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On The Gram: 12 Hilarious Memes From Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season Finale


The season finally of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood was entertaining yet hectic. Myles’ coming out journey continued to his homies and Milan finally got to meet his family. Nikki told Rich about Moniece still being in love with Fizz, which caused him to cancel their engagement and break it off with her. Moniece being the crazy person she is confronted Nikki at Fizz’s video release party and Ray J brought Princess so she could take him back. The people over on Instagram, worked up some memes that sums up the reaction of the viewers of #LHHH. Check out the 12 hilarious memes after the jump.

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[Fly-LIGHTS][Video] Brandy & Monica Hit Up 106th & Park …


Monica & Brandy took their talents to 106th & Park Yesterday to drop off their new video for “It all Belongs To Me”.

The R&B superstars took their talents to chat with Terrence J and Rocsi about why it took 14 years for them to come back together, a potential tour, and the late Whitney Houston.

*Side Mutha F*&Kin’ BAR*Doesn’t Brandy look Amazing?


That Hair is LLLAAAIIIIDDDDDDDDDD, and that Celine Blazer? Step into her platforms in the video’s below … #NoShade to Monica, but she always looks great, Brandy needs her consistency in the style department!


Peep the videos.

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[Recap] Love & Hip Hop: REUNION

The Love and Hip Hop “reunion” was not a reunion, as you can tell. Yes, we were robbed of throwing platanos and Coco Rico soda at Erica! Yes, Chrissy’s hair was laid like Harlem Housewife 1930’s. YES we want to give Yandy speech therapy classes!  Yes, we still don’t believe Kimbella!

The special was more of a behind-the-scenes look at the most intense moments of the season, and to be honest, I loved getting a look at the deleted scenes and various commentaries from the full cast! Producer, Host, Shaunie O’ Neal’s competition    Mona Scott Young pointed out, a reunion wasn’t possible because there were certain castmembers who refused to film with one another, but this format was obviously less volatile and infinitely more informative.

Kimbella is trying to give us “black girl lost”, but yet we feel she was going for a B-More Careful kind of vibe. and we don’t see it for her.. yet again.

Juelz Santana should have been a cast member, but I don’t think we would’ve liked seeing numerous episodes of them at the Audi dealership, living fast and dying young.  Anywho, Juelz Santana, was supposed to have a much larger role on the show, but filming with Kimbella was “awkward” and he got cold feet about appearing. “He appeared with Jim, he appeared with Yandy, but we just couldn’t get him to appear on the show with you,” Mona tells Kim. Kim confirms that she and Juelz are committed to raising their kids together but as of right now, they are no longer together because he can’t “keep his d— in his pants.”

And you didn’t know this before you DM’ed him?


Chrissy, we love this hairdo!!!!!!


Yassss hunty!!! Her skin is giving us Queen Helene Mud Masque meets unbothered mole!

Kimbella And Emily Disagree On Whether Or Not Kimbella Knew Emily Existed!!!


Really tho? These two women have dropped to new lows.

Everyone’s first impression of Kimbella was pretty much the same, Emily included. We didn’t vibe with her, or those Applebee’s velvet blue shoes. Kimbella tried to reassure us all though, that she didn’t even know Emily existed (let alone that Emily was pregnant), but Emily brings to light some new information, telling us “I met her years ago at a party in Atlanta.” Atlanta is the basis of all things  ratchet and deep fried so it’s not hard for us to believe. This is their back and forth:

Kimbella “I never met her at a party in Atlanta.”
Emily: “You say you don’t know, even though I know you know, and I know you knew.”
Kimbella: “She’s LYING. She never met me. She knows that.”
Emily: “She knew who I was. When she told me she didn’t know who I was, that part was a little shocking.”

Chrissy isn’t happy with Mona Scott Young, her husky Phyllis Hyman voice, or her hair color for that matter.  She refused to sit down with Mona, and held the interview with Stefan. We’re glad because knowing Chrissy’s aggressive 2 train to 135th street behavior, she would’ve done

this to Mona, and she wouldn’t have been able to attend The Midnight Barbecue in Harlem.

Chrissy even goes into a greater detail, saying that she wasn’t able to enjoy her engagement because the very next day, she was forced to film with Yandy and things escalated from there, and at that point during filming, Chrissy walked off. “I didn’t quit the show, I just had to quit that situation,” she says.

Discussing the fight with Yandy, Stefan says “That’s what you sign up for on a reality TV show,”  Chrissy responds: “And that’s why I may not be doing a season three.”

If Chrissy doesn’t do Love and Hip Hop, we can’t tell if we’ll be watching or not.

Chrissy’s rant was everything! ASK EVERYONE!

“First of all..I mean, b*tch, if I wasn’t the personality I was, there would be no avenue for you to be on, b*tch you on my show,” she says. “So if we want to talk about paychecks and who’s doing what, b*tch, you are on my show. I am so good at what I’ve done, I’ve made an avenue for you, b*tch, bow down.”


Did anyone peep how Yandy lied about being Hawaiian?  She said she was from Hawaii , We did some investigation and the island of “aikawetata” does not exist.

Yandy we’ve had enough of you and your jazz hands entourage.

MAMA JONES RAISED THE BAR FOR ALL THE RAPPER MOMS!! SHE’S COMING FOR YOUR TWO TONE WIG JANICE COMBS!!! Her hair was giving very much “love shoulda brought you home” YASSS!!!

“If she ever put my name in her mouth again, bad day for her,” Mama Jones said when Olivia came up in conversation. Among the things that Mama Jones is upset about, Olivia called her “Nancy” which is a no-no unless you’re her close friend or closer to her age, Mama Jones had an issue with Olivia’s raspy-voiced impression of her, and then there was their Twitter beef.

“I just don’t like her, I’m sorry,” Mama Jones told Mona. “I would never want to speak to anybody’s mother like that, but at that point, she way crossed the line,” Olivia defends.


Cowardly Lion  Somaya was interviewed as well!!!

We all know Somaya’s role was greaty reduced this season. Mona accused Somaya of only talking about her tequila and her shoes, saying “You didn’t give me anything real to work with.” Somaya shot back, saying that “The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn’t real.” When Mona defended the fact that there were other, more compelling stories going on with other castmembers, Somaya told her “I’m not mad, b*tch, you acting like I’m mad! I don’t give a f—!” Mona wasn’t thrilled to be called a b*tch, but Somaya kept going in, telling her “You are a b*tch to us, yes you are, don’t even act like you’re not a diva, girl.” “We’re going to agree to disagree on that, ” Mona said, but despite the tension, in the end it’s all good. Hugs!


Erica Mena was interviewed but no one cares …