Twitter Roasts President Donald Trump With #TrumpcareFail After #Trumpcare Bill Is Pulled!

President Donald Trump boasted when he first won the election that “We are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much,”.

Welp looks like in his first 100 days as President of the United States none of that winning he has promised has yet come to fruition. Lets recap shall we:

Travel Ban: Fail

Travel Ban 2.0: Fail

Mexico will build the wall: Nope

There’s always the promise of repealing and replacing the “disaster” that is Obamacare right? He has everything in place to do so with Republicans in full control this is definitely a sure thing. WELP looks like Trumpcare won’t be happening either for President Nacho either.Dubbed “the closer” by his Republican counterparts because he is known to close big deals, he failed to lure over any Democrats and bring back Republicans who were not feeling the Paul Ryan crafted healthcare bill.

The man behind of the “Art of The Deal” failed and came up short on one of his biggest campaign promises.

Obamacare remains the law of the land and Trumpcare is now dead! Twitter immediately let the President know how ridiculous he looked today after suffering a massive L.

So of course like clockwork, President Trump instead of blaming Republicans, blamed Democrats for not wanting to get on board with his terrible bill and even walked back claims of calling for a repeal. He called Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer the biggest losers and placed ownership of “failing” Obamacare on them. Welp Nancy Pelosi immediately spoke after the bill’s failure to even reach the floor for a vote and she definitely didn’t look like a loser at all.


The Democrats resistance movement has been paying off while Republicans are currently licking their wounds. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious tweets making light of Trumps huge L he suffered today.


The Source and Hip-Hop Salutes Barack Hussein Obama with Official Cover

Former President Obama was the Source of inclusion for Hip Hop, he inspired the nation and many around the world. In this issue, The Source and the Hip Hop community thanks and salutes Mr. Obama for all he has done despite tremendous opposition and prejudice. Barack Hussein Obama showcased culture and invited an unprecedented number of visitors to the White House, who created popular culture trends, quoted lyrics and wrote rhymes from the street.

Issue #271 of The Source dives into what Obama represented: a different kind of politician, who possessed charisma, soaring rhetoric, a unique bi-racial heritage, a telegenic family that symbolized the best of American culture, and of course, we can’t forget his swagger! Some of the top Hip Hop heavyweights chime in on the impact Obama has made for the culture and reflect on his legacy.

Not all people were thrilled with President Obama’s performance. Read the varied opinions and articles in this issue. There is no doubt, the Obama family and the former president will go down in history and made many proud.


For more on this story check out Issue #271 of The Source Magazine, due to hit stands this Friday.


New Music: Eric Bellinger feat. Wale – “Treat Yourself”

You deserve nothing but the best, according to Eric Bellinger!

A leader of the Pen, Prince of Soul, Mr. Bellinger links with Wale for a guitar-infused paired with a heavy bass drop track entitled “Treat Yourself.” The official song comes in place to build much anticipation for Eric’s upcoming project Eric B For President: Term 2. The new project is a follow-up to the Term 1 edition and the EP’s acoustic version that dropped last year.

Giving out islands vibes, the featured song is set to be one of the most favorited tracks of 2017.

Eric tells XXL:

“When Obama left office, he went jet-skiing on vacation. I’m taking that approach to give a sense of relaxation and chill and positive vibes in light of the new presidency. It’s a dark time, so I wanted to take the opposite approach and make something light and fun.”

Check out the flaming new track above!


On The Gram: Of Course The Internet Memed Barack Obama’s Vacation Picture!

You know the internet doesn’t miss a memeable moment, nope they sure don’t. Photos of Barack Obama enjoying life and not having a single worry in the world while kite-boarding today surfaced and the internet ate them up. It was this one photo that caught the attention of everyone though.


ALSO READ: #ObamaWatch: Barack Obama Kite Boarding Is The Best Thing You Will See All Week!

That’s the look of a man who’s been busting his ass for 8 years and now finally got to spend some quality time with his wife and at the same time have a great vacation.

Don’t we all? Well like we said the picture just screaaaaaamed make a meme out of me and the internet did just that. Hit the gallery below to see the best memes from Barack’s epic vacation photo:

PHOTO: Jack Brockway


#ObamaWatch: Barack Obama Kite Boarding Is The Best Thing You Will See All Week!

Barack Obama definitely enjoyed his vacation on his buddy Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean. We know, we know we got a lot of issues going on here in the United States, but you have to admit that seeing Barack kite-boarding is pretty damn cool.


Richard Branson shared video of the former President (still our president in our heads) and himself battling out on the waves. Apparently the two had a bet going and you know when it comes to a challenge our President never backs down.


That’s my president!

We are just happy to see that Barack Obama enjoyed himself and completely stress free! Word is that the Obama’s are back stateside, we can’t wait for them to roll up their sleeves and help us fend of President Nacho for 4 years!

PHOTOS| VIDEO: Jack Brockway/Richard Brockway


#ObamaWatch: Uncle Barry and Auntie Michelle Look Too Cool While On Vacation!

#ObamaWatch: Barack and Michelle Obama Arrive In The British Virgin Islands


#ObamaWatch: Uncle Barry and Auntie Michelle Look Too Cool While On Vacation!

Civilian Barack and Michelle Obama are so lit! The country, hell the world still misses the best first family ever and it shows as we feverishly wait at glimpses of them on their vacation.  We got our first glimpse of Post Presidency Barack and Michelle when they first arrived to the British Virgin Islands about a week ago.

Barack and Michelle Obama first arrive to British Virgin Islands
Well 8 days in paradise we got another glimpse of civilian Barack and Michelle, and they look like they don’t have a care in the world right now. Barack and Michelle were recently spotted on presumably on Billionaire, Richard Branson’s private island looking absolutely chill. 

Barack with his hat to the back and Michelle with her pig tails and denim shorts we just love them.

Now folks are screaming for Barack and Michelle to hurry up back to the states cause we being tormented by our bootleg President.

BUT we honestly just want them to sit back and relax and continue to enjoy themselves.They should take all of the time they need to recharge those batteries. Listen we understand 8 years of dealing with bitter Republicans drains you. We will continue to stay on #ObamaWatch cause we are totally here for cool Uncle Barry and Auntie Michelle.

PHOTO: Twitter


#ObamaWatch: Barack and Michelle Obama Arrive In The British Virgin Islands


Sheryl Lee Ralph On Jennifer Holliday’s Pre-Inauguration Decision: “Not All Money Is Good Money” [Video]

WICKED‘s new broadway star and first African-American to play “Madame Morrible” played by the iconic Sheryl Lee Ralph stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to discuss the Inauguration, her longtime Dreamgirls castmate Jennifer Holliday, her husband Senator Vincent Hughes, meeting Michelle Obama for the first time and more.

Williams asked if Sheryl actually called Jennifer to speak with her about the decision:

You wanna know something, Jennifer is the kind of woman she makes her own choices for herself and that’s the way she likes to keep it but the only thing that matters for me when it comes to this topic is that at the end she SANGED THE RIGHT SONG!..Sheryl then proceeds to sing: “And I am telling you!” she changes the lyrics at the end shouting out the LGBT Community. 

When Wendy also asked: “would you would’ve performed?”…Sheryl said:

Not all money is good money. That’s me. That’s me and that’s Senator Vicent Hughes wife speaking but some folks — sometimes people need a check. I don’t know what the circumstance was but that’s what I would’ve said. 

Check out the entire interview above.

Sheryl Lee Ralph can currently be seen playing Madame Morrible in Broadway’s “WICKED” at the Gershwin Theatre in New York City.


The Daily Word

The Donald Trump Curse Starts: The Obama’s Dog Bites White House Guest

The Obama‘s are leaving the White House and the First Black Family’s dog wants no parts of strangers visiting the home. One of the Portuguese Water Dogs named Sunny was approached by an 18-year-old family friend and was bitten in the face as she attempted to kiss the dog.

TMZ reports:

We’re told the incident occurred Monday when the 18-year-old was visiting the White House. Sources connected to the girl tell us she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog bit her on the face.

Sunny — a female Portuguese Water Dog — left a nasty gash under the girl’s eye. We’re told the Obamas’ family physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, checked her out and decided she needed stitches.

She’s gonna be okay, but we’re told she’ll likely have a small scar … which upset her. 

The bite is out of character for the breed, which typically is not aggressive in family situations. The Obamas have 2 Portuguese Water Dogs — 8-year-old Bo has the title,”First Dog.”

We reached out to the White House. No comment on the incident.

We’re glad she’s ok but let’s this be a lesson that you just can’t approach a dog when they’re not familiar with you.

But We Blame Trump at this point. Just sayin…

Photo Credit: TMZ



On The Gram: It’s A Love Fest As The Country Says Farewell To President Barack Obama Following His Farewell Address!

If you’re on Instagram right now scrolling through your timeline chances are VERY HIGH it’s consists 95% of pictures of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Barack and Michelle or the entire first family. Now if that’s the case it’s totally understandable because the 44th President delivered his final address to the nation as Commander-in-Chief.


We know, it’s so sad, we don’t want him to go, we don’t want to deal with President-Elect Nacho Dorito (Donald Trump) but unfortunately there’s that thing called a two-term limit. During his final address, Barack delivered a message of hope just as he did 8-years-ago when he first won the Presidency. In spite of the looming cloud of uncertainty that Trump’s Presidency brings, Barack cut through the thick clouds of fear and doubt with his beaming smile and his strong sense of confidence in people which never wavered  throughout his 8 years.

US President Barack Obama speaks during his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois on January 10, 2017. Barack Obama closes the book on his presidency, with a farewell speech in Chicago that will try to lift supporters shaken by Donald Trump's shock election. / AFP / Nicholas Kamm        (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)
US President Barack Obama speaks during his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois on January 10, 2017.
Barack Obama closes the book on his presidency, with a farewell speech in Chicago that will try to lift supporters shaken by Donald Trump’s shock election. / AFP / Nicholas Kamm (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

The one time Obama got truly emotional is when he thanked his beautiful wife Michelle Obama and his two daughters Sasha and Malia for being with him every step of the way during his Presidency.


Now when we normally do an On The Gram post here it’s usually for some comedic purpose, but for Barack it’s all about love. As you can imagine the country took to social media to express their love and gratitude to The Obama’s  for representing the country for 8-years with nothing but grace and perfection and staying SCANDAL FREE! Celebs took to Twitter to extend their sincere thanks and love to the 44th President immediately following his emotional speech.

the outpouring of love for The Obamas was tremendous and of course the appreciation for Barack didn’t end there as Instagram was flooded with nothing but love for our first African-American President and his family. Hit the gallery below to see more love sent the Obama’s way, and of course we gotta say THANK YOU Obama as well you will be missed.

Photo: Darren Hauck/Getty Images

Entertainment Videos

Watch: Hillary Clinton Appears On Latest EP of “Between Two Ferns,’ Hilarity Ensues

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the latest guest on Funny or Die‘s web series Between Two Ferns.

Host comedian Zach Galifianakis jumped right in with his silly hijinks, starting by attempting to sneak up and scare the former Secretary of State before getting tackled by the Secret Service. Galifianakis continues to ask Clinton a slew of unconventional questions, some of which she doesn’t even bother to answer.

The two go on to discuss what she should wear to Monday’s debate, her stance on Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, and whether she ever feels the inclination to be racist since it’s working so well for Donald Trump. Galifianakis even stops for a brief commercial break to play a Trump campaign ad which Mrs. Clinton isn’t at all amused by.

Watch all the awkward hilarity that ensues below.

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