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Antonia “Toya” Carter answers our ‘FLY Questions’…

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Toya Carter, formerly of “The Tiny and Toya Show,” and got to get the scoop on her current endeavors, her new book, her new show, and even got down to her recent Twitter fiasco!

Check out our FLY interview below…

1. What does the term “FLY” mean to you?

Fly means “Fresh,” “On it,” and “Put together!”

2. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you ask, many people don’t separate Toya Carter from “Lil’ Wayne’s ex wife.” What are you doing to build your own brand?

Well, i have a book out, Priceless Inspiration, and it’s a very inspiring book. It talks about my journey and all the different things i’ve been through. You get to learn Toya, and feel my pain, and see my struggle. And i guess for the people who can’t get past the “Lil’ Waynes ex wife” thing, they just have to read my book. People who have read the book tell me how much they love my story and how strong of a person i am. People who haven’t read the book just dont get it, which is cool because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It doesn’t really bother me though. I’m cool either way.

3. Do you think people view you that way because you decided to keep your married name instead of your maiden name (Johnson)?

Maybe that is their reason but MY reason is because that’s also my daughters last name. People who have been married will understand more than just people looking at it from a single perspective or people who think i kept his name for the fame. When you have kids, it’s easier to move when you have the same last name, especially when you go through a divorce. It’s just a whole lot for the kid to deal with but people are going to view things how they want to anyway.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, i see myself definitely, all the way, coming into my own. Maybe expanding my store, doing more books, and maybe a movie or two.

5. What is your true passion?

I definitely want to get into acting. I would love to play a foster child, or something like that.

6. What exactly happened to the “Tiny and Toya Show?”

We just decided to stop it once Tiny got married. Her life is more private now and it becomes her and her husbands show versus just her show. So i just decided to keep it going because of all the positive feedback we received from our show together.

7. So the love is still there between you two?

Yes! Of course.

8. Now you have your own reality show. Can you give us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to?

My show is about me and my family. This is the 1st time we’ve come together to try and work things out, and get closer, because all our lives we’ve been split up. One of my brothers was in prison for 10 years, my mom had her addiction, and my dad had his marriage, which he isn’t anymore. So now we’re all coming together and we’re releasing all thr anger, drama, and trying to move forward from all the pain.

9. How do you think Reality TV has affected your daughter?

I don’t think it really affected her that much because she’s in the show but not IN the show, She just appears on it. But regardless of the show, i’m still a mother and am always involved in anything my daughter has going on. And if she’s ever feeling some type of way about the whole thing, and it becomes a problem, then it’s still not a problem, you know? Our relationship is still the same, so other than our lives being exposed more, i don’t think it has really affected her.

10. Reginae is such a beautiful little girl, and she remains humble among an industry full of “spoiled kids.” How do you make sure she keeps that same humility about her?

Thank you. Being humble is what it’s all about. I’ve raised my child to be humble, and i’m the same way, even before the reality show or the spotlight. We have always been humble. Even when she’s around her father, she’s the same way. I just didn’t raise her to be any other way.

11.So speaking of which, she recently ran to your defense on Twitter after you were sent a barrage of hurtful comments. Can you explain to us what exactly happened?

1st off, i’d like to start it off by saying that im known for being real, and being honest, so i sometimes take to Twitter and say things, not knowing it will personally affect people. So i was in the passport office with my daughter and we saw an 8 year old child who proclaimed to be gay. I had just never saw that before, and it surprised me, which made me make reference to it on Twitter. But by no means was i trying to offend anyone or make the LGBT community mad. I was just shocked. I wasnt trying to jusdge anyones sexual preference, and i meant no harm by it. But i’ve spoken with alot of my friends and family in the LGBT community and got knowledge on that because some people just don’t know. I wasn’t raised around that so i didn’t know, but i’m learning, and like i said, I apologize.

12. Even though we are a Lifestyle blog, we are deeply emerged in the world of Fashion. So we must ask, what are your Fashion Must-Haves right now?

This Jimmy Choo Sling bag, like a messenger bag, i just got. Rompers. And a hot pair of wedges!

13. How would you describe your personal style?

A little edgy. I love the jackets and vests with the poofs. It has to be giving me something extra. And i love black! All Black Everything. I’m very big on Black.

14. Who do you look to for insight in terms of style?

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna.

15. Do you have a stylist on the show?

No. On the show, i was in New Orleans chilling. I wasn’t even trying to be stylish. I was focused on my family. And i didn’t really go to any events where i had to be dressed anyway, so everyday was like a jeans and tee shirt day. Plus it was like 85+ degrees out there so some days i really didn’t want to wear anything. But i style myself, in everything from Red Carpet to Photo Shoots, i have been styling myself lately.

16. Lastly, what would you like to leave our readers with?

You have to work extremely hard towards your goals. You have to also understand your weaknesses, as well as your strong points, and just always remain positive. And never let NO ONE steal your joy because they didn’t give it to you.

Well there you have it folks! All you wanted to know from Toya herself! Be sure to tune in to “A Family Affair” this Tuesday, April 12th @ 10pm on B.E.T.


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[Interview Conducted and Written By Fly Girl @SextatsHipHop]

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