Watch: BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Season 3’s sneak peek trailer


The first sneak peek trailer of BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Season 3 starring Gabrielle Union is here!

The third season of Being Mary Jane will find our favorite news anchor struggling to piece her life back together after the devastating car accident in last season’s finale. In an effort to move on after the crash, Mary Jane will cut ties with the two people responsible for the incident, her longtime best friend, Lisa, and her on-and-off-again ex-boyfriend, David. However, the driver of the other car, a down-on-her-luck bookstore owner named Cecilia, will have other plans. Meanwhile, Mary Jane finds herself sidelined at work when a beautiful young Latina anchor, Marisol, shines as her replacement, while she is out on medical leave.  However, Mary Jane finds a way to save her job as Primetime anchor, but soon after leads herself to a “life cleanse” which causes her to rethink her actions.  Yet just as things are finally looking up for her, a tragedy in the family will throw her world into chaos once more.
“BEING MARY JANE” is created and executive produced by Mara Brock Akil; executive produced by Salim Akil and Gabrielle Union. Co-Executive Producers Devon Shepard; Claire Brown and Jeff Morrone. Veteran actors, Richard Roundtree and Margaret Avery, reprise their roles along with a stellar cast that includes Lisa Vidal, Richard Brooks, Raven Goodwin, B.J. Britt, Aaron Spears, Latarsha Rose and Stephen Bishop. Season 3 also includes guest star appearances by Loretta Devine and Jill Scott.

Check it out now:

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Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, October 20th for a special two-hour premiere. New episodes to run on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT after premiere week.


“We Love To See You Smile”: BET’s Being Mary Jane Recap

Blossoming relations are sprouting the season for MJ and it’s about time!



Sheldon is the greatest match for Mary Jane we’ve seen thus far! And watching them slowly fall for each other is so exciting!


Now despite what you may have seen throughout MJ’s spiraling life endeavors, Mama ain’t raise no fool! As Mary Weighs off on Sheldon’s Pros & Cons



Maybe we can depend on Sheldon to help her kick this nasty habit of hers.


And with more evenings spent like this, we’re almost depending on it!



We think MJ is too!


Out My Mind, Just In Time : BET’s Being Mary Jane [Recap]

What do you want most out of life? Sitting back watching this episode, did you at all get the urge to ask yourself that question? Hell, watching the show at all hasn’t triggered you yet?

Ironically, as much as we continuously are left rolling our eyes at Lisa, we’ve gotta say she might just have a point! MJ, even if it’s not the exact way you want it, you at least get a shot at everything you could ask for, while many around her get close to none.

We could kick myself for saying this, but in the opening scene, Compassion was felt for David. Mary Jane doesn’t know what she wants and it doesn’t seem to be heading in a good direction for anyone involved.

What we thought was the start of something real between Mary Jane and David ended up turning into a Booty Call nightmare.

How could she dare give him the ultimatum after her already made plans?


Being Mary Jane Recap: Knowing How To Touch Her, Without Touching Her, Really Touches Her.


Oh Mary Jane

Why is it that our hearts wander so far away from our minds?

We can be set on significant changes and get yanked immediately right back to our starting point all because of that beating red muscle. Last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane was a great feed to the unsuspecting viewer for more reasons than one.

Lets count them down shall we?

36  hrs 2

Reason 1: All grown up are we now? Yes believe it! Not only did Mary Jane continue her pursuit to mother hood after her results were “publicly” revealed, having a low fertility rate. But now our girl MJ is taking her shots all by herself!

36  hrs 1

You go girl!

Reason 2: The cold shoulder has never been delivered better! Seems like our favorite guy to side-eye David has been a little bit on the needy side lately.

needy david 2

The random pop ups are starting to get old D.


 So is your “Let me Explain face”


Unbothered with a side of Resting Bitch Face, MJ scores big with us!

Chucking up the Deuces

Reason 3: We love Mr. Dewitt!


 At the expense of his career, black, successful, business man Brian Ellis committed suicide. Surprise but no surprise when we get into Dewitt sudden phone, call strategically feeding Mary Jane with details as the event transpired. An invite to his home for more discussion would tread behind such call but we were more convinced his intentions were diverted from feelings.

Dewitt Dewitt.jpg2

We respect your game face MJ but…


There’s just no getting around this one.

(He didn’t even lay a hand on her)


Reason 4: Handling Lisa

Each and every Tuesday we seem to be getting closer and closer to what’s been eating Lisa. And unfortunately, now we see there may be a deeper issue underlying the roots of her envy. Depression is very real. But it is beyond gory to watch the stems be linked to the successes of someone else’s life. Lisa is dangerously becoming more and more outraged with the way things always “seem” to always work out for little miss Mary Jane. But in all reality, a friend who will continue to attack in different ways about how one decides to live their life can quickly become an enemy when boundaries are crossed. From constant comparisons, to judgmental slurs about David. Enough is enough! And at this point, we respectfully agree with MJ’s decision to walk away. We all have to live for ourselves.


(You would think he’s had enough)

But on the contrary. Last but not least

Reason 5: When the heart wants what it wants.


The cold shoulder game is dried out. As Mary Jane falls back in lust in the eyes of David, we cant help but wonder if their truly meant to be. It’s certainly looking that way. Even with a baby on the way that MJ so desperately wanted to be responsible for can’t keep these two away from each other. So instead of freezing them eggs


They’ll try to hatch their own.

Being Mary Jane comes on every Tuesday at 10pm only on BET

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Stay Fly

– Lisa Brittany


Eggspectations Only Lead To Disappointments: BET’s Being Mary Jane Recap


Sometimes you just know….


“Lord, somethings not right”

Last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane took a dive on our emotions as MJ unwillingly shared the results of her Oocyte cryopreservation (Egg Freezing).


Fly Recap: When Going In Between The Sheets, Make Sure They’re Yours! BET’s Being Mary Jane


It’s no wonder why Mary Jane‘s glass is always full with the bubbly. This damn show will drive anyone to drink!

We’re about one episode away from throwing something at the television when looking at Niecy AKA “Work in Progress!” Perhaps its just a perspective thing and although we do get to see different angles to guide our views, quite frankly it’s tired!

I mean really, what would you do if you opened your home to a friend or relative and witnessed….


That’s Mary Jane’s bedroom by the way…..

Here we’ve got the answer for you.


(Disclaimer: SFPL does not condone violence in ANY nature)

But, come on!

Our girl MJ wears many hats but within this mess of a woman/child/project, its about time she let go. Playing devil’s advocate for just a moment, there seems to be a stigma behind all her efforts in trying to fix the lives and or views of her family members.


The echo of “I’m better than you all” gets louder and louder by the episode. (Hence MJ’s Facial Expression) For a person who is somehow trying to better themselves, much difficulty surfaces from validity of insecurities. Especially someone so close to your own background.

But we recognize and appreciate your efforts MJ.


But not everyone is going to always be receptive. Poor Niecy is just a lost girl trying to find her way in the world. And with raising two kids with both fathers out the picture, it’s easy to see how this young girl with naive tendencies would fall back into the same place that got here to begin with. Above pictured, we see Niecy having dinner with the father of her first child. As he attempts to plead his case, claiming he wants to step up to the plate and be there in his child’s life…..


And look whose home getting played. Can you say your surprised?


Not Mama!

As she tried to warn her.


Explain till your blue in the face but for us that’s one straw too many!



Fly Recap: MJ Finally Chucks Up The Deuces In BET’s Being Mary Jane


Well Well Well!

Talk about a 180 turn around! Good news! Our favorite show is still as deep but we definitely lifted off the heavy stuff this week. Back to the Juice! And a new bottle it is! Well done MJ!

Okay lets rewind….

   Seems like we’re always starting with the work in progress. Which may or may not be a good thing. (In metaphorical terms anyway).


Mary Jane is determined to hold up that title of  Aunty of the year at all cost!

Its time to talk the talk and MJ gets straight to the point!


Its not cute. It’s just not cute!

Welcome to Mary Jane Boot Camp!


Now We’re Exercising!


And cooking and eating healthier food?

MJ, we didn’t think it was possible but girl you got it! Let’s get into more after the jump….


Recap: Wetting The Bed Has Never Been Attractive! What’s Wrong With Mary Jane?


And for a second time in a row? A little alarming But for the sake of good TV, let’s pretend we didn’t see that. Our girl MJ is stressed! From dreams about her hopeless romance David, to waking up to crying babies and not to mention…

Being Mary JaneNot the French Oven!

Looks like taking in the “Work in Progress” and her kids wasn’t the best idea for our favorite multitasking Journalists Mary Jane.


The 2015 Aunty of the year award goes to!


Woosah MJ Woosah


The Fly-Recap: Being Mary Jane Returns To BET


Black Entertainment is about an understatement now wouldn’t you agree? Being Mary Jane has the net talking up a storm! As we get reintroduced to our girl MJ, lets recap last night’s episode.

Read more after the jump…


The Word: Omari Hardwick Dumps “Being Mary Jane” For “Power”…


It’s no secret that a large population of the audience who tunes into BET’s Being Mary Jane do it just to a get a glimpse of their favorite #MCM Omari Hardwick. Well, that and the show is actually great!

But, if you’ve paid attention to the Super trailer for season 3 of Being Mary Jane, you’ll quickly realize one thing, Omari is NOT in it …