New Music Feature: Jermaine Riley Takes On Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album with “Family”

After a two-year break from solo releases, the UK’s indisputable Superman of R&B — Jermaine Riley returns with the catchy, 808-rich banger “Family”. The track samples Jay Z’s “Family Feud” and was produced by Birmingham’s own Gifted, who also has a couple cuts on Riley’s forthcoming sophomore album, following 2012’s critically acclaimed Hello Earth. Candidly touching upon the subject of marriage and building a family with the one he loves, Riley flows over the beat with his renowned approach, complete with quick vocals riffs, lush harmonies and a rap-like delivery in the verses. Unbeknownst to him, however, upon recording the song, he had no idea he was writing an anthem for those who want to take their relationships to that next level.

“All the girls I played it to were like ‘Awww… oh my gosh, that’s so cute!’ — which I didn’t expect, to be honest. As songwriters, trying to please everyone and keep our audience engaged, sometimes we dive into the creative process with the intentions of ‘I know this will get them on my side’, and I didn’t do that at all with this song. I just wanted to flip the “Family Feud” thing and just have a song everyone could sing and dance along to. But the feedback has let me know that the topic is way more relatable than I thought. I just wrote the first thing that came to me.”

Riley continues to live up to his superhero namesake by writing, arranging, engineering and designing the artwork for all his songs, and “Family” is no exception. The somewhat adorable cover art incorporates the digitally illustrated head of the first-born child of Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Blue Ivy Carter, a clear symbolic reference to the start of the celebrity couple’s family. Fans of the former 1/3 of Fun*dmental will be pleased to know that he has every intention of giving them more of what they’re used to when it comes to the visuals for this song and those on his new solo album, slated for 2018.

“I want to challenge myself, push for excellence and give my fans something they’re definitely not going to find from another UK artist. There’s no one here giving kids what MJ and Usher gave to me. That showmanship. I’m always going to try and pass that down and be that all-round entertainer.”

If “Family” is anything to go by, Riley’s new album will be filled with well-written, memorable numbers that showcase a more human side to the ever-creative R&B Superman. What’s safe to say is: Jermaine Riley is back!

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Watch: Beyoncè’s Beautiful Epic Grammy Medley Performance!


Beyoncè  had the Beyhive as well as the internet buzzing last night with her beautiful performance medley of “Love Drought” and “Sand Castles” off her Grammy nominated album Lemonade.


Arguably the most anticipated performance of the night, Beyoncè’s mom Tina Knowles got things started with a short introduction. We had no idea we were in for one of the most visually beautiful performances in Grammys history. The performance/medley was an ode to motherhood and childbirth and opened up with hologram Bey doing well Beyoncè’ish things.



Don’t front like y’all didn’t collectively gasp when that damn chair tilted back like that.


In a very last supperish theme, Beyoncè walked across a long table flanked with beautiful muses.


It was a performance for the ages and yes her daughter Blue Ivy (looking stylish as ever), husband Jay Z and mom all approved.


Beyoncè was nominated for 9 Grammy awards last night and walked away two for Best Must Video and Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Adele took home the nights biggest honor Album of the Year, but graciously Kanyed herself and said that Beyoncè deserved the honor during her acceptance speech.

BUT still Beyoncè showed up and showed out in all her pregnant glory and of the course the world was here for it! Now of course it’s not Grammy night without hilarious memes, we showcased the slander thrown Cee-Lo’s way and yes even Beyoncè was memed. Now it wasn’t slanderous like Cee-Lo’s situation but they were still hilarious. Hit the gallery below to see hilarious reactions to Beyoncè’s epic Grammys performance:



Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement Has The Internet Going Nuts!

If you haven’t heard by now or live under a gigantic rock Beyoncé is pregnant again.Beyoncé managed to outdo her last pregnancy announcement by telling the world she is having twins this time around.

As you would expect her announcement that her womb is once again full but this time with double the love set the internet ablaze. Here are some of the hilarious reactions:

These tweets tell no lies, her pregnancy is definitely is a ray of sunshine that was much-needed to fight through thick clouds of hate and negativity that Trump has casted over the nation.

Even JCPenney got in on the action and responded to a hater!


Give that person a raise JCPenney please!

Barack Obama Announces 46 Commutations

Oh and of course there are memes as well, hit the gallery below to see the most hilarious ones that celebrated Queen Bey’s twins:


Breaking: Beyoncé Announces She Is Pregnant With Twins!

World Stop! Beyoncé is pregnant again! Beyoncé broke the news by revealing to the world via Instagram that she and her husband is Jay Z have blessed “two times” over, that’s right TWINS!

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Memes

Blue is going to be a big sister to either two mini Beyoncé’s or Jay Z’s or possibly a boy and girl. We are tremendously excited for Queen Bey and Jay.

oprah audience gif

PHOTO: Instagram


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On The Gram: Beyonce Stuns The World With “Formation” and The Internet Goes Nuts As Expected!


Beyonce is really good at this surprising the hell out of us with new music thing isn’t she? We knew something was coming, but we just don’t know when, it’s almost like the rapture. Not to mention this new song/video comes on the eve of the biggest sporting event in the world the Super Bowl. Pretty much light work for Beyonce!


Beyonce literally told the world to stop and carry on with the release of her very pro-black visual for her new single “Formation”.

Also Read: Beyonce Jumps Out The Gate With New Video “Formation”. Touches On Hurricane Katrina, Black Lives Matter & More 


If you need any indication just how important this moment is to the culture you can head over to Kid Fury’s Twitter timeline, but here’s a sample:

He pretty much spoke for every chapter of  the #BeyHive across the world and they are in all agreement with him. But what we are also here for is the immediate meme reaction and you guys are Q U I C K with it. See the best ones in the gallery below.

Image: Youtube


On The Gram: Top 10 FLYEST Celebrity Kids On The Gram



Celebrity kids seem to have it all. Born rich, always rocking the flyest gear, and going to the flyest places with their super cool parents. Fortunately for us, their generous parents occasionally share them with us on social media. There are a few celebrity kids that are our absolute favorite on Instagram so go ahead and check out— but be careful because it’s about to be cuteness overload!


Enter with caution…


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#TidalForAll: Jay Z Premieres Video For “Glory” On Tidal

Jay Z Premieres "Glory" On Tidal

Jay Z keeps exclusive train rolling on Tidal following the likes of his wife Beyoncé, Madonna, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who already dropped exclusive content on the streaming service. The video is composed of rehearsal footage from his 2012 performance at Carnegie Hall.


The song “Glory” was Jay Z’s dedication to the birth of his first child Blue Ivy. If you haven’t gotten down with the Tidal wave (see what we did there? ) it isn’t too late.

Head over to Tidal to check out the exclusive clip now.

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Won’t He Do It: Destiny’s Child Reunites At Stellar Awards


Reunited and it feels so good!

Ladies and gentleman, Destiny’s Child is back on stage for one night only performing Michelle Williams‘ gospel song “Say Yes” at the 30th Annual Stellar Awards in Las Vegas. Performing together after almost 2 years, their harmonies and chemistry on stage is still as tight as ever! Their coveted reunion totally took over social media with fans hoping and wishing for a new DC3 album and tour. Beyoncé’s reps have shut down the rumor but we can still dream, right?

Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé are rocking all white blazers and jeans and Michelle in all white, we can not wait to see what the ladies have for us next!


Even little Miss Blue Ivy was there to watch her Mommy and Aunties on stage performing!



The Stellar Awards, an award show recognizing gospel artists and instrumentalists and their music, will air on TV One during the Easter holiday season from April 5 – May 9, 2015.


-Stay FLY

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Jay Z and Beyonce Share On The Run Tour Rehearsal Footage (Video)

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 4.34.44 PM

The highly anticipated On The Run Tour is in full swing. The power couple Jay Z and Beyonce whom are known to keep things real private give a behind the scenes look at the preparation behind their mega concert.


Fly-LIGHTs: Blue Ivy, Beyonce, And Jay-Z Spotted Chillin’ In Paris …


King Beyoncé took a few moments from currently executing her 4th world tour, “The Mrs. Carter World Tour”, to spend some time with baby Blue and Hubby Jay.