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Fly Visual: Amen-Ra – “Finished”


Known to have choreographed for many of your favorite artists (Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Sting, Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz), Bam Bam moves over to the solo side of things as Amen-Ra, as he now expresses his art form as a singer-songwriter, paired with his heavy knowledge of the entertainment industry, along with his dance background.

“Finished” is his first official-single delivery from his new EP F.I.N.A.O. [Failure Is Not An Option], which is a complete radio ready, dance head-nodder. Recently, the artist-newcomer unleashed his new video just to give you a glimpse of what his new-found artistry is all about.

For my first EP, and intro to the world as an artist, it had to be explosive. So, I kept it short and sweet with six songs; all up-tempo, high energy, big production…”Finished,” “I Does This,” “Music Is My Drug,” “We Run This Party,” “On my Own Ish” and “Party Of A Lifetime”.

Amen-Ra also says:

“My style is inspirational; I want you to feel alive, and have fun in the moment because life is too short. I feel like I can give a connection that is mad real. It’s like a connection to everyday life of who we are. I plan to be a whole different type of animal. I want to make this a better world for future generations; I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to enjoy life, and see others enjoy life too.”

Check out the video below:

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