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The Word: Iggy Azalea Thanks Nick Young’s Teammate D’Angelo Russell For Video Exposing Her Fiance.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s relationship has been surrounded by rumors of infidelity on Young’s part since their engagement last June; but Azalea has always brushed them off. Just last week while sitting down with 92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy in the Morning she had this to say,

 “When people come out and say things, and have their entire [press plan] where they do 700 interviews about the one time you catcalled me out of a car supposedly, to me that takes a bit of the potential authenticity of the story away. I believe my man, and Nick is a super nice guy. This is not the kind of thing he would do.”

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Sorry Iggy it appears Nick isn’t a nice guy after all.

A few days ago, video surfaced of Young admitting to stepping out on his fiancé with a 19-year-old he met at the club. The video was captured by Young’s Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell. Russell goes on to ask him how old he was during the encounter and proceeds to ask if he’s ever pursued a tussle in the sheets with Amber Rose. Young matter a factly responds “No, she knows my girl.”

Young may be smart enough not to bang one of Iggy’s girls, but clearly not enough to keep from admitting to cheating on camera. While Young along with a majority of his teammates have iced out Russell, Azalea thanked him for the leak.

According to sources, Young is currently doing anything and everything to earn Azalea’s forgiveness. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out and whether Azalea will go through with saying “I Do”. In the meantime watch the incriminating video clips of Young admitting to infidelity below.



[The Word] Amber Rose is desperate for PRESS …

The countdown to Amber Rose‘s relevancy must clearly be effecting her. She must have waken up and realized … I’M ALMOST IRRELEVANT! 

I tried to tell her…

In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Amber Rose, revealed that the reason she and Kanye West split was because of Reality Superstar Kim Kardashian.


Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Amber exclusively told Star. “She’s a homewrecker!” According to Amber, she was dating Kanye when he and Kim first hooked up — and Kim was dating NFL star Reggie Bush.

Ohh Ok..

They were both cheating,” Amber, 28, said. “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.

Here’s My Question …

Why is you sayin’ somethin Now Doe?

What’s your point Amber? Why mention this now? You held your tongue for two years and NOW all of a sudden it’s bothering you to the point where your taking it to the press?

Now, when your light is dim and your career is almost non existent, you wanna pull the victim card on a relationship that ended TWO years ago?

Now You KNOW …

Amber, If your as happy with Wiz as you say you are then this shouldn’t even be an issue.

That’s what I’m .. *Chokes on tears* SAYING …

 Well, you’ll get no sympathy here, because honestly I think …

And I think it’s extremely tasteless that you would even handle it this way.

The thing that really pisses me off is, let’s say this is “true” (Air Quotation Marks), Shouldn’t she be mad at … ummmm KANYE! I simply hate when women blame the “other” woman for infidelity issues with their men. So Kim made Kanye cheat? Kim put a spell on him? Kim tied him down? Kim sent him racy photos that made him drop everything and cheat.

FOH Amber!

If he cheated, then he did so because he wanted to, period.


I hope Kim doesn’t take the time to answer you, but since she has a million dollar brand that might be damaged by your accusations, she probably will. Doesn’t matter though, she’ll still make millions after this debacle is over. Amber, we know exactly what you need…

Bye Amber.

P.S. Let’s Keep in Mind that the source is STAR MAGAZINE, a Notorious Tabloid Magazine. So this may all be false … I’d still feel the same way though LOL! -Rae

-Stay Fly!