[In Beyonce News] Roseanne Barr Goes IN on Beyonce Stans…

The Queen has been SHADED!

This time by a former actress who hasn’t seen relevance since the closing credits on her hit comedy sitcom 50 years ago.

Roseanne Barr

The Comedian who’s currently headlining a Bed Side Comedy tour tweeted …

I lost ALL respect for Obama when he dissed Etta James in favor of Beyonce. No respect for women at all, I thought-Etta was a hero 2 women. I loved Etta James -and yes that did it for me – He hurt her when she was ill

I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting.

I’m confused as to who ‘THEY’ are?

Beyonce did nothing but step up to the task. The President of the United States called upon her highness to sing for him, and that’s what she did. Arrogance? 

Who he passed over is not the issue.

ANYONE would have jumped at the opportunity to sing for the President and First Lady at the Inaugural Ball. Like, C’mon.

You already know, The Bey signal hit the clouds and Bey Stans came-a-runnin’ … and Roseanne’s replies were in complete shambles. She proceeded to literally curse out the millions who came to Bey’s rescue;


What a professional this one is.

Of course after the hit went out, Ro Ro snatched her talents in, and tried to clean it up with an apology.


Has the Queen even been effected by all this?

-Stay Fly!

[props to Necole ]