[The Daily Word] Andre Leon Talley Chucks Tyra Banks the Deuces & T.I. Is Finally Free!



The Fantabulous, Andre Leon Talley has officially announced his departure from America’s Next Top Model. After three cycles as a judge on the show, Talley has decided to split from Tyra’s uber-successful series. The Vogue edtior told Page Six, “It’s all good in the neighborhood…I had a fabulous time. It was a mutual agreement. There is no unhappiness, at all.”

But now that he’s gone, who wear his graduation robe?

*Looks around*

But here’s the exciting part !!! The ANTM producers have called upon Kelly Cutrone !!!!!!!!!!

OOOOOwwwwwwWW !!!

Reality television fanatics ( like myself, smh) will be familiar with the fashion publicist (Owner, CEO of People’s Revolution) for her stints on The HillsThe City and her own reality spin-off, Kell on Earth.

Cutrone is uber excited about the career move, stating, “I am a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model and have watched the show for years…I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to bring a different perspective to the show.” I’m sorry, but kelly is really what this show needs! No shade to Andre but Kelly is gonna keep it live!

These girls will definitely be crying outside!





And after a few bumps in the road, Shortly after midnight, rapper T.I. was released from the Atlanta halfway house he was stationed at after his 10-month prison stint.

This time there were no Television crews, buses, or drama. Tip fled the scene in a chauffeur-driven SUV.

Of course TMZ was on hand to get some footage of him getting his first breath of fresh air (again).


Let’s just pray that T.I.P. stays out forever this time.

Like Forever, ever.

And YES, he is set to have a Welcome Home Brunch next week.

We’ll keep you posted on all those details *wink, wink*

And that’s your Daily Word!

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The Fly Lights were Bright at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Let The Fly-Lights Begin…

Rae: ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. She just shut this ish down.

Gabriel: I have to give it to her stylist. She knows her ‘ish! Wow. (applause)

Rae: I don’t know what’s worse-his charm chain, the diamond encrusted flats, or looking like Valedictorian of Flight School. Smh

Gabe: Oh, Andre….I need you to get it together and please return the curtain drapes you stole.

Rae: Madonna is to old for these types of shenanigans. She looks like the Swine Flu…

Gabe: She looks like the Statue of Liberty with the Swine Flu.

Rae: Amber’s still around? Nice dress, she looks like a wax figure. Yeezy, how could you be so sockless?

Gabe: Not bad Amber! Kanye, I hope your used shea butter on those ankles homie. Me no likey.

Rae: Beautiful Ci Ci. I absolutely luv it.

Gabe: Ciara gave everyone a Fantasy Ride in that dress! Oowwwwww!!! She can get it!

Pick up Fantasy Ride today, May  5t!! (shameless plug)

Rae: Hmmmmm, I don’t hate the dress. I actually like it, and the cuff. I’m glad her baby hair is on vacation but the hair is a FAIL. Looks like a Mohawk.

Gabe: Dear Tyra, gurl you look good but the hair…please remove that braided crustacean off of your head. Thanks.

The End.

Rae: It would have been a good look if she pulled her hair back. She looks like Wonder Woman…

Gabe: I heard Bey was supposed to play the next Wonder Woman but they should reconsider and go with Katy.

-Stay Fly!

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Supra definitely gave us the Hottest Sneakers Swag this week.

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America’s Next Top Model Alum, Bre Popped back into our hearts.

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And Andre Leon Talley decided to match up his Velvet peep toes with his Graduation Gown for Fashion Week.

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Life is Good. 🙂

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