[In Fashion] The 2 Million Dollar Hermes Bag …

As if dropping $10,000 plus on a Hermès Birkin handbag wasn’t already ridiculous … Hermes has managed to out due themselves with an even pricier product.

The Luxury French retailer has unveiled four new designs, each priced at an eye-watering 1.9 Million dollars.

The miniature totes, which are crafted from gold and studded with thousands of precious stones, also double up as a piece of high end jewelry.

The more popular one is a rose gold version of the Kelly bag with crocodile scale effect and 1,160 diamonds.

The bags in question are significantly smaller than the popular leather versions, they are designed to be worn as a bracelet, with the handbag strap resting on the wrist. The main compartment isn’t at all big enough to hold a pair of shades, is meant to dangle off the wrist, and should be held in the wearer’s hand.

I’m having one of those days where every thing is just makeing me speechless.

Because this is just ….

-Stay Fly!