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Fly Technology: IKEA Debuts Wireless Charging Furniture Collection



Charging your favorite mobile phones is now easy and FLY!

IKEA is launching a new range of decorative home furnishing products — the Wireless Charging collection — with built-in wireless chargers for compatible mobile phones that help make everyday life at home easier and more convenient. IKEA has incorporated wireless charging functions, using Qi technology, into bedside tables, floor-and table lamps, desks and simple charging pads.



With this new collection, IKEA makes charging easy by turning furniture into charging spots and enabling convenient charging throughout the home based on one’s personal needs. The Wireless Charging collection will be rolled out globally; U.S. stores will begin to see availability beginning in late Spring.

“With smartphones becoming such a natural part of our lives, we wanted the charging part to become a natural part of our homes.  We know our customers rely on their mobile devices constantly and also hate messy cables.  That’s why we’ve created this collection to make mobile charging a lot more accessible, yet a lot less obvious,” said Holly Harraway, Lighting Sales Leader IKEA U.S.  “Introducing smart ways to minimize cable clutter and reduce the number of charging devices is just a small part of our long term commitment to finding new, innovative solutions for a better life at home.

You have to admit….this is pretty FLY! We love it!

Costumers can check if their mobile phone is compatible with the Qi standard (HERE) or purchase a VITAHULT charging cover (for Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy only) to enable use with the IKEA wireless charging products.

Items in the wireless charging collection (ranging from $9.99 to $119.00) include:

  • RIGGAD work lamp with wireless charger
  • VARV floor and table lamps with wireless chargers
  • NORDLI bedside table with MORIK wireless charger
  • SELJE bedside tables with MORIK wireless charger
  • NORDMÄRKE wireless triple charger (white and birch)
  • NORDMÄRKE wireless single charger (white and birch)
  • JYSSEN wireless charger which fits into MICKE and STUVA desks.  You can also fit it into the furniture of your choice as long as it’s a wooden surface.
  • KOPPLA USB adaptor 3 port
  • KOPPLA surge protector 5 socket/2 USB port
  • VITAHULT covers for iPhones or Samsung Galaxy
  • ROMMA cable management box (white and grey)


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FLY Technology: Vine finally makes the climb to Android.

With Android being the number 1 operating system, it was only a matter of time til Vine made it onto their system and today it has happened. Finally, twitter has announced that their highly successful video looping app Vine will be made available to Android Users.

If you have been hiding under a rock, Vine gives users the ability to create 6-second video clips and share them with the world. The app has amassed an impressive 13 million users on iOS since its launch a few months ago and looks to add to that with the jump to Android. Word is that it will have many of the same features that made it so popular with Apple users including: easy video creation and playback, ability to find popular posts and friends, and ability to post to Twitter. For the wait, developers threw Android users a perk giving them the ability to zoom, which is unique to the Android system (for now). According to the company, other features are in development including front-facing camera, search, mentions, hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook.


The Vine App is now available on Google Play

Stay Fly!

Written by: Ian Freeman


Google Picks Fight With Spotify and Pandora, Launches Music Streaming Service

At their I/O conference in San Francisco today, Google announced their fashionably late entrance into the on demand music subscription service market with the launch of “Google Play Music All Access”. Starting today, users can sign up for 7.99/month until June 30th and afterwards for $9.99/month with a 30 day free trial. Targeting Direct competitors Spotify and Pandora, Google Play All Access will be available for web and mobile devices, giving users access to millions of songs, and the flexibility to create stations easily, switch songs, curate playlists, and organize their libraries with ease. It will also feature recommended music based on your library as well as Google Editors. With a streaming service being an obvious hole in Android’s portfolio and Spotify currently dominating the landscape, Google’s entry was necessary in the highly competitive phone market. We are curious as to what they will suggest for our workout mix.

– Stay Fly!

Written by: Ian Freeman

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[Last Night In NYC] NervEight Provides New Mobile Platform for NEW Artists

NervEight teamed up with YourPartyHubVK, The Fourth Coming, Larro’s Kitchen and Catering, Think Before You Ink, and Bushmills Irish Whiskey to celebrate the launch of the new NervEight mobile app (available on iPhone and Android). The app provides a mobile platform for all genres of music to be HEARD, CRITIQUED, and PROMOTED. Musicians can use the app to submit songs which will be featured throughout the week. Featured songs then compete for “Likes” from the NervEight user base. Each day, the featured song with the most “Likes” moves on to the weekly competition where competitors have the chance to win monthly promotion packages and other sponsored prizes. 


Fly Technology: Apple Sues Samsung for Stealing Ideas

We knew this was going to happen…smh. It’s quite obvious that most products are taking after the iPad, iPhone, etc. Check out the article via CNN Tech after the jump!


Fly Technology: BlackBerry PlayBook Strong, Well-Priced?

Blackberry decided not to link up with Android and created their own platform for the Blackberry Playbook.