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Watch: Anne Hatha-Slay Owns James Corden In Rap Battle

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Anne Hathaway was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden and while there the Alice Through The Looking Glass star joined Corden for his Drop the Mic segment, where the two battled it out holding nothing back.

Corden kicked things off by using Hathaway’s resume against her and attacking her rap skills.

“…Im’ma try my best and air it out like tank tops and like her movie Get Smart her rhymes are gonna flop. Did I touch on something a bit ill-willed? Am I the Drake of this battle and Anne is Meek Mill? Now it’s her turn to try and act a little scary cause the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry.”

Whoa there. Corden set the tone and Hathaway followed suit insulting Corden’s celebrity dropping bar after bar. The new mother even kicked off her shoes letting us know she was getting ready to go in.

“I can’t make fun of you, James, ’cause no one’s heard of you. Now that I finally have a chance to speak I’ll say your rhymes are like your ratings, they’re incredibly weak. They say don’t quit your day job, but you really should. I looked you up on IMDB it said nothing good. Google ‘James Corden is’ it says ‘hopefully dead.’ I’m like your wife, I watch Seth Meyers instead.”

Even Corden couldn’t deny that the Oscar-winning actress just spit some serious bars. It was now his turn to rebuttal, and what better way than by insulting her acting chops and dredging up one of her career low points.

“This isn’t just for me it’s for the whole U.K.. Mad at your awful British accent in the movie One Day. Trust me I won’t lose this to an imposter. It’s more likely they’ll ask you again to host the Oscars.”

Corden went for the jugular, but Hathaway didn’t let that faze her. Undeterred she spat back determined to ether the talk show host.

“You look like a KFC bucket with a lot of extra breasts. You’re the worst British export since Smallpox and you’re more full of sh*t than a kitty litter-box. I saw the One Direction game you did with the tattoo. The one direction that makes sense is away from you.”

Ouch! Even Corden had to admit things were getting pretty heated saying, “That was actually a bit mean.” Corden composed himself and retaliated by coming at Hathaway guns blazing.

“Your verse went on and on like your Oscar acceptance speech. It’s hard to be mean when I thought of you so highly. I got to take you out and erase The Princess Diaries. Miss goodie two shoes snatch the tiara off your head. De Niro was the intern, tonight it’s you instead. Congrats on your new movie [Alice] Through The Looking Glass. I’m sorry about this battle, you can kiss my f*cking a**.”

giphy (8)

What a knockout verse from Corden. Hathaway however, still had a bit of fight left in her and ended the battle with a one-two punch ultimately being declared the winner.

“A** kisses and disses weak lines full of misses. I’ll be real with you now so you just can’t dismiss this. You can try to knock me down round after round, but I promise you Anne Hathaway she won’t stay on the ground. I was hated and shaded, but now I’ve been liberated. There’s nothing you can say to leave me incapacitated. I’ve heard everything yo man none of it broke me. I love you, I love your show the Carpool Karaoke. I battle with love and joy so I am always unafraid, but son now you know what it’s like to get Hatha-slayed.”

giphy (2)

Mic drop.

You can watch Corden and Hathaway’s full epic rap battle below. Who knew Anne Hathaway could spit bars! Cleary she is a woman of many talents and if she wanted to try her hand at rhyming she already has a dope emcee name in Hatha-Slay.

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Seen on The Scene...


Anne Hathaway stepped out of The Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon wearing a red Herve Leger mini. I have to admit, she filled it out quite well. But is it me, or has these Herve pieces been dated? I’m just sayin….

*Shades at night. No bueno.

Good looks Anne.

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