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#CivilTV: Cory Gunz: ‘Young Money Cypher’ (Uncensored In FULL)


Just when you thought it was over! #CivilTV jumps right back in and saves the day, drops an Uncensored clip of rapper, YM affiliate, Cory Gunz during the Young Money Cypher: ‘Next Up’ — going completely-in, delivering massive BARS in freestyle mode for literally 5 minutes straight.

ICYMI: #CivilTV: Young Money Cipher: ‘Next Up’ [Fly Visual]

I got too much time on my hands, lines in my head, I might as well pull my mind out my head, and rhyme on my hand. -Cory Gunz



Peep Cory’s contagious freestyle below:

Well, if you weren’t a believer…then you are now.

Good job Cory!