneers at Slang Music Group (Trax Records, The 312) with beats courtesy of Arnold Hennings.

Take a look above.

Twitter: @CodyVavrik