Too Late To Say Sorry?: Lil Wayne Apologizes For His Comments About Black Lives Matter

Lil Wayne is as unapologetic as they come and doesn’t hold his tongue when it comes to his feelings on matters. Wayne has come under intense scrutiny after Nightline dropped an interview where the rapper made it clear he doesn’t rock with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Wayne posted one response to the fallout from the interview and at the time it seemed like he was sticking to his guns asking in a tweet “Is intelligence always misunderstood?”

Well it looks like Wayne is taking back those words after he issued and apology through TMZ.


Wayne was quickly called out for his comments and the internet took him to task for his at what seemed at the time hypocritical statements on the movement.

Video footage of Wayne shouting Black Lives Matter during a concert immediately surfaced after the Nightline interview hit the web.

So what was Wayne’s reasoning to his rant? Well Wayne is blaming the questions that was asked about his daughter as the sole reason he made those comments about Black Lives Matter.

Wayne exclusively told TMZ:

“When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses.”


Wayne then followed that up with:

“Apologies to anyone who was offended.”


We hope that apology is sincere. The issue has not gone away yet though,today rapper Vic Mensa who is very vocal when it comes to social matters in the black community touched on Wayne’s comments.


During an AMA on Reddit, speaking on his upcoming album Mensa had this to say about the Wayne’s Black Lives Matter comments:

“I think it’s a very ignorant, selfish & isolated position to take.”

Well said Vic!

While Wayne’s excuse for his statements and behavior were very lame, do you accept his apology?

Bonus: See the internet’s hilarious reaction to Wayne’s comments in the gallery below:


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Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Chance The Rapper, Chris Rock, Rihanna, & More Create PSA In Support of #BlackLivesMatter

The Black community is still reeling from the tragic murders of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling at the hands of police. Many have taken to the streets and social media to protest, voice their opinions, and demand a change.

Mic along with a plethora of actors and musicians that include Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Bono, Chance The Rapper, Chris Rock, Common, Pink, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Queen Latifah, Rosario Dawson, Swizz Beatz, Talib Kweli, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Kravitz, A$AP Rocky, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Maxwell have teamed up for PSA titled “23 Ways.” The PSA aims to shed light on the non-stop brutality and countless murders of POC at the hands of the police; simply for doing things most wouldn’t think twice about like walking home with a friend, trying to get help, and making eye contact.

Each harrowing account of the the men, women, and children of color who have been murdered by police, serves as a painful reminder of the deep rooted and systematic racism still prevalent in society today. Watch the PSA in it’s entirety below.


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#BlackLivesMatter: Black Violin Duo Releases Tribute Video “Stereotypes”

The talented instrumental duo, Black Violin touches on a few topics at hand, #BlackLivesMatters being the most high-profiled socially conscious statement with their newest visual titled “Stereotypes.”

The visual is a tribute to the above pledged wording and challenges some of today’s stereotypical issues.

Check out the visual below:

The upcoming album (also titled Stereotypes) is due on September 18th via Universal Classics and features Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Melanie Fiona, Robert Glasper and Kandace Springs.





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FLY News: Riots Break Out In Baltimore On The Day of Freddie Gray’s Funeral!


The unexplained death of 25 year old Baltimore native Freddie Gray while in police custody has caused tension between the law enforcement and citizens of Baltimore to rise at an all time high. Gray suffered from a fatal spinal cord injury after he was cuffed and placed in the back of a police van. It isn’t clear as to how Freddie Gray’s spinal cord got injured, but people believe that once he was placed in the van, something else had to happen.

Baltimore 3

This incident caused the people of Baltimore to demand answers. The protest first started as a peaceful one, but now it is getting real serious. People are now resulting in rioting and lashing out towards police officers. Even famous gangs like Bloods and Crips came together to take a stand towards police brutality.

Baltimore 4

According to WBAL, Baltimore City police has announced that they received a ‘credible’ threat against the law enforcement officers. The BC police released a statement saying, “The Criminal Intelligence Unit received credible information that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to ‘take out’ law enforcement officers.”

“Rioting and looting” has broken out around areas of the city, a local CVS was looted and set on fire, police cars destroyed, and according to reports 7 police officers were seriously injured.  All this occurred right after the funeral of Freddie Gray. The family of Gray urged for peace on the day they laid their son to rest, but that request went unheard.

The “agitators” have been described as mostly young teenagers who left school early for a mass “walk out”.  Protests in Baltimore have been relatively peaceful for 6 days until Saturday and now today. People can be seen throwing objects at police vehicles as they drive by. Fire fighters are also being targeted as they try to put out fires started. A fire hose was actually cut on live television, people in the neighborhood were very displeased. An older women pictured below showed her disgust for what’s going on in her neighborhood. The situation is just out of control.

Baltimore Riots


We definitely understand the frustration and anger, but this rioting and looting is just sad and unfortunate and honestly has nothing to do with death of Freddie Gray itself.  We just hope city of Baltimore only endures a day/night of this and people get back peacefully protesting.

quote-Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-a-riot-is-the-language-of-the-100779 quote-the-limitation-of-riots-moral-questions-aside-is-that-they-cannot-win-and-their-participants-know-martin-luther-king-jr-102518

Baltimore 2

At this point things are getting out of hand and we ask that you guys keep Baltimore in your prayers. We will be closely monitoring things as they continue to unfold in Baltimore.

Source: WBAL

Images Via: CNN

– Stay Fly

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