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Missy Elliot: “I Don’t Think Diddy Understands The Magnitude of What He Did For Hip-Hop and R&B”, Missy Talks On Pharrell’s “OTHERtone” show via Beats 1 Radio


Since hitting the music scene on Gina Thompson‘s 1996 hit-record “The Things You Do” as a solo artist, Virginia native Missy Elliot has carved a cornerstone in music that just can’t be touch, nor fulfilled by anyone; as there is only one Missy Elliot.

Elliot recently paid a visit to Pharrell‘s OTHERtone show on Beats 1 Radio as she discussed her time in the music industry and how Diddy aka Puff Daddy had a big impact on her career, and is responsible for meshing Hip-Hop and R&B together — making it ok to bring the streets to soul.

Just when Missy was about to give up on being an “artist” it was Puff that pushed her into elevating her potential of being a star. History was made when Missy made an appearance on Gina’s record that catapulted her into superstardom.

I don’t even think Puff knows what he did for Hip-Hop. Because he intertwined Hip-Hop and R&B and he made it so that people weren’t intimidated. Even if you had a “Biggie” who was giving street lyrics and coming from a world that they may not know of that’s just straight hood; Puffy found those like 112 that made it felt good. Biggie was still real himself but the music was there. I don’t think her understood the magnitude of that he did.

Check out the full interview below:

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