The Worst Dressed At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards …

With the best must come the worst … and LMFAO really made me LMFAO last night. Their fashions really anger me though … like this isn’t really funny. It’s a disaster …


Robin Thicke looked pretty decent on camera, but when you look closely…


What’s the difference between his jacket and the interior of Amber Rose’s Honda Civic?


And speaking of Amber, she hit up the red carpet with her fiance, Wiz Khalifa, who I’m gonna completely ignore because that vest angers me.

I swear that’s the same vest Latoya Jackson had on when she got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Can we talk about Amber taking a bath in glitter before sliding into this dress? When I look at her all I hear is ‘Waiting For Tonight’ …

Yes Homage! 

At first glance I thought Miley Cirus was Lindsay Lohan. Then I thought it looked like and ode to Kim Kardashian, rocking Ray-J‘s Blazer (can’t you just picture Ray-J with a closet full of white blazers and matching boat shoes?) the morning after they made the sex tape.

But then I realized it was just bad fashion.

 Carrie Underwood came complete with fairy dust this year and she came dressed as Brandy in Cinderella.

“Impossible Things are happening Everyday ….”


And Lastly, Justin Bieber showed up, well, looking like Justin Bieber. I mean he wasnt horrible, but we are over the sagging jeans and ‘Cool Kid’ swag. Be Different.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!