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Seen On The Scene…50 Cent x Kanye West x Kim Kardashian & More…

50 Cent attends a press conference for “Things Fall Apart” at Miami International Film Festival…

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New Music from America’s Hero, Antoine Dodson…

As if it’s not enough that this king of Urban slang has involuntarily entered your homes with his message of love and prosperity.

But now the same Rising Icon who brought you the auto-tuned classic “The Bed Intruder Song“, now delivers a version just in time for Christmas.

How considerate of you Antoine …

I hate you America. You did this.

Peep The Christmas version of The bedroom Intruder song, titled “The Chimney Intruder Song” after the jump…


Antoine Dodson takes Hollywood !

“The first thing I bought was a Gucci bag, I LIVE for Gucci…”

World Wide Super star Antoine Dodson added some tracks to those thin locks and pumped his way to the Lopez Show last Night, where he was a guest. This dude is milking his 15 minutes and although I don’t blame him I’m so annoyed by him. This was his first Talk Show appearance, and during the interview he touched on his up and coming album, his youtube celebrity and moving his family out of the hood. As well as saying ‘I Live’ more times than La La said ‘Vera Wang’ on this season of her VH1 Reality Show.

All while wearing the same boots that  Ciara left Bow Wow for.

Now Run tell That!

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Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder” Singer Moves Family Into New Home

Via Us

Antoine Dodson — the 24-year-old Alabama native who became a YouTube sensation after he chased a would-be rapist from his sister’s bedroom — tells he is moving his family into a safer home.

“We found a house!” he tells Us, adding that he is so “excited … It’s for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built.”

VIDEO: Reality star attempts to sing

Dodson is paying for the new pad thanks to money he earned after musicians the Gregory Brothers turned his tirade into an Auto-Tuned song that hit the top 50 iTunes list (Dodson got half the proceeds).

“I still can’t believe this,” he tells Us of his sudden fame. “Even though my life is moving forward, it’s at a standstill in my mind. I’m like, ‘Wow! All of this is happening just off a news interview!'”


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Ladies and Gentlemen … Antoine Dodson

Ummmmm, That outfit?

Forever 21?

By Now you’ve been introduced to the multi talented Antoine Dodson (If not scroll down PLEASE). This heroic icon saved his sister from an incredibly dangerous crackhead who tried to take her flesh while she was sleeping. Ain’t God good? Now the new found heroin is working hard to adapt to his new found celebrity.

*Snaps for the kids*


As comes with the price of celebrity, Antoine’s great ordeal has been remixed. Peep the remixes of the new King of all Media after the jump, watch out Wendy…