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The Fly Verdict: Is Eva Marcille working the Strip…

Remember when we were about 9 or 10 and we looked to The Jetsons in belief that the year 2000 would bring upon futuristic changes??? Well so far, besides the car that parks itself, the only “futuristic living we’ve been seeing is the wardrobes on some of these “celebrities…”

Eva Marcille was spotted out in LA @ The Cotton Club for R&B Live dressed like a $218 hooker… We actually dont mind the leggins, which are a combination of glitter, sheer hosiery and fishnet, designed by Brian Lichtenberg (Black Angular Patchwork Sliver Glitter leggings) but the fact that she decided to wear them with a short shirt, that she has to tug at to make it look like something, is whats disturbing… Even more disturbing than that awkward spray tan and smile she’s been seen in lately… 0_O

What is that face?? (Pictured here with Steph Jones)

Anywho, the leggins are dope, we just would have preferred a different top, one that covered her ass maybe…

Would you rock ’em ladies??

Pricetag: $218


-Stay Fly!