Introducing: SHOW YOUR FIERCE FORCE featuring Alexandra Shipp & her fierce Baddies. (Bossip)

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In the spirit of Dark Phoenix (also known as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, in theaters now), one of the movies stars, Alexandra Shipp, has solicited an amazing array of influential women, taking their respective industries by storm to show their FIERCE side. Curated specifically for two of the hottest digital kingdoms on the net, Bossip & Madame Noire, the ladies took their talents to The Los Angelos Roosevelt, to give you a little DRIP! Ohh, you thought Girl Power was just a phrase? Nah, it’s a movement. A Fierce one.

We curated a shoot about it, like to see it? Here it go!


Alexandra Shipp, Actress, Dark Phoenix.

On The Gram.

1. What brings out your Dark Phoenix. (superhuman abilities) and wha are they?

Whenever I see someone being mistreated or some type of injustice happening in front of me, I always want to jump in and fight for the victim. I’ve been this way since I was a kid on the playground fighting everyone else’s battles for them.

2. What does women empowerment feel/look like to you?

I think it feels like gratitude! Just being thankful that you’re seen!

3. 5 things that help you feel empowered.

Family Friends Food Fashion Rest

4. How do you plan to empower other women?

I think that support of my fellow women is the best way I can empower them! Letting them know that I see their greatness and even celebrate it is key to our joined feminine success!


Ashley Everett, International Dance Star.

On The Gram 

1. What brings out your Dark Phoenix. (superhuman abilities) and what are they?

When it’s go time! I thrive when it’s time to show up and show out. Whether its performing live, on tv, on film, during photo shoots, teaching, or public speaking, I tap into “go mode” and give my all for the audience to receive. At the end of the day, I am human, but I am also a performer and I believe all performers have somewhat of an alter ego that we have an on & off switch for. When my switch is on that’s when my Dark Phoenix comes out… and she’s a BEAST!

2. What does women empowerment feel/look like to you?

I’m all for women empowerment! We are so much stronger together than we are individually. I have truly been supported by women from all different walks of life and it is so amazing to see how we connect. I always do my best to reciprocate and support my ladies however I can!

3. 5 things that help you feel empowered.

Five things that help me feel empowered are: 1. Performing 2. Genuine love & support 3. Accomplishing something for the first time. 4. Taking risks & stepping out of my comfort zone. 5. Most importantly, loving myself and others, flaws & all!

4. How do you plan to empower other women?

I always look to empower other women through supporting their dreams and endeavors. I help guide with relevant advice and positive reinforcement, while giving back and sharing knowledge from my own from life experiences.


Kayla Brianna, Songstress.

On The Gram. 

1.What brings out your Dark Phoenix (superhuman abilities) and what are they?
When I push myself to do something I’ve never done before that challenges me is when I feel my “Dark Phoenix” is brought out. I am forced to push myself to reach new heights.

2. What does women empowerment feel/look like to you?
Women empowerment feels like women supporting other women and genuine friendship.

3. 5 things that help you feel empowered
Five things that help me feel empowered are: working out, performing, recording in the studio, being with my family and helping others.

4. How do you plan to empower other women?
I plan to empower other women by supporting them, lifting them up and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.


Angela C. Styles, Emmy Award winning hairstylist.

On The Gram

1.What brings out your Dark Phoenix (superhuman abilities) and what are they? 

When I’m under pressure or when I’m being my most creative self. My superhuman abilities are being able to think quickly on my feet and making something out of nothing.

2. What does women empowerment feel/look like to you?

Women empowerment feels like sisterhood. It feels like honestly, trust, and respect for other women. It looks like every situation when you just needed to get advice or support and another woman was there to help. That feeling of protection is like none other.

3. 5 things that help you feel empowered.

1.Sharing experiences with other like minded women 2.Learning something new 3.Making a woman look and feel her best 4. Giving love and encouragement to the youth 5. Helping someone in need

4. How do you plan to empower other women?

I do it daily by helping guide women into more healthy hair care practices and styling tips. Great hair gives ultimate confidence. Also focusing more on self love and the beauty of what we are born with is a message that I can’t say enough. I plan to continue to share my love for textured hair and all its incredible facets.


Miryam Lumpini, international tattoo artist and Global Creative Director for BodyMark by BIC.

On The Gram

1. What brings out your Dark Phoenix? (superhuman abilities) and what are they?

My superhuman abilities are healing with Art! I am Art! creating Art with and on other people has been my passion and also has been my way of surviving which also became my career path. what brings it out of me is my passion for different cultures, nature, animals, traveling, space, things that are healing to us when we view it from a bigger picture. we can compose and express ourselves through these elements and therefore help create healing images in our forms that we can carry with us.

2. What does women empowerment feel/look like to you?

Women empowerment to me is anything that inspires mental freedom as sexual freedom, economical freedom and independence and freedom to love and control your own body and appearance. Uplifting women without having to put another woman down!

3. 5 things that help you feel empowered.

1. I feel empowered listening to other women who don’t give a f*ck! It is very refreshing because you actually realize how simple it is, how we know we allow our minds to get blocked with so much bullshit just because we want to fit into a cute society frame whatever that is, and we end up living in invisible cages.

2. being a woman in 2019 is also very empowering I feel like women now are finally starting to really understand each other‘s value and support each other and therefore I also feel like men are starting to respect women more as well even though we have a long way to go still.

3. I feel very empowered when people value my opinions in corporate/business meetings and when people really respect and listen to me when I do business no matter what type of culture they come from.

4. I feel empowered when a man cares about my sexual pleasures

5. I feel empowered being around other women when we get to really just open up and laugh about things that we feel that we have in common

4. How do you plan to empower other women?

I have always been the type of person who practices never preaches! so what I usually do is empower through my actions of spreading as much positivity in general because this world needs love, needs healing, needs kindness, needs compassion, needs to rid itself of ego. The world is mother nature, the world is healing female energy. there are so many negative energies that I don’t want to even associate myself with in order to inspire to live a life far away from destructiveness so that we can fully evolve and grow into our true self and be who we authentically were born to be… to live a limitless life!

Photography via Mad Works Photography.

MUA Tai Young  @Taiyoungstyle 

HAIR Mary Daniels 

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The Daily Word: Lil Kim Claims Domestic Violence In Custody Battle

Lil'Kim Summer Jam 2015
Lil’Kim Photo By: Bernard “Beanz” Smalls

Today, details paired with more messiness in the Lil Kim vs. Mr. Papers custody battle over baby Royal Reign have come to the light.

Via court docs obtained by Bossip, Kim claims Papers abused her. Conversely, in an excessive interview with someone close to the situation, claims of domestic violence are vehemently denied.

Mr. Papers aka Jeremy Neil has been trying to see his daughter Royal for sometime now, as he filed for visitation just last month. As he processed the paperwork, he asked: for one day a week to parent Royal Reign, and even agreed to have a court-approved monitor supervise the visits.


Papers publicist, Tasha Hilton told Bossip:

“He’s not trying to take custody, he’s not trying to take her. He is literally just trying to see her. He’s been trying to do it very quietly.”

But Kim has been blocking him from seeing their child at all. Since the blockage was still in effect, Papers asked the courts to step in and handle the situation.

Later, the July 9th hearing had approached and Kim was a no-show. Instead, the veteran female rapper filed her own documents accusing the up & coming mc of domestic violence.

Papers denies the claims and believes it’s a stunt to try and prevent him from seeing his daughter further. Says that, being faithful and infidelity took place in their past relationship, but not violence.

Both Kim and Papers will end up back to family court based on the allegation this week.

What are your thoughts?

We will keep you updated on what happens next.

Shouts out to: Bossip