Cassie Drops New Music From ‘Honey 3’, Premieres “Joint (No Sleep)”


Recently, Cassie teased us at this year’s VMAs saying that she was dropping new music soon titled “Make Up” produced by Detail. But before that hits, the talented vixen gives us a little taste of the upcoming movie Honey 3 (in theaters Sept. 2nd) and delivers the new single from the film called “Joint (No Sleep).”

Check it out below:

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Black Eyed Peas Remake “#WHERESTHELOVE” With An All-Star Cast [New Video]


Where’s The Love?

Just thirteen years after it’s initial hit onto the music scene, the Black Eyed Peas relives their classic song “Where’s The Love?” in 2016 to spread unity, peace and love throughout the world due to recent tragic happenings.

Joining the chart-topping band are the likes of: Mary J. Blige, The Game, Diddy, Tori Kelly, Cassie, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J., Andra Day, Justin Timberlake, Usher, DJ Khaled, LL Cool J, Quincy Jones, Jaiden Smith, A$AP Rocky, Rosario Dawson, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Jhene Aiko (and her daughter) and many more.

DJ Khaled delivers the keys and he speaks on terrorism and gun violence, paired with a few bars of the same nature from Diddy and The Game. Jaiden and Rocky also pair-up to get a few things off their chest about society, voting, drug dealers and more.

All proceeds from the actual sale of the song will be donated to’s non-profit foundation,

Watch the video HERE via Apple Music. 


Fly Mixtape: DJ NovaStar – ‘Purple Light District Mixtape Vol.3’ [New Music]

On any given day DJ Novastar is usually chillin with Rihanna, Lil Twist, or Cassie. This Friday he’ll be hanging out online as he premiered his latest mixtape Purple Light District 3.

Take the weekend on as you enjoy the premium mix above!

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Exclusive Interview: Ryan Leslie Is Probably The Smartest Man In The Music Business; Talks SuperPhone, Rihanna, Cassie & more


SFPL‘s Gabriel Williams recently caught up with Ryan Leslie during his concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. The talented singer-songwriter-lyricist-musician-producer and entrepreneur held an exclusive event for his fans, in which he performed a plethora his songs, and even went back into his music catalog of renowned hits.

In case you were under a rock, Ryan is a well-respected Grammy-nominated musician, tech entrepreneur and champion of artist rights who has made it his mission to transform the way that people create, share and meaningfully connect with their greatest supporters.


A Harvard graduate at 19 who has been lauded by Kanye West as one of the music industry’s only capable creative directors, today Leslie is known within the industry as living on the forefront of music, business and innovation.

Independently, Leslie has been able to earn over $2 million in one album cycle with the support of just 15,000 fans through Superphone.

Musically, Leslie is also a highly respected artist and Grammy-nominated producer who’s worked with Kanye, Chris Brown, Cassie, Fabolous and Rick Ross. In 2013, Leslie released his subscription-based lifetime album MZRT, which releases one song every month for the rest of his career.

‘MZRT’ subscriptions are available to a limited group of 1,000 friends and supporters. Higher support levels come with greater access to Leslie’s world and creative process through exclusive content. He only accepts support for the album during months where a song is released.

After the show, Gabriel sat down with Ryan as they discussed a few topics from new music, new artists that he’s listening to, Rihanna, fashion, his lucrative business called SuperPhone, and even open to the possibility of getting back into the studio with Cassie, if asked.

What’s Ryan been up to?

Traveling the world, that’s what I do. I just came back from Tel Aviv and it was beautiful. I spent a lot of time overseas in Europe and everything.

Project in the works?

My project is a lifetime album. So, I am dropping a song every month until I decide to retire from the game. The way you subscribe to it, you send me a text, you authorize a payment, then you can say how much you think the song is worth. People give me anywhere from between $1 to $100 a song. Shout out to Christopher! I’ve been giving songs away for the last nine months and he gave me $900 for nine songs. Pretty crazy, right?

New artists you’re checking for like Bryson Tiller, Torey Lanez?

I’m listening to Destiny Ryan, who was just on stage with me tonight. I think the names that you mentioned have more than enough exposure, so for me it’s about exposing that next wave of talent. I think her talent speaks for itself. She came out and really ripped her performance tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing how the world responds to her.

Any artists you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?

I wanted to work with Prince, but he gated out on me before I got the chance to get in the studio with him! You know, I have a very short list of legends I wish I could get in the studio with. I believe two of my last living legends would be Bootsy Collins and Stevie Wonder. Bootsy on bass, you know is incredible, and Stevie for sure. I performed for Stevie once at an ESPN party and that was crazy. He was sitting at the table with his family. But yeah, that would be just amazing. I mean, I would consider him one of my teachers.


Japanese styling, you know what I mean? Tonight is pretty simple: I still got the timbs going, Top Man you know, I like to keep it simple with the basics. But you know, it’s all about the silhouette. You’d never think this is a size small, because it’s intentionally oversized. Yeah, it’s pretty fresh.

Rihanna’s “Work”, I can tell that’s your favorite song, isn’t it?

Well, actually, you know it’s a couple of things…one of my former right hand guys was shooting a lot of my content for like 5 years, and Rihanna’s team called and said: “Hey, we love your content. Do you have another guy like the guy who’s shooting yours?”. I didn’t. I knew that was going to be a crazy opportunity for him, and so he’s now actually Rihanna’s personal archivist. So, whenever I get a chance to link up with him, he has just like hours and hours, and hours of footage. He gets excited about records and, he told me that this record was going to be crazy [and showed me footage]. I knew from the moment I saw his edit from behind the scenes, that it was going to be infectious. So, I intentionally don’t listen to it on the radio, because I knew it was going to haunt me everywhere, and then it just so happens to be one of my girls favorite songs. We drive and we travel a lot. We just shot a video in Port Antonio together so that was basically the soundtrack for the past however long that song has been out. Whenever we get in the car, that’s the first one in the playlists.

Would you like to work with Rihanna?

Yeah, I would love to. It’s crazy, I mean Riri and Cassie both came out almost at identical times. She had “Pon De Replay” and Cassie had “Me and You.” It’s just pretty insane the body of work that Rihanna’s put together. I think she drops a new album every nine months. She has an incredible team around her. Great creative; I love her style vocabulary. I love the collaborations she’s done. I remember watching when she first got together with Freda Gianni. When Freda first came on at Gucci and they did the tattoo heart collection for whatever cause she was working on. I really like that movement. I see what she’s doing with Puma. You know, man, I just like the whole movement.

Are you and Cassie maybe getting back in the studio anytime soon?

I haven’t really spoken to her in probably like years now. Definitely been following her career, so I’ve been watching. I saw she just came out with a film with Terrence J, so I think that’s an indicator that she’s moving into Hollywood and major motion pictures. I wish nothing but the best to her and her family. I got to know her family pretty well. But I’m always extremely accessible so should anyone want to work with me my number is public. I think ya’ll might have posted it before, but that number that’s on my Twitter and Instagram? That is my direct cell: 646-887-6978, SuperPhone.

Photo Credit: Joe Chea


SFPL x ‘The Perfect Match’ Exclusive: “What makes someone your Perfect Match?”, Take 4-Steps To Find That Special Someone


Is there such a thing as the perfect match? Charlie is convinced there isn’t, at least for him. A playboy who avoids love at all costs, he’s convinced that relationships are dead. His sister Sherry a therapist, does her best to get through to him to no avail. Charlie seems set in his ways until his best friends challenge him to date one woman for a month, certain he won’t be able to avoid falling for her. Believing he’s immune to love, Charlie accepts unaware he’s about to meet Eva. At first Charlie and Eva are on the same page, agreeing to a casual affair. However, Charlie soon begins to question his stance on love and whether he may actually want more than just a one night stand.

The Perfect Match hits theaters this Friday March 11th and stars Terrence Jenkins as Charlie and Cassie Ventura as Eva. Executive produced by Queen Latifah, the film also stars Paula Patton, Lauren London, Dascha Polanco, Donald Faison, and Robert Christopher Riley.

Ahead of the movies release we decided to ask ourselves, “What makes someone your perfect match?”. Now perfection is an unachievable ideal, because no one is without their flaws. There is no one size fits all equation and your perfect match is exactly that, your match; it is unique to you. However, there still are principles we can all use, as a guideline in determining whether we’ve found our match.


After feedback from members of both sexes we have established four stages that can help you determine if your significant other is the pea to complete your pod. These are Chemistry, Compatibility, Communication, and Comfort.


This is something that cannot be faked. We all know what it feels like to really vibe with someone. You get butterflies in your stomach whether you’re thinking about or with that person. Your conversations flow, you make each other laugh, you have a smile plastered on your face for hours after seeing or even speaking to them. Now if you’ve made your way to the bedroom, being sexually intimate can either deepen your connection or totally derail your chemistry. It’s important to keep in mind though that it may take a little effort to become in sync, but as long as you are both willing don’t let it deter you, because what matters is that you want to tear their clothes off.



As you get to know your significant other you’ll start to see whether or not you’re compatible. This entails discerning how this person fits into your life. Do you share similar interests and tastes? If not, they should at least be making an effort to take part in the things you enjoy. Do they get along with your family and friends, those closest to you? You’ll begin to notice their quirks and habits. If at this point you aren’t completely repulsed and looking for a way out, then you may have found your match.



Communication is an important part of life and crucial in determining whether your partner is the one for you. It involves building trust, having a mutual respect for each other, and being willing to listen to what your partner has to say. It also isn’t limited to verbal communication. Body language and intimacy also play in a role in establishing excellent communication between you and your partner. Understanding each others love language and making an effort to be mindful of how we receive and give love is also vital.



Over a period of time if the chemistry doesn’t fade plus you and your mate are in sync there comes a level openness and vulnerability. Everyone has let their guard down and there’s a steady stream of support, communication, understanding, and acceptance. Comfort is getting to be unapologetically you without fear of judgement. When you’ve reached this state you’ll know without a doubt you’ve found your perfect match.


We hope this helps those that are in search or just happen to fall upon that ‘Perfect Match.’

And…don’t forget to check out the movie! It’s definitely a MUST SEE!

-Stay Fly! 

Entertainment Last Night in NYC

Last Night in NYC: Cassie, Mack Wilds, Tahiry Jose and More Attend Advance Screening of The Perfect Match!

Cassie Ventura, Photo Patrick Neree

Last Night in NYC, team SFPL was invited to a special advance screening of the highly anticipated film The Perfect Match at AMC starring Terrence J,Cassie Ventura, Lauren London, Donald Faison, French Montana, Dascha Polanco and Robert Christopher Riley held at AMC’s Loews 34th street location.

Tastemakers, influencers and celebrities as well as the general public filled the theater to get an early look at the Billie Woodruff directed rom-com.

Natasha Eubanks, Photo: Patrick Neree

The screening was hosted by Natasha Eubanks of the insanely popular entertainment blog THE

Notable guest in attendance were Power 105.1’s own DJ Self and DJ Suss One, Tahiry Jose, Mack Wilds, Claire Sulmers of the The Fashion Bomb Daily and beauty blogger Tiarra Monet and the star of the film Cassie Ventura.


Following the screening attendees were treated to a Q&A session with Cassie moderated by Natasha. Fans asked her about making the intense love scenes with her co-star Terrence J, new music, and if they can look forward to seeing her in more movies.


Cassie answered all questions thrown her way, she revealed that she is indeed working on a new film and new music.She also shared laughs with attendees including her family who watched the film with her for the first time and got to see her in action.

It was a FLY night indeed!

Peep more photos from the night in the gallery below and catch The Perfect Match in theaters nationwide tomorrow March 11th.

Photos: Patrick Neree/Bernard Beanz Smalls

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Fly Visual: Keke Palmer – “I Don’t Belong To You”


Last night, at midnight, Keke Palmer released the highly anticipated record and visuals for her song, “I Don’t Belong To You”. She delivers a sexy, sultry performance, yet displaying youthful sophistication. Keke’s soulful vocals and empowering lyrics are reminiscent to a time where cinematic story telling was the standard. With cameos by Cassie & Power’s Rotimi. 


Executive Produced by Keke, directed by Mia Swier and Jim Swaffield, lyrics: Keke Palmer and Natalie Sims,  music producer: London On Da Track.

Check out the video below:

“I Don’t Belong To You” is available now on iTunesGoogle Play and Spotify.

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2015 MTV VMAs Weekend: Cassie, Roc Nation’s Vic Mensa & more Takeover Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood


Over the MTV VMAs weekend, “Fly Girl” Cassie celebrated her birthday at the number one talked about Hollywood venue, Playhouse Nightclub!
#FeatureFridaysLA inside of Playhouse powered by super promoters Supreme Team and Miss Diddy was the talk of the town. With Cassie new Collab with street brand Diamond Supply and talks of an album being released, she has tons to celebrate. Cassie was accompanied with KUWTK and now “Dash Dolls” star Malika with a few other girlfriends.
Roc Nation‘s artist Vic Mensa who’s buzz is growing as the days continue also came out to Host Playhouse Night Club and catch the reactions of the party go-ers when they drop his single which features Kanye West.
Also spotted in VIP were: Keri Hilson and her Bae Serge Ibanka, Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow.
Photo Cred: Networkingz 






Diddy’s New Fragrance Ad With Cassie Banned For Being To Racy.


Diddy-Cassie “Banned” 3AM Fragrance Ad is causing quite the ruckus! Diddy almost had to delay the launch of his new fragrance, ‘3AM,’ because the ad he shot for it was too racy to be played inside retail giant, Macy’s.


According to the New York Post, whom has seen the ad said:

“it features simulated sex between Diddy and his 28-year girlfriend Cassie. At one point a naked Cassie straddles Diddy, and at another Diddy thrusts between her open legs.”

“The full-length version includes such provocative images that retailers were concerned about young customers seeing [them],” an insider told the Post.

Macy’s demanded Diddy recut/re-do the ad for the launch, which pretty much almost delayed the release. In good ole’ Diddy fashion, he also tried to get the uncut ad on TV, but the networks was not having it.

Originally, Diddy was going to shoot the ad with an actress of some sort…but it looks like the sexual chemistry wasn’t there, and he instead decided to use GF Cassie as his leading lady.

Check out the visual ad below:


The ‘3AM’ fragrance is on sale right now.


-Stay Fly!

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Cassie – ‘Indo’ [SFPL Tunes]


From the ultimate release of Solange‘s last compilation effort ‘Saint Heron,’ singer-model Cassie offers her vocals on an official track entitled “Indo.” Referencing to that “good smoke”, the gives a smooth vibe that will definitely stimulate the mind. Check it out below…