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Fly News: ‘Bad Boys 3’ In The Works


Fans of the beloved Bad Boys franchise can rejoice, as it appears Bad Boys 3 will be coming to a theater near you. TMZ learned that Will Smith and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have met up to discuss the potential project. Sources close to Smith and Bruckheimer reported that they met up for dinner Tuesday night, and again for lunch Wednesday to hash out the details and work on a script.

TMZ caught Bruckheimer leaving lunch and when asked whether the project was happening he said “We don’t know, we’ll see.” When the guy posing questions said, “The fans want this so bad,” Bruckheimer added “I know, we want it too.” As to whether or not he would replace Smith or Martin Lawrence with someone like Kevin Hart if they didn’t want to reprise their role his answer was a straight up, “No!”

It’s safe to assume that Smith is on board. Here’s to hoping Lawrence is too, because who wouldn’t love to watch Mike Lowrey get under Marcus’ skin and getting him caught up in his hijinks.