‘All Hail Stephen Curry’: Cop A ‘Curry Goat’ Tee Today for The NBA Finals

2016 NBA Finals - Game Five

Right in the midst of the intense NBA Finals, we could all use a little humor paired with homage to loosen up all the tension that this year’s playoffs has caused. With the Cavs and Golden State literally going head-to-head, fans have been on their toes to see who takes home the winning trophy.


Today, everyone’s favorite basketball player, Stephen Curry is featured on a custom t-shirt entitled “Curry Goat”, as Curry’s head is mounted on a goat’s body, showing Steph’s popular mouthpiece, and facial expression while normally on the court.


To top it off, you can also find a framed tee with a bowl of Curry Goat, etched with the #30 just on the side, which is the MVP’s jersey number.

Head over to The Curry Goat to get yours now!

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Reebok Classic Re-Releases Iconic Allen Iverson ‘Question Mid OG’


The Question Mid OG was the first pair of shoes that Allen Iverson wore on court.  From the pearlized red leather toe, the translucent ice outsole, Reebok’s patented Hexalite technology, and the iconic “Q” logo on the back collar, the Question Mid signaled a new era of basketball with Allen Iverson’s trademark lightning quick moves, cementing him as a true star.


Over the course of his first season, Iverson wowed audiences with a string of 40 point games and earned the title of Rookie of the Year.  The Question Mid OG also birthed one of the top moments in Allen’s history, where a rookie Iverson went head to head with Michael Jordan with what became his legendary crossover move. This one play inspired legions of fans as they tried to recreate The Crossover on their own.

The Reebok Classic Question Mid OG will release for $140 on Friday, February 12th at retailers including, Finish Line and Sneaker Villa.

As a reminder, the never released Reebok Classic Question Mid “Prototype” will release for the first time today, Friday, February 5th for $200 at, Packer Shoes and Concepts.

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Fly Visual: MoosieWins – “No Issues”

Photo Nov 16, 10 04 19 PM

Multifaceted MoosieWins, has organically transitioned from songwriter to an emerging artist. Freshly off his new EP NBA (Nothing But Ambition), over the weekend MoosieWins released a dope visual for the track “No Issues.”

Inspired by some needed lesson’s of ambition, he began teaching his son Jalen the meaning of the word and all it represents early summer of this year.

When asked what else was it that motivated him to create this project, Moose says:

“After teaching him the meaning of ambition, the idea just came together in regards to the theme. I was always back and forth with him to games, practice, and basketball camp. So with working on my music as well, the idea just fused together perfectly.”

Check out the visual below:

With over 8,000 combined followers on his social media channels, including brand initiatives, @musicalmemoirs, @Scholarich and @ScholarichMG, @MoosieWins is definitely one to add to your network.

Hosted by DJ Pvnch, be sure to check out “NBA (Nothing But Ambition)” on Soundcloud Now!

Lisa Brittany


We Like: Reebok to launch new ZPump Rise “Water Pack”


Reebok continues to bring heat to the ZPump Rise performance basketball sneaker with the “Cloud Pack” which officially launched on October 15th.  Today, Reebok introduces the second of three drops this season – the ZPump Rise “Water Pack.” 


Launching Sunday, November 1st, the ZPump Rise “Water Pack” has a water-splash themed graphic overlay on the upper, executed in three different color-ways: purple, red and black. The kicks will retail for $124.99 at retailers including Finish Line and


From a technology standpoint, Reebok’s patented Pump technology takes custom fit back to the court with a true performance basketball sneaker.


The ZPump Rise incorporates a lightweight, fully customizable air filled cage that pumps up and molds to any player’s foot for a locked-in custom fit.

By using only 3 key lightweight parts, this shoe delivers both high performance features as well as wearable comfort. The fusion compression sleeve offers a seamless and irritation-free upper to enhance any modern basketball player¹s game. The construction of the internal mesh bootie is designed to provide all-over foot support for vertical and lateral movements on the court. But what makes this sneaker stand out from the rest is the fully customizable Pump Air-Cage that provides the foot with a locked-in custom fit and added support so you can excel at your game.


We Like: Reebok launches the new ZPump Rise performance basketball sneaker


Say hello to the new generation of the Reebok Pump Basketball sneaker: the ZPump Rise, available now!

Reebok’s patented Pump technology takes 360-degree custom fit back to the court with a true performance basketball sneaker.


Just like the game has evolved since the 90’s, so has one of Reebok’s most iconic technologies in sport. The ZPump Rise is unlike any other basketball shoe because it uses only 3 key lightweight parts to deliver high performance features and wearable comfort.


The fusion compression sleeve offers a seamless and irritation-free upper to enhance any modern basketball player’s game, and an internal mesh bootie lends superior ankle support with that tailored personalized feel.  But what makes this sneaker stand out from the rest is the fully customizable Pump Air-Cage that provides the foot with a locked-in custom fit and added support.


The ZPump Rise will drop in three different packs through the rest of the year and the first “Cloud Pack” has now launched with 2 color-ways of the ZPump Rise –  Dark Royal/White and Black/White.

Retailing for $124.99, you can grab them at or Finish Line.

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SFPL Exclusive Interview: Daniel “Booby” Gibson To Pursue Full Time Music Career


Here at The SFPL, we have an overall mutual understanding of the term ambition. It’s that same understanding that gives us the welcoming eye for all things new and creative. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Fly Guy Daniel “Booby” Gibson who is preparing to embark on a brand new venture.

Check out the dope interview as we get the scoop below…

We first asked about his background;

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I played ball at the University of Texas. I’m a family man, like family pretty much means everything to me . I’m the youngest of four. I played for the Cavilers for eight years. Basketball was my life for a long while. And I’m branching out into the entertainment industry and making music now. That’s pretty much my life in a nutshell. 
What motivated you to put music over basketball?
It basically came from a long time of; I always been a writer. I always used to, I wasn’t so vocal all the time about how I felt. I never used to talk about it. And anything I was dealing wit, because I was this “star athlete,” nobody every really wanted to hear anything else from me but how much points I had last night or whatever. And so I always just used to write and at a point in my career in the NBA; I just got to the point where, the injuries just started to kind of get to me. And my body just wasn’t able to keep up with that 82 game grind. So with that being said I just kind of went into, you know with everything that was going on, with my wife and the league. I kind of went into a dark space, you know a very depressed space. And really and truly the music really came from me figuring out a way to survive. You know figuring out a way how to make sense of everything that I was going through. And I just thank god for the ability to be able to put that pen on the paper, because I feel like without it, I literally would’ve went crazy.
What can we expect from your music?
A word I like to use a lot is vulnerable. Like my music is very, I’m very open, I’m very expressive. I’m not, I don’t really get a lot out of trying to be too flashy or talk about things that I imagine happening more or less talking about, real experiences and things that I kind of been through and using those experiences to touch people. So my music is just very open and vulnerable. I tend to speak a lot to the ladies, when I rap, you know. It’s not the only thing I do, but a large portion of it is that.
What will your stage name be?
For now, I’m sticking to “Boobie”. Boobie Gibson is my name, my grandmother gave it to me and I’m living with it. But as an entity, Boobie’s World, is what I represent, and what I want people to see in bright lights when I move around or when I make appearances because it’s way bigger than just me. I want that name to expand into a lot of different areas. So Boobie Gibson, Daniel Gibson, Boobie’s World is what you’ll see a lot of.
How is your current relationship with Keyshia Cole?keyshia-cole-daniel-gibson
“LOL” It’s good. We good, we’re co-parenting, and that’s the focus. We went through a lot to get to this point and we’re just trying to both, do the best that we can, with the circumstances, and just make sure DJ gets the best chance at being great. That’s something we wasn’t given.
Can we expect a possible Keyshia and Boobie collab?
You know what, I’ll never say never. Me and Keysh spent time in the studio before. And she knows what I’m capable of. She respects me as an  artist and I have the up most respect for her. I learned a lot of what I know about the industry, and about the game just from watching her maneuver and do some of the things that she did in her career. So, I would never say never but at this point, I’m really trying to step outside of the whole Keyshia Cole’s ex, the whole ex-NBA player shadow. And kind of form my own, stand on my own two feet; and form my own brand and have people looking at me as an artist alone, not just a back end of anything. 
So are you finished with basketball completely?daniel-gibson-1213tn
At this point yes I am. My focus completely is on the music, and I think that’s what sort of separates me from other athletes who do music or who have done music. Most of those guys tries to juggle the two. And when you try to juggle the two, I feel like you can’t master the other one. I mean, if you in the NBA you mastered that one to a certain extent. But to try to switch lanes, I don’t think its possible if you’re still playing in the NBA; because they don’t really allow too much of what the industry allows.
I really respect that because a lot of people feel like once they’re really good at one thing they can’t do anything else. And that’s not necessarily true! You have a whole life ahead of you why not try everything?
Man! I’m so glad you said that! Anytime I do an interview or talk to anybody, I try to emphasize that; because so many people feel like, because you do one thing, like that’s where everything stops at. As if we were blessed with just one gift. It’s about passion and work ethic. 
Do you have any dream collaborations?Fabolous
My dream collabs, at this point I’ll probably say Fab right now. I feel like as an artist he is somebody who, I kind of look to in a sense of; you know just his approach, he’s never out there trying to say he’s the greatest anything, he
just steps out and he carries himself in that manner. And his work speaks for itself, he’s in the game for a very long time and I just respect him as an artist so right now I would probably say that would probably be a collaboration, I would be honored to do.

If you had to choose, who would you rather open for Meek or Drake?
Just the type of artist that I am, I’m more of a Drake kind of artist, I don’t really speak to, a lot of my messages are more for an audience that would appreciate Drake’s music.
Getting a little more into family, would you say you see yourself in your son? DJDG
What/! Every ounce, that’s my driving force; DJ, he has my same heart, he’s always trying to help people. Always, trying to do something for somebody else; instead of taking care of himself. There’s a lot of qualities that he posse, that I see from myself. 
With that being said, what would your overall message be for young men today?
My message is always the same. Never let anybody limit you. A lot of people in today’s age, I don’t know whether it’s because they didn’t accomplish whatever it is they wanted to accomplish or whatever the reason is;…people to tell other people what they can’t do as oppose to try to inspire them to do whatever they want to do. And I’m the type to say don’t listen to what, if it’s in your heart, and you’re willing to put in the time and effort and the work and make that dream come true. Then go do it, in spite of what they got to say, because anybody that was great, they knew that they was great before anybody else told them. So have confidence in yourself, to go after your dreams, and that’s what I tell any kid that comes in contact with me.
Whenever art has to opportunity to be produced, it’s always best when it is genuinely from the heart. We are so excited to hear the sounds from Daniel “Booby” Gibson and we most definitely hope you are too. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date!
– Stay Fly
Lisa Brittany

We Like: Reebok Classic Releases The Question Low


The Question Low signature silhouette was originally launched in 1996 as a nod to the renowned Philadelphia 76ers guard, Allen Iverson, and comes in a sharp black/white colorway that will make a statement with any oufit.


The Question Low incorporates unique features like a premium nubuck toe cap, leather upper and an ice outsole and bottom. Whether you idolized Allen Iverson or wore this style as a kid, we can all agree that the Question Low’s are the perfect kicks to round out the summer.

The Reebok Classic Question Low black/white is now available exclusively at Finish Line for $110, and keep an eye out for the last colorway to be released later this summer.




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Heat For Your Feet: Top 10 FLY Kicks Dropping This Weekend

Packer x Raekwon 3

It’s almost that time of year again! Time to get ready for the first day of school. Why not go back to school looking FLY with the latest kicks? Check out the latest from Nike, Adidas, Packer Shoes, New Balance plus more after the jump.

Entertainment FLY Events Last Night in NYC

Bryshere “Yazz” Gray, Diggy Simmons, Sevyn Streeter & more Attend Non-Profit Duffy’s Hope 13th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game


This past Saturday, August 1st Delaware-based non-profit Duffy’s Hope, founded by former Harlem Globetrotter Allen “Duffy” Samuels, presented its 13th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game in the Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware.


Fans and supporters enjoyed a fun-filled evening of friendly competition between celebrities, local community leaders and former basketball players. Celebrities players and honorary were Yazz the Greatest (of hit TV show “EMPIRE”), Diggy Simmons (Recording Artist), Sevyn Streeter (Recording Artist), Tristan “Mack” Wilds (Recording Artist, former star of “The Wire” and “90210”), Jay Ellis (of TV show “The Game”), Bobby V (Recording Artist), Trevor Jackson (Recording Artist, Disney Actor), Kap G and Shameik Moore (Recording Artists, Actors in movie “DOPE”), Kamil McFadden, Trinitee Stokes and Veronica Dunne (of Disney show “KC Undercover”).

Prior to tip-off, VIP ticket holders were able to experience a private celebrity meet and greet receiving autographed paraphernalia and exclusive selfies with the celebrity guests. During halftime local dance troupes performed center court, entertaining the crowd while players were able to rest from an intense first-half. One of the main highlights of the halftime was the presentation of awards to the first annual Duffy’s Hope Hometown Heroes.

These select group of individuals were born in Delaware and have amassed success in their respective fields. This year’s Hometown Heroes were: Jaunice Sills (Director at REVOLT), Heather Lowery (Founder of Agency for Artists), LaQuan Smith (Celebrity Fashion Designer), Stephen Rider (Actor, “The Butler”), Maria Chacon (Corporate Brand and Sr. Marketing Manager at The Chemours Company), Dr. Jason Lowery (Bio-Chemist), Dr. Ellen Pritchett (Dermatologist) and Ashley Deadwyler-Jones (State Farm Owner). After a competitive game, the White team led by Coach Sevyn Streeter took home the 2015 win.

Sponsors of the event included the Delaware Prevention Coalition, Hilton Hotel (Wilmington/Christiana), Wilmington University, City of Wilmington – Mayor Dennis P. Williams, Reebok, Moneyball Sportswear, Pepsi Bottling Company, Wawa and New Castle County Executive – Thomas P. Gordon.

For more information on Duffy’s Hope, Inc. visit and join the conversation on Facebook Duffy‘s Hope” and Instagram at @DuffysHope

PHOTO CREDIT: NewsJournal/Saquan Stimpson, Color of Life Photography/Andre’ Wright JR, Instagram, NewsJournal/Andre Smith, Gary Johnson & NAZCA/Ed Grobes

More pics below:

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Jim Jones, DJ Bobby Trends, Sway Calloway, Steph Lova & more at AKOO Summer Classic “Battle of the DJs”

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

New York City’s best DJs came from behind the turntables this past Saturday to show off their skills on the Dyckman blacktop.

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

In front of packed bleachers filled with fans neighborhood fans and the music industry’s elite, Team Hard 2 Guard, with a score of 82 over 78, defeated Team AKOO in the 1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic “Battle of the DJs” basketball game at Dyckman Park. Game highlights include Rapper Jim Jones surprising fans when he took to the court to play for ‘Team Hard 2 Guard’ and Queen’s own DJ Superstar Jay winning game MVP.

During the event, fans were treated to an old school mix battle at half court—DJ vs. DJ on the turntables. DJs N.O.E., Tiny Tim, Big Jeff and DMan went turntable-to-turntable in a pre-game round to determine which two would perform during half time. Advancing to the final battle with judges DJ Bobby Trends, Sway, Rich Nice and Steph Lova critiquing their two-minute mixes, DJ DMan took down DJ N.O.E.

The 1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic was in partnership with The Dyckman Basketball Tournament, and presented by Hard 2 Guard Productions, celebrated Dyckman’s 25th Anniversary. Sponsors for the festivities included: IceBerg Guards, A List Transportation, Ciroc, Dusse , Icelandic Water,Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

1st Annual AKOO Summer Classic at Dyckman

Boriqua Jimmy and Henroc
Sway, Rich Nice, Russ Jones and Damayor DJ
Antwan “Antifreeze” Dobie
DJ Authorize
DJ C. Devone
DJ Clue
DJ Johnny Han$um
DJ Jus
DJ Krue
DJ Reymo
DJ Sneaker Sensai
Dj Tali Gore
Dave Seagers
DJ Absolute
Domo Williams
Adrian “A Butta” Walton
DJ Flipstar
DJ Jussnyc
DJ Spinking
DJ Sunkiss
DJ Superstar Jay
DJ Ted Smooth
Jim Jones
DJ Zeke
Easy E.

Check out the FULL video recap below by A Fresh Focus Film:

PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Lopez Photography