The Many Formulas of Tristan “Mack” Wilds

The multi-talented Tristan “Mack” Wilds breaks down the elements of his hustle in The Formula: Science of the Hustle, which you can see at Once we turned hustle into a science, the door was open for other formulas in his repertoire.


Mack’s first love was definitely music. For him, his song creation is grounded in emotion. When he hears the right track, the emotions just jump out. This leads to the lyrics, which he infuses into the melody. This all has to work together to create a special moment in time.


“If the beat overpowers the lyrics, then it’s not a hit.” These words of wisdom came from his musical mentor, Salaam Remi.
For Mack, the marriage of music and lyrics is holy matrimony for a hit.

[anvplayer video=”4269746″]

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Beat + lyrics x Right Vibes = Mack Wilds’ Music

Mack reminds us that “enough water droplets can break the concrete.” This speaks to his element of persistence. You never know where he’s going to hit you next.


Acting gives him the opportunity to portray someone different each time he steps onto a set. The diversity of his resume speaks volumes.

Diverse Roles + Range x Strategy – limitations = Endless Possibilities

Of course, there is always a need to unwind and just enjoy yourself. So, Mack’s formula for a good time—on the rare occasion that he is not working—is rather simple. It always starts with the right people who bring a good vibe to the situation. Some great music is also a part of the equation.


The fellas(shooting pool) + Good Tunes – Stress = A Good Time for Mack and the 95

The chemistry that Mack has with his squad “The 95” is a case study in hustle. They are never not-working and that double negative is definitely a positive. To see Mack break down all the elements of his hustle click here to visit The Formula: Science of the Hustle powered by the All-New 2016 Chevrolet Cruze.

By Rashid Mausi