On The Gram: The Internet Gets Their Social Media Stunting On With The #BowWowChallenge!

Bow Wow oops Shad Moss is trending on the internet and it’s not for the right reasons at all unfortunately. Yesterday Shad embarked on a press run for his new show Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta. He posted a very stuntasticย photo showing a private jet and two luxurious Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Harmless right? Welp unfortunately no. The internet has some of the greatest gumshoes in the world and they are equipped with the best technology ever and that is a smart phone and social media apps. It turns out Bow Wow’s Instagram post turned out to be as fake as Donald Trump’s hair when a social media user caught Bow Wow flying commercial instead of private.

How embarrassing smh. The internet of course slandered Bow Wow for his internet stunting, peep some of the hilarious tweets sent Shad’s way:

L O L! His stunting even earned him “Donkey of the Day” status on The Breakfast Club this morning!

But wait that’s not all, not only are their great internet sleuths on social media but there also most creative comedians in the world. To add more insult to injury the internet decided it’s time for a new challenge and now we have the #BowWowChallenge. Using their camera phones,folks did their best takes on Bow Wow’s failed attempt at balling and it’s absolutely amazing.

Well Shad we hope you learned a lesson cause the internet sure did take you to class Stunt 101. Hit the gallery below to see more hilarious #BowWowChallenge tweets below:

PHOTO: Twitter