SFPL Exclusive: Ayo & Teo Drops New Track “Like Us”

Platinum artist Ayo & Teo has released their latest single, “Like Us.” The melodic track showcases the boys’ evolution since their viral smash “Rolex”. “Like Us” was produced by Jazze Pha (Snoop Dogg, T.I, Ciara), 94Skrt (Kodak Black, Austin Mahone), and Reuel (Fetty Wap). The song also features a sample from the 90s hit “One of Us” by Joan Osborne.

The boys have had an exciting year following the release of “Rolex” with performances on Nickelodeon’s Halo Awards, MTV’s TRL and Wild N’ Out, as well as upcoming appearances on Fear Factor and Nickelodeon’s New Year’s Eve special. “Rolex” was also named by Amazon Music’s Alexa as the most requested song lyric for 2017.

Ayo & Teo are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut EP.

Brothers Ayo & Teo have used social media as a tool to make small dance moments major. Online videos of the duo expertly dancing to some of Hip-Hop and R&B’s biggest records, taking the latest dance steps and making them their own, has led to their viral success.  Their first single, “Rolex” has received over 360 million views and continues to grow. With over 3 million followers across their social media platforms, the self-taught dancers now teach superstars their moves and create songs that millions dance to.

Listen to “Like Us’ here:

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Fly Introduction: Chris Brown and Usher Praises New Dance Duo AYO & TEO


Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, brothers Ayleo and Mateo Bowles (a.k.a. AYO and TEO) have been dancing and competing at dance since elementary school. Influenced by greats such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Missy Elliot and Chris Brown, the duo quickly developed their own unique brand of dancing and began to upload Youtube videos from their basement and living room.

With zero promotion, and strictly through the power of social media, they began to gain mass appeal by creating and having their “dance challenges” reposted to some of Instagram‘s most popular dance pages. Recognizing this as their main outlet, the younger of the brothers (Teo) created what has become a instant phenomenon and their moniker – “THE REVERSE”. Simply reversing the steps to some of world’s best dance crazes, their Reverse of the “Nae Nae” went viral overnight, on every posted outlet, and received over 150 MILLION VIEWS.

Kicked off by with a number of pics and vids reposted by Chris Brown, the two are now rubbing elbows and sharing stages with the very people that influenced them the most.


Most recently being invited and flown out to perform by Usher himself, the boys shared the 2016 BET Awards stage with the R&B phenom.

On the map as rising stars, with no place to go but up, be on the lookout for AYO & TEO. They’re NEXT.