Trapped In The Friend Zone: 8 of The Best Tweets From Last Nights Season Finale of Catfish

Catfish Season 4 FInale

Last night’s episode of Catfish proved how real the friend zone is and just how hard it is to get out of it once you’re in it. We got to see that first hand on episode 10, and how quickly you can break a man down by just telling a guy who likes you that he’s like a best friend to me.


You Still My Bae? : MTV’s Catfish Harold Episode Had Viewers On Hurl!


If you got a chance to watch this weeks episode of MTV’s Catfish

and didn’t do one of these…


Then we’re throwing you back where you came from because you’ve gotta be a Catfish too!

Last nights episode took us on a dive to the deep end.


Everyone meet Harold. For 4 years Harold has been in a relationship with….


No not the girl in the photo, just – the – photo!

Confused yet?

Good! So you’re on the right track.

Apparently, Harold and his beautiful photo first connected through Facebook. The account having only just the photo, Harold was mesmerized by its beauty and befriended the picture and it was a match made in heaven.

text messages

Who knew photo’s could text?

My, my technology how much you have grown!

During the duration of their online relationship, Harold began to trust his one and only as he suffered through the lost of several friends to gun violence as well as almost being shot himself. As they grew closer and closer to nothing, even discussions of possible wedding plans were exchanged. His whole High School experience was spent in this cyber relationship without even the use of


How many “Bruh” moments have you had so far? In this day and age how does this even still go on? Camera’s are no longer a luxury feature on cell phones. THEY ARE STANDARD!


Now in his early college days, after many attempts of trying himself, Harold wised up and enlisted the help of  the legendary Catfish victim Nev Schulman & guest celebrity host Angel Haze.  Harold is finally on his way to meeting his beauty stuck in the…


or is he?

If you’re familiar with the show, you already know Nev’s invistagation skills are on Fleek!


It wasn’t too long at all before all ends were narrowed down to the possible culprit!

Lets get down to the nitty gritty that is the meet up!

The confusion continued, still unsure what face would appear upon arrival, the moment he’s been waiting for has finally come about!

Drum Roll Please……


Tamila walks out the door, Harold’s excitement as well as his pride runs for the hills.




What’s even more hilarious was Tamila still asking Harold if she could still perfrom oral sex on him for 20 minutes.


harold tight

Ummm Here Let’s Talk About This…


We need time to regroup!


Apparently, so does Nev!

While we take this time to recollect ourselves, check out the full episode at MTV.Com

Catfish comes on MTV every Wednesday at 10pm

When searching for that perfect fish, be sure to always

-Stay Fly!

Lisa Brittany