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Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors: Kanye West Calls In To Hot 97 To Address Chuck E. Cheese Rumor Plus More



Rumors, rumors, and even more rumors!

It seems like once you become a celebrity everything about you gets exposed, whether it is true or not it will be reported. Recently, a report came out saying that Kanye West had kicked 60 children out of Chuck E. Cheese — so North West can play by herself. Also, earlier this week, reports were made that Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby boy and others reports they are expecting twins. Although, Kim tweeted out that she isn’t expecting a boy nor twins.

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Kanye got wind of the rumors that were circulating and decided he would address these rumors himself. He called in to Hot 97 along with Ebro to set the record straight with radio personality Nessa. He did NOT step a foot into Chuck E. Cheese, so it wasn’t possible for him to kick anyone out. He also spoke about his up and coming album SWISH.

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Check out the full conversation below:

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