SFPL Premiere: Ay-Rock Drops New Project ‘The Grey Area’

Fans have a lot to look forward to with the latest project release by the talented rapper Ay-Rock. The Grey Area is the stunning rapper’s biggest masterpiece to date—but he promises it certainly won’t be his last.

The project carries many talents like Production/Co-Executive Producer from Vontae Thomas whose known for production for Logic‘s “Killing Spree”, Shy Glizzy‘s “Let It Rain”, Chris Brown‘s “Other N*ggas” (upcoming album) and much more.

Also connected to the body of work is Yonni whose a 2x Grammy Nominee and known from production for Lil Wayne‘s “More Fire”, Trey Songz‘s “Say Ahh”, Jesse McCartney‘s “Have It All”, Missy Elliot‘s “I’m Better” and so much more.

To add, there’s production from Timbaland‘s protege Chad “Cleva Keys”.

Lastly, other production from JusDre, Mr. Flamez, CoKyn, Kevin K, Xavior Jordan and Ay-Rock himself.

Featured artists consist of Brian Angel (of Day 26), Shy Grey (formally known as C Dot Castro), Kolten Perine, Dre Willz, Eastman, Doubleplay Cam, & Ms. Ziggy.

Check out the full project below:

About Ay-Rock

Producer, songwriter, and engineer hailing from Austin, Texas and based out of Maryland. Growing up in a military home, Ay-Rock Moved around a lot which may have helped introduce him to many different styles of music even at a young age. At the age of 9, he began writing as a form of escaping the troubles of reality, expressing his passion and sharing his thoughts with the world. They quickly transformed to the creation of song lyrics. He felt that writing let him get out all his emotions and deal with the obstacles he had to face. As the years passed he began developing his style and creating his flow that can only be classified as versatile.

Eventually, he started his own recording studio to further hone in on his craft of music and music engineering. Ay-Rock became more interested in mixing and mastering music from pre-production to final master He attended and received a bachelor’s degree in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Washington and began working for artists like B.O.B., Wale, Maino and many others. In fact, he was the first engineer to mix Wale’s record, “Bait.”

Ay-Rock spent years working on his craft to become a producer as well as an artist, creating many tracks in genres that range from rap, r&b, pop, and rock. Everyone who hears his work always has the same remark; “this is Ready To Go”.

Ay-Rock take inspiration from anywhere “Anything can inspire me when it comes to making music, from a simple note to having a conversation with friends,” Ay-Rock said. As for his taste in music, “anyone or anything with great sound, especially full bodies of work and things he can listen to from beginning to end.” Ay-Rock also said

Ay-Rock is unlike other artists out there today because he embodies so many different styles of sounds. He may incorporate hard-hitting 808s in one song and then luscious melodies in another, all joining together to create one magical sound.

In the future, Ay-Rock hopes to tour the world and leave behind a legacy that can influence people and other musicians for decades to come.

“I want to speak to the world, and I think I’ve done this with this project. I hope when people hear this album, they can hear and appreciate the work put in to bring this album to life. I also hope they get a sense of being able to understand and relate to what I’m talking about. I hope to speak to all the fans through my music.”


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Ay-Rock Premieres New Track & Lyric Video for “Dreams”

Rapper Ay-Rock premieres his new track and lyric video “Dreams” and teams up with producer Yonni (“Mo Fire” by Lil Wayne & “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz). The talented artist is prepping for his upcoming album The Grey Area.

In the uptempo gritty inspirational track, we find Ay-Rock flexing his lyrical abilities about his come up and dreams about $100 million dollar goals. It’s quite clear that his mind is set on being the best in the game while reaping the benefits in the process. With a combination of Rock’s flow paired with Yonni’s production, “Dreams” has a chance of escalating to major radio and club play across the country — trending to be that #1 hit song. His “Dreams” may just come true!

Ay-Rock also dropped a lyric video in support of the new single. Check it out below:

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