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The Secret Life of Pets Launches New #PetMoji App For Animal Lovers All Over!


he Secret Life of Pets doesn’t hit theaters till July 8th, until then here’s a treat for animal lovers all over. To build up excitement for upcoming animated adventure, the PetMOJI app has officially gone live.


The app allows users to turn their favorite pet into a lovable emoji than you can share on all of social media accounts. The app is now available on iOS and features sticker packs and a custom keyboard. You can also visit to turn your animal best friend into a one of a kind emoji from your computer and make all your friends jealous.

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters July, 8th!


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Watch: Soul Swipe aka “The Urban Tinder” Shows Everyone How to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day


SOUL SWIPE THE APP Gets Everyone Geared Up To Celebrate Valentine’s Day The Right Way

The trending app now releases their very own commercial helping singles to find Real Love through their app along with special tips.

Soul Swipe is the new booming dating platform that matches exactly what you as a consumer likes and wants to find in the perfect match with just a swipe of a finger left or right. This user friendly app has over 2 million subscribers and climbing. It has been seen being surfed by some of our favorite and hottest in the industry.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Soul Swipe would like to share their professional Top Dating Tips and Top App Tips for all the lovers in the world who are ready to take that leap for Love.

Follow Soul Swipe at: @SoulSwipe

Top 5 ‘Soul Swipe’ Dating Tips:


It’s easy for immediate attraction to occur, but you can’t let your guard down easy.

The chase won’t be fun if you’re no longer a mystery. Remember, people always

want what they can’t have.


Who doesn’t like some fun? Of course they want you to be serious about your career

and relationships, but they don’t want someone that’s constantly serious. It’s

important to make people laugh and most importantly learn to laugh at yourself.

Loosen up and have some fun!


Don’t listen to people when they say “Charm can’t be taught” or “You either have it

or you don’t”. Charm is all about being confident, respectful, and polite. You can

easily acquire it by being on your best behavior. It’s amazing what a simple please

and thank you can do.


Integrity has been voted as one of the most important qualities men and women

look for in a relationship. Trust is very important, but people also want to feel

comfortable and proud about the idea of potentially introducing you to their

parents. A mother’s approval is everything. You don’t want to go through a breakup

where your former partner has Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” playing on repeat.


We know it’s tough to be the center of attention without seeming like an attention

whore. However, there are ways of stealing the scene when you’re out in public

without being too flashy or loud. Do your best to be the most well dressed person in

the room and supplement that style with your great sense of humor and an intimate

conversation. Pretty soon, nobody will be able to keep their eyes…. or hands off of


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Jermaine Dupri Launches New iPhone App Game ‘4 Lanes’


Producer and entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri and So So Def have partnered with That Level, LLC on the release of “4 Lanes,” an iOS game inspired by Dupri’s 1998 hit song “Money Ain’t A Thang.”

The rules of the game are simple: collect as much money as possible while staying away from “haters.” Beat your high score or your friends’ scores.

An avid gamer for years, Dupri first entered the gaming industry in 2000 when he produced the intro to EA Sports’ Madden 2000, which featured a then-unsigned Ludacris.


“Since day one, I’ve been focused on doing things that would put me in my own lane,” says Dupri, who founded the online music in 2010. “‘4 Lanes puts me in front of my peers in the gaming world and marries two of my passions: music and technology.”


“We wanted to work with JD because his music is fun, colorful, and vibrant, which makes for the perfect soundtrack to games,” says Will Willis, Strategy Director at That Level. “‘Money Ain’t A Thang’ fits so perfectly as the soundtrack to a driving game that it’s mind blowing. We also respect Jermaine’s business acumen and ventures into the tech world with Global14, so it makes sense for us to work together.”

Details for an Android version of “4 Lanes” have not been announced.

In addition to the app, Dupri is working on an EP entitled The Dark Recesses Of My Imagination.

“4 Lanes” is available for free on iTunes now: HERE

Twitter: @JermaineDupri, @SoSoDef

IG: @JWarhol

G14: @JD

YouTube: JD1472

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‘Shots’ App Backed by Justin Bieber Raised $2.7 Million In Funding, Twitter May Be Looking to Acquire

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 11.17.20 AM


It’s quite clear that Justin Bieber makes no dumb moves when it comes to business, and getting his money right. He might piss in a bucket or two, but hey, it’s all in fun right?! Just let him buy you 10 more buckets where those came from! He got you! Check it out below, as the Biebs celebrates quite the successful 2013 year just simply based off an app…yes, an APP!


FLY Technology: Vine finally makes the climb to Android.

With Android being the number 1 operating system, it was only a matter of time til Vine made it onto their system and today it has happened. Finally, twitter has announced that their highly successful video looping app Vine will be made available to Android Users.

If you have been hiding under a rock, Vine gives users the ability to create 6-second video clips and share them with the world. The app has amassed an impressive 13 million users on iOS since its launch a few months ago and looks to add to that with the jump to Android. Word is that it will have many of the same features that made it so popular with Apple users including: easy video creation and playback, ability to find popular posts and friends, and ability to post to Twitter. For the wait, developers threw Android users a perk giving them the ability to zoom, which is unique to the Android system (for now). According to the company, other features are in development including front-facing camera, search, mentions, hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook.


The Vine App is now available on Google Play

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Written by: Ian Freeman

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[Last Night In NYC] NervEight Provides New Mobile Platform for NEW Artists

NervEight teamed up with YourPartyHubVK, The Fourth Coming, Larro’s Kitchen and Catering, Think Before You Ink, and Bushmills Irish Whiskey to celebrate the launch of the new NervEight mobile app (available on iPhone and Android). The app provides a mobile platform for all genres of music to be HEARD, CRITIQUED, and PROMOTED. Musicians can use the app to submit songs which will be featured throughout the week. Featured songs then compete for “Likes” from the NervEight user base. Each day, the featured song with the most “Likes” moves on to the weekly competition where competitors have the chance to win monthly promotion packages and other sponsored prizes.