Will Smith, Viola Davis, Margot Robbie and More Hit The Black Carpet For NYC Suicide Squad Premiere


uicide Squad has been the talk of the town, hell the country since reviews hit the web (some scary) about DC’s latest crack at the big screen. On Monday, August 1st, stars of the film hit the black carpet for film’s premiere at the legendary Beacon Theater in NYC.

Suicide Squad Premiere Photo 5
Viola Davis, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto

The films main players Will Smith (Deadshot), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) Jared Leto (The Joker), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Jay Hernandez (El Diablo), Adam Beach (Slipknot) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc) celebrated the release of the highly anticipated film with excited fans. David Ayer the film’s director was also in the building to celebrate the huge occasion.

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Also on hand to celebrate was Will Smith’s son and known caped crusader (see his prom photosJaden Smith. No he was not in costume this time around but it would have been really dope if he was.

Suicide Squad Premiere Photo 4
Jaden and Will Smith

Everyone looked absolutely amazing and in good spirits and with the news of those impressive first week box office numbers they should be. Who cares about a negative review at this point right? One question though, does Will Smith look 47-years-old to you?

Suicide Squad Premiere Photo 2
Will Smith

Well you know what they say, “good black, don’t crack” and Will Smith doesn’t look a day over 30! Suicide Squad hit’s theaters August 5th, but if you want to know what I thought about the film checkout our review.

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FLY Review: Suicide Squad

The Cast and Crew of Suicide Squad Unite For NYC Press Junket.

Meet The Bad Guys: Will Smith, Viola Davis and More Featured In Suicide Squad Mini-Trailers!


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FLY Review: Suicide Squad


atman V Superman was supposed to be the gem of the DC extended movie universe but it sadly didn’t live up to the hype. Fans and critics slammed the movie calling it a cinematic mess as DC is trying to get on pace or come relatively close to Marvel. DC fans and myself shifted all of our hope on Suicide Squad praying that this film about a rag-tag team of DC’s most vile villains will save the day. The million dollar question is, did it? Well step into this review shall we?

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)

*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

Now here’s the basic run down of the film, Suicide Squad follows Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) a hardcore, ruthless and tough as nails patriot. With the emergence of Superman and other meta-humans she decides she wants to put together a team of “special” individuals who could give them a chance and take on missions that regular soldiers just can’t do. Plus if they failed they could just blame it on these special individuals cause they are the bad guys duuuh. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the Suicide Squad!

The Squad

The team is composed of The Joker’s (Jared Leto) psychotic girlfriend Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), half-man, half-crocodile Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), the boomerang throwing burglar Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), marksman/assassin Deadshot (Will Smith), the ancient witch Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) and the deadly assassin Slipknot (Adam Beach). Now you didn’t think Waller would just let this group of villains run around unsupervised did you? That’s where Wallers right hand man Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara) come into play.

The Squad protecting Flag!


They are there to make sure the villains don’t go rogue and complete the mission, it also helps that each of them have bombs implanted them that can be detonated at the first sign of any trouble or if Flag somehow is killed during the mission. Now what’s their mission, well one of the gang goes rogue and it just happens to be the one with the magical powers. They must somehow find a way to unite and work together as a team to stop the world from ending. A job once tailor-made for Superman but we know what happened to him.



I went into Suicide Squad with extremely high hopes that this will be the film that would put DCEU on the right track. Unfortunately that was not completely the case in the end. David Ayer successfully managed to make a better movie than Snyder’s lackluster Batman V Superman film. To be honest that’s really not saying all that much though at all. Let’s point out the positives first shall we? I absolutely loved Viola Davis as Waller, she absolutely nails the character and will have you saying wow at some of her brutal actions in the film.

Deadshot and Harley Quinn

Will Smith was very good as Deadshot and at times the film felt like it was his own standalone film, and his action scenes were absolutely on point. Margot Robbie shines as the psychotic Harley Quinn and absolutely nails Harley’s use of “puddin” and “Mr.J”. At times it’s absolutely ridiculous to see her hold her own against super natural forces with a baseball bat but she makes it work. Killer Croc, Katana and El Diablo manage to hold their own in the film each showcasing their skills and what they bring to the team. It takes sometime for DIablo to engage but when he does he owns his scenes.


The pacing in this film was extremely better than the jumbled mess that was Batman V Superman. It immediately does a great job of gauging your interest in the film with the introductions to each of the characters. The brief cameos from Batman (Ben Affleck) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) in the beginning of the film were perfect and worked extremely well. Not to mention the score for this soundtrack is amazing and I guarantee will have you nodding your head a few times while watching the movie.


Now here’s where the film starts to lose me, the characters on-screen chemistry just doesn’t click at all. At times it seems like the squad is painfully trying to show they can co-exist  but in the end they just fall flat. There is one particular moment where the squad worked perfectly. It’s a well written bar scene where they all just take break from saving the world to grab a drink and Harley hops behind the bar and starts serving drinks as they discuss among each other if they want to continue the mission or not. But that’s it unfortunately for the cohesiveness.

giphyAnother problem with the film is there is just not enough Joker.


The movie will leave you feeling as if you were cheated out of Leto’s Joker whom he went to great lengths to get in character for.We get small doses of him in the film but it’s just not enough and will leave you wondering if in fact Leto can even hold a match to Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.

Harley Quinn and The Joker

The Joker is at his best when he is paired with Harley on-screen in the film as they put on display the chemistry these two can bring in future films.


Cara’s Enchantress is supposed to be one of the most powerful characters in the movie but ends up being one of the most lackluster characters.


lNot even the love story between June Moone/Enchantress and Flag can save her character in the film.

Rick Flag and June Moone/Enchantress

Captain Boomerang and Slipknot are easily forgettable almost immediately in the movie and don’t truly show their potential.

While the film’s cast was made up mostly villains it wasn’t as dark as Batman V Superman which brings us to the humor aspect of the film. The one liners in the film were just flat and had more of punch in the film’s many trailers. The biggest disappointment this film shares with Batman V Superman is its main villain and climax. The final battle will have you asking more questions if anything trying to figure out exactly what you just witnessed.


Now don’t get me wrong Suicide Squad is enjoyable but that’s as far as my admiration goes for the film as whole. A film this big is supposed to great but it’s just barely good and continues DC’s current wave of mediocrity with their films. Maybe I’m asking for too much, but in the end I just really wanted this film to be absolutely amazing. We deserve it! Hopefully 2017’s Wonder Woman can help alleviate the disappointment from this film. We got a long time till that day comes though.

3 out 5 (Barely)

Suicide Squad hit’s theaters August 5th!

PHOTOS: Warner Brothers 


The Cast and Crew of Suicide Squad Unite For NYC Press Junket.

FLY-LIGHTs: The Stars of Suicide Squad Host Block Party In Miami To Celebrate The Films Upcoming Release



The Cast and Crew of Suicide Squad Unite For NYC Press Junket.


uicide Squad is literally days away from hitting theaters, and we know y’all are excited for this film that puts all of DC’s worst villains on one team to try to make a difference for once in their lives. Yesterday in NYC, team SFPL was invited to a special press conference featuring the entire cast of the upcoming DC movie Suicide Squad.

The good folks at Warner Brothers wanted to make sure all the invited press and guest felt like they were in the movie and pulled out all the stops. They turned the historic NYC structure Moynihan Station into a replica set of the maximum security prison where the members of the Suicide Squad were held.

Harley Quinn’s Cell From The Movie

Around the faux prison set each of the characters amazing costumes were placed around strategically in front of each station where each cast member conducted their interviews. Allowing the press to get an up close look at the details that went into each one.

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The real reason most folks were there to meet and talk with the cast of the highly anticipated DC film. The press conference took place in front of Harley Quinn’s cell from the film.

The participants of the press conference included the films main cast: Will Smith, Viola Davis, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Cara Delevingne, Joel Kinnaman, Karen Fukuhara and Adam Beach. The film’s Director David Ayer and producers Richard Suckle and Charles Roven also sat in on the press conference as well.

Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis and WIll Smtih share a laugh.

Will Smith lead the cheers as the press was introduced to films very diverse cast of stars and he also supplied the humor as well. The cast spoke on living up to the hype of the movie, writing the characters onto the big screen and bringing them to life.

Joel Kinnaman explaining Adam Beach’s warm up routine.

The cast shared funny set stories like Jai Courtney always being naked, Adam Beach’s unusual stretching routine and Joel Kinnaman knowing all of their secrets. Margot even discussed the time David Ayer punched right in the nose while going over fight routines. The cast also touched on how the intense roles had taken some major tolls on their bodies. Both Will and Joel revealed they both suffered torn calf muscles while filming and Margot revealed her role was very rigorous being she had to do all of her work in heels.

Margot Robbie

The leading ladies of the film also spoke on what how they”tapped” into playing their characters. Margot revealed for research purposes of course that she looked at Ted Talks on Schizophrenia since her character Harley is basically psychotic. Viola Davis revealed that in order to get into her character Amanda Waller who is known bad ass she had to go back to her past.

Viola Davis talking about becoming Amanda Waller

Viola tells the story of her 8-year-old self and how tough she was and how she “could beat someone’s ass” then and tapping into that version of herself to help her get into character. Viola also credited a book “Confessions of Sociopath” given to her by Joel that helped her become Amanda Waller. Joel also shared a super hilarious story how Viola would yell mean things at him while she was behind camera calling him a “little bitch”.

David Ayer then followed that up that by saying he wanted women that had voices and that had power and were powerful as women. He felt as being a father of two daughters that was extremely important they see that translated on movie screens.


Another thing that was touched upon was the fact this film boasts such a super diverse cast. David Ayer touches on growing up in a diverse neighborhood in South L.A. and being the only white kid in the neighborhood. He points out he is married to a Latina woman and that he feels kids like his own have to see people the look like them in films. He also feels there is “strength in diversity” and that Hollywood should definitely be more inclusive.

To sum it all the experience was very amazing indeed, our very own FLY guy Beanz did it for the gram with Jaden Smith who was decked out in full costume.

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To see more exclusive photos from the press conference hit the gallery below:

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Suicide Squad hit’s theaters August 5th! Stay tuned for our review of the film dropping tomorrow!

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PHOTOS: Bernard Smalls exclusively for Stuff Fly People Like


FLY-LIGHTs: The Stars of Suicide Squad Host Block Party In Miami To Celebrate The Films Upcoming Release

Meet The Bad Guys: Will Smith, Viola Davis and More Featured In Suicide Squad Mini-Trailers!



Watch: Worst Heroes Ever In New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer [Video]


We’ve finally been given another glimpse into the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie. The film stars Jared Leto as The Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo, Common as Tattooed Man, Adam Beach as Slipknot, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. 

These unlikely heroes, described as “the worst of the worst” have been handpicked by Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, to go after evil characters as part of a black ops team known as Task Force X. Rick Flag, portrayed by Joel Kinnaman, is tasked with keeping this group of criminals in line as they set out to save the world. What exactly does that entail? All we know is, “[They] are going somewhere really bad to do something that will get [them] killed.”

You can watch the newest trailer for the latest film installment in the DC Universe below. If you missed the first trailer and the recently released posters for the film you can catch them below as well. Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th.


Watch The Official Suicide Squad Trailer In Glorious HD!

Suicide Squad Official Trailer


Can August 2016 get here any sooner?


The official tissue trailer for DC’s forthcoming film Suicide Squad turning iconic villains into the unlikeliest heroes has finally hit the web.

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Cara Delevingne Covers VOGUE Magazine’s July Issue


Cara Delevingne looks absolutely stunning on the latest cover of Vogue Magazine’s July issue.

In the printed interview, Cara talks about her mother’s substance abuse, her sexuality, her very own partying ways, current girlfriend Annie Clark, backlash from the LGBT Community and more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.57.26 PM

About her sexuality: 

“It took me a long time to accept the idea, until I first fell in love with a girl at 20 and recognized that I had to accept it. But I have erotic dreams only about men. I had one two nights ago where I went up to a guy in the back of a VW minivan, with a bunch of his friends around him, and pretty much jumped him. Women are what completely inspire me, and they have also been my downfall. I have only been hurt by women, my mother first of all.”

About love:

Being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I’m feeling so happy with who I am these days.

This should be an interesting read.

Read more over at [Vogue] now.



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Karl Lagerfeld presents: “Reincarnation” feat. Pharrell Williams & Cara Delevingne [Full Visual]

Photo By Karl Lagerfeld

There’s is no denying that when Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne are involved in a visual together, curated by Karl Lagerfeld, pure magic is bound to glisten. Now, you can see it with your own very eyes — the full visual entitled “Reincarnation,” which reenacts the moment that Gabrielle Chanel herself (played by Géraldine Chaplin) discovers the profound moment that she wanted create the now, staple Chanel Jacket.