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Consciously Fly: Kendrick Lamar Touches on Real Topics in “Blacker the Berry” and We’re Here For It; So We Had To Recap!

“The Blacker the Berry”, the sweeter the juice… “Hiii Power” rapper and Compton creative, Kendrick Lamar has recently dropped some conscious jewels for the third eye viewers and high schoolers.


Donning a bit of Badu, and D’Angelo, Kendrick raps “Penitentiary will only hire me”, hinting at the rise of the prison population and the demand for the incarceration of minorities which, brings focus to the agenda of privatizing prisons for profit.

In “the Blacker the Berry”, Kendrick marks our not so favorable reality in black communities highlighting the continued injustices. Kendrick is well aware of the many Eric Garners and Trayvon Martins and clearly demoralizes institutions and white supremacy, all while, Assassin (featured on the track) reassures the world, we are the indigenous people.

Kendrick Lamar via Tumblr
Kendrick Lamar via Tumblr

As history recounts the victimization, institutionalism and conditioning of Africans, Kendrick forces listeners to “be realistic”. With these conversations being a rarity, it’s upsetting that those with the notable platform fail to exercise their power and voice. Kendrick claims the opposite from the beginning of his career and most notably from one of his first projects ‘Section 80‘.

Kendrick continually refers to himself as “the biggest hypocrite of 2015”, alluding to not only his hypocritical nature, but ours, which consequently leads to our plight and the repeating of our history. Not only have we fell victim to non-black attack but we berate, murder and lack the empowerment of our own communities.

Group is self, and here, Kendrick represents that original essence that we once had. With a following as culturally diverse as his own, this substantial anthem is sure to reach the ears of non-blacks, exposing them to not only the struggle but the strength.

K Dot via Tumblr
K Dot via Tumblr

The much avoided race discourse needs to be initiated in America, as it’s often treated as taboo. Listen to the track. Hence, that’s an interesting visual – we need to feed: the nation, the children, the people.

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