The Word: Former ‘GLEE’ Star Mark Salling Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography


Mark Salling, Best Known For Role on “Glee” Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

Former star on the hit show “Glee”, Mark Salling was arrested for possession of child pornography this morning in California.


The 33 year-old actor, who played Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman on the series, was arrested at his home in Sunland, CA after it was searched by the LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Reps for the actor did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Salling is no longer represented by ICM or Full Circle Management, since the company severed ties with the “Glee” star in September.

Salling has had previous run-ins with law enforcement. His girlfriend Roxanne Gorzela, sued the actor for sexual battery earlier this year, claiming he shoved her and later forced her to have sex without a condom. Salling followed suit by suing her for defamation of character.

Saling was taken downtown for booking. There are no new developments at this time.

Source: Variety

By: Arlene Danna

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The Daily Word: Miles aka Siir Brock Talks with The Breakfast Club; Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Ex-BF Milan Christopher?

While on the promo trail of things, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Miles Brock aka Siir Brock stopped by Power 105.1‘s The Breakfast Club to talk sex, homophobia, music, reality tv, his relationship with now rumored ex-boo Milan Christopher, Milan’s alleged sex tape and more. The Reunion Show for LHHH was also shot in NYC during Miles’ visit.

During the interview, Siir Brock confirms that he is doing a song with Ray J and that Rich Dollaz wants to manage him. After getting wind of Rich wanting to take Brock on as a client, Charlamagne goes on to say “that’s Bitch Dollaz” and “he has no juice in NYC.” And both, DJ Envy and Angela Yee co-signed. Yikes.

Also, Miles’ sister Charmagne gives us an ear-full; confirms that Milan indeed has a sex tape that she has seen with her own two eyes, along with check fraud, grand theft auto, stealing property (purses, etc). She adds, that it’s all about the fame for him, and Milan is bothered about the fact that Miles get more attention.

Watch the FULL interview below:

Over the Halloween Weekend in NYC…


Just when things was going pretty well, drama ensues over the Halloween 2015 weekend between rumored split couple Miles and Milan.

TMZ reports, Miles was arrested Halloween night after allegedly attacking ex-boyfriend Milan.

Law enforcement tells the news outlet that Milan went to NYPD cops Friday night, claiming he and Miles ended up at the same party, they started arguing and Miles punched him in the face. The very next night, Milan filed a police report. (Why the next night? This already seems suspect.)

Both on two separate hosting duties for Halloween parties, Milan leaves his host seat and then somehow tracks Miles down in Times Square — where Miles was hosting a Halloween party, found a cop and pointed Miles out. The cop then cuffed Miles and placed him under arrest for assault.

Miles took his thoughts to Instagram denying any of the above:

Milan also tweeted this just on Oct. 29th:

Hopefully, things can be worked out.

Moving on to good news…

Miles was recently involved in several photo-shoots wearing clothing from Sean John to Brooklyn’s own, Gifted Apparel and more. A very good look!

Keep your head up Miles!

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DMX Arrested AGAIN…In New York City Right Before His Performance

Mychal Watts/WireImage
Mychal Watts/WireImage


More information has been reported on DMX‘s recent arrest, as to why he did not make it to the Master of Ceremony show at Radio City Hall, where he was scheduled to perform.

Long story short, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told PIX 11 that DMX was actually taken into custody for “several issues outstanding.” Sheesh.

Reasons for Arrest:

1) Earl Simmons was issued an arrest warrant by the Erie County Family Court for $400,000 worth of unpaid child support, the spokesman said.

2) Another arrest warrant was issued to Simmons, this time by the city of White Plains for bail jumping. The city of Yonkers is accusing the veteran rapper of being an aggravated unlicensed motor vehicle operator; and a criminal complaint out of Newark, N.J., names DMX as a suspect in an April 5th robbery at a gas station in that city, the sheriff’s office said.

He was arrested at 10:30 p.m. in Manhattan by sheriff’s office deputies.

Things aren’t looking good for DMX at this point. Not sure how he will work his way out of this one.

More information to come as story develops.




Earl Simmons aka DMX just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It looks like the veteran rapper has been arrested again, right in New York City.

Pix 11 reported, that the 44-year-old rapper and Yonkers native has been arrested in NYC [today] Friday night, according to the New York County Sheriff’s Office.

What prompted the arrest is in question as the details are limited at the moment.

DMX was slated to perform at 8 p.m. at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan for the Masters of Ceremony concert featuring Shabba Ranks, The LOX, Rakim, Ma$e, Pete Rock, & CL Smooth, Brand Nubian and Das EFX.

Unfortunately, DMX didn’t hit the stage.

More details to follow.

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Diddy: Imma Knock You The Ciroc-OUT!, Puffy Is Being Called A Terrorist Though? People Play Too Much…


Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse…

Music Mogul and Ciroc Commando, Diddy is being accused of making “Terrorist Threats and/or Remarks” all during his UCLA fight….allegedly.


In case you missed it, Puffy was arrested on Monday at UCLA. The Football’s Strength and Conditioning coach Sal Alosi was screaming at Justin [his son] during the session at the university athletic complex.

Of course, Mr. Combs peeped the entire situation from the sideline, and wasn’t too happy about what was going down. Per on-lookers, the coach “was riding Justin, screaming intensely at him.”

Long story short, Diddy confronted the coach and it all went down-hill from there, getting into a scuffle — he allegedly swung a kettle ball, and Campus Police ended up taking him into custody early Monday afternoon.

Now, after all the debacle, Diddy is now being accused of making “Terrorist-like” remarks. [How convenient for one to accuse of, at this point and time…insert *side-eye*]

Now, more charges are appearing such as:

3 counts of assault w/ deadly weapon
1 count of making terrorist threats
1 count of battery

Claims are being made that Diddy was allegedly screaming threats at Alosi and 5 to 6 other people who tried to break up the scuffle. Later on, he was eventually released on bail after posting $50k bond.

We’re hoping that this all gets swept under the rug. At the same time, Diddy should have never approached the coach at all. But after all, it was post-Father’s Day, so his defense guard was clearly still freshly in tact, waiting for something to go down.

Diddy, just stay away from the practices.






Last Night In L.A.: Terrence J & Miss Diddy Host ‘DOPE’ Screening [Video]

P. Diddy’s Street Ambassador Shawn Prez: Put Caitlyn Jenner On A Wheaties Box

Last Night In L.A.: Diddy Takes Over Playhouse Nightclub for Finale of Memorial Day Weekend

Diddy’s New Fragrance Ad With Cassie Banned For Being To Racy.

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The Daily Word: Angie Stone Arrested for Assault, Allegedly Knock Out Daughter’s Front Teeth



Angie Stone isn’t having a very good day. The soulful singer and R&B Divas ATL star was arrested Monday in Georgia on domestic aggravated assault charges. Allegedly, Stone may have thrown a few blows in the wrong direction and knocked out her daughter’s front teeth, whose 30 years of age.

TMZ reported:

Police in Dekalb County tell TMZ … 53-year-old Angie told police her daughter Diamond punched her in the face. Angie then told police she defended herself with a metal stand, but accidentally hit Diamond in the face … knocking out her front teeth.

Angie told police once she realized the mistake she put down the stand and tried to flee … but claims Diamond came after her again. A family friend eventually broke up the fight.

Diamond told police the argument started when Angie complained Diamond didn’t clean up after her children. Diamond was also taken into custody, but eventually released without being charged.

Lawd. Angie laying hands on the chirren.

Hopefully, she and her daughter will patch things up and move along.


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Suge Knight Gets Arrested for Murder, Dr. Dre Says He Never Asked Suge To Come Back To The Commercial Set To Make Peace

[ione_image_credit width=”2000″ caption=”0″ align=”alignnone” text=””]Suge Knight[/ione_image_credit]


Seem’s like Hip Hop Mogul, Suge Knight just can’t stay out of trouble. But this time things are looking a bit more serious. TMZ reported recently, that after turning himself in for questioning, Suge Knight was arrested for MURDER in a Hit and Run incident that happened Thursday evening. Bail is set at 2 million dollars and according to NBC News, Knight maybe facing up to 30 years in Prison.

[ione_image_credit width=”640″ caption=”0″ align=”alignnone” text=””%5DSuge Knight[/ione_image_credit]

Witnesses say in the midst of shooting a commercial for an Ice Cube and Dr. Dre movie, Suge Knight drove up to the scene. In the process, Suge ended up getting into a physical push and shove with Dr. Dre’s security. Off-duty officers got wind of the altercation and ordered Suge to leave.

Soon after the first incident, Terry Carter called Suge and said he had contacted Dre and was told to bring Suge by the next location where they could work out their problems. Suge says, he took Carter up on the offer, believing that things would work out peacefully. Suge arrived at the next location and he got jumped before he even got out of his truck.

A brawl between Knight and two men sprung out and afterwards, Suge got back in his car, and drove backwards over his friend, Terry’s head; which killed him.

TMZ also reported that Knight was in fear of his own life due to complications from his own previous injuries. A couple months back, Suge Knight was shot 6 times at Chris Brown‘s Pre VMA’s party and most recently almost lost his life to a blood clot.


Via TMZ:

Dr. Dre is calling BS on Suge Knight for suggesting the good Doc asked Suge to come to the set to make peace with him.

Sources connected with Dre tell us … he scoffed when he was told Suge is claiming Terry Carter — the man he struck and killed — was bringing Suge to the set because Dre wanted to end their beef.

TMZ broke the story … less than an hour before the hit and run, Suge went to another set location but was thrown out by Dre’s security. Sources connected with Suge say he got a call from Carter who said he had just spoken with Dre and the Beats mogul said he wanted Suge to return so he could make peace.

Our Dre sources say it never happened, and note it’s pretty convenient the only other person who has first-hand knowledge is dead because Suge killed him.

As for why Dre and his people didn’t want Suge around … we’re told it’s because they view Suge as having a big fat target on his back. They say the shooting last Summer where Suge was hit 6 times is proof enough … he has enemies, and Dre didn’t want him and his people in the line of fire.

It looks like Suge may be put away for good this time around. He just can’t seem to shake trouble.

Could this be karma perhaps?


-Stay Fly

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“Let’s Get Married”: Jagged Edge Group Member Arrested for Punching, Choking and Shoving Engagement Ring Down Fiancée’s Throat?


Looks like Jagged Edge member, singer Kyle Norman let his anger get the best of him, attacking the one he loves the most.

Unfortunately, Kyle been accused of beating his current fiancée and attempted to make her swallow her own engagement ring, as he allegedly tried to shove it down her throat.

Norman was arrested just early Thursday morning in the ATL. Officers responded to a fight call between the couple, and once they arrived on the scene…well, let’s just say they found her with a golf ball-sized welt on her head.

Cops expressed, that the woman claims Norman threatened to kill her. She also said he began punching and choking her with a scarf, and as stated; tried to force the ring down her throat.

We’re told Norman went peacefully when cops arrived, not giving the authorities any problems. He claimed the whole fight started because he was upset about his dad having cancer. She says they were arguing about drinking.

Kyle was charged with aggravated assault, and is still behind bars.


[Source: TMZ]


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The Word: “Blood, Sweat & Heels” Star Speaks Out About Recent Arrest …


Last week we reported that LHHNY star, Tahiry Jose was attacked and had to seek medical attention after a Fashion Week event gone wrong, and now another reality star is in the news!


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The Daily Word: Flavor Flav Decides On A Plea Deal


From a hit reality tv series to wielding a kitchen knife at his longtime girlfriend’s 17-year-old son, Flavor Flav has definitely hit rock bottom.

Blank Stare

Randomonium: Rapper DMX Arrested for DUI


At this point, I think we’ve lost count of how many mug shoots that rapper DMX has conceived. Yet again, the estranged talent has been arrested on another DUI charge.