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WATCH: Gilbert Arenas Hits Ex Gloria Govan’s Car With A Cinder Block, Calls-Out Stripper For Buying Boyfriend Sneakers with His “Tip Money”

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic


Father, let us pray…Dear Lord, please keep these two away from each other…In Jesus name, I pray. AMEN.

What in Cinder Hell is going on?! It looks as though, Shanghai Sharks Guard, Gilbert Arenas is quite fed up with his ex-wife Gloria Govan, yet again.

TMZ reported, that Arenas recently smashed Gloria’s car that she drives with a cinder block after she allegedly threw his computer in the pool and/or screwed up his Netflix account. Basically, Gilbert tossed a big ass rock at the car, therefore, adding quite the damage to a car that he allegedly paid for. Smart, I guess. *side-eye*

Just watch the madness here:

Gilbert and Gloria both have a total of 4 kids together, and as of recent, they have both been going back and forth over a number of issues, in and out of court. Remember, the engagement ring that he recently took back? Yeah, that’s just one example.

As of recent, Govan demanded an emergency restraining order against him this week, claiming he threatened her life saying: “I want you dead or in jail or broke.” But the judge completely shot her down.

This seems to be a repetitive action of Gloria’s. Gilbert recently took his feelings to social media about Gloria’s various attempts of trying to restrain him through court. He says: “Another victory in court. I’m not the one to keep score but ur 0-16.”

Also, just this past Thursday, Gilbert called out one of his favorite strippers on IG for buying her boyfriend some new sneakers with his “tip money”:


Let’s just all say a little prayer for Gilbert, Gloria and well, maybe the stripper too. They should just all stay clear away from each other. That’s all.

On a serious note, hopefully, Gloria and Gilbert can reconcile their differences and focus on the kids, which is more important at this point. Live your love lives separately, but as parents be there for your children.