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Watch: Brands Tap A Slew of Celebrities For Super Bowl 50 Commercials


A host of brands have tapped into some serious star power for their Super Bowl 50 spots. From comedians, to musicians, actors, and athletes there is no shortage of familiar faces in this year’s Super Bowl ads.

T-Mobile has recruited Drake, BMW brought on Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, and T-Pain, Hyundai tapped Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart and the list goes on. You can check out the spots of Mini USA, T-Mobile, Bud Light, Hyundai, Budweiser, Skittles, Squarespace, Taco Bell, and Amazon ahead of them airing during this Sunday’s Super Bowl 50.

Mini USA – Defy Labels

BMW’s brand has chosen to dub their ad “Defy Labels” and features Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, T-Pain, and a few other athletes and actors. The spot sends the message that labels only serve to box you in and can easily be broken.

T-Mobile – Restricted Bling

T-Mobile tapped Drake for their ad which plays out on the set of his “Hotline Bling” video as other carriers offer notes on making some changes to his lyrics. The ad serves to highlight the service restrictions of the other carriers and the simplicity of T-Mobile.

Hyundai – Ryanville & First Date

The automotive brand will be airing three different spots during Sunday’s game. One of the spots features actor Ryan Reynolds for the Hyundai Elantra and the other features comedian Kevin Hart for the Hyundai Genesis.

Budweiser USA – Give A Damn

Budweiser recruited actress Helen Mirren for a drunk driving PSA that is unlike what we’re used to.

Bud Light – The Bud Light Party

This year’s Bud Light ad aims to unite beer drinkers everywhere. Starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan as the leaders of the Bud Light Party the goal is for America focus on what unites us rather than what divides. The ad also features actors Paul Rudd and Michael Peña.

Skittles – The Portrait

Steven Tyler stars in Skittles Super Bowl 50 spot which features a singing portrait made from the rainbow colored candies in the likeness of Tyler of course.

Taco Bell – Super Secret Commercial

Taco Bell is set to unveil a new product that’s being added to its menus, but they’re keeping it so under wraps that not even their commercial’s star, James Harden know’s what it is.

Squarespace – Real Talk

Fans said goodbye to comedic duo Key & Peele a few months back with the finale of their Comedy Central show. Thanks to Squarespace we get to see these two in action once again plus the two comedians will be providing live commentary during Sunday’s game. You will be able to catch their commentary over at

Amazon – Cheese Footballs

Amazon will be airing a spot promoting their new handsfree and voice controlled speaker Amazon Echo. Alec Baldwin stars in the campaign which comes with it’s own website and features more videos of Baldwin making use of the Amazon Echo as he preps for game day.

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In Fashion: Jennifer Lawrence Covers Glamour’s February 2016 Issue


The Hunger Games star dished on being a woman in Hollywood, dating, her friendship with Amy Schumer, her career, her style and fame. The starlet took a trip down memory lane to when she first nabbed a cover on the magazine. When describing how she was feeling at that time four years ago she had this to say,

“I feel like I got a ticket to another planet and I’m moving there, and there’s no turning back. And I don’t know if I’m gonna like that other planet or have friends there.”


Ask Lawrence how she’s feeling today about the pandemonium of fame and she’s singing a slightly different tune.

“It’s really lovely. Very nice. … It took a few years to adjust. I didn’t really realize how angry and distorted I felt. For, like, probably a solid three years…It had to do with the thing that came with Hunger Games. I still felt entitled to a certain life that I just wasn’t allowed to have [anymore]. I felt like I had the right to say, [“I don’t want to be photographed right now.”] I felt so much anger of [“Why can’t I just do my job?”] And then you just get used to it—and it just is.”

When asked about her personal style the actress described it as “slutty power lesbian.” The face of the house of Dior loved all the gowns she wore during her recent press tour, but Lawrence doesn’t always like to be covered up.

“…I’ve got tits and an ass. And there are things that are made for skinny people—like a lot of embroidery, or it covers a lot—and those make me look fat. I have to show the lumps. If you have boobs, you have to show, like, “These are boobs.”


When asked about her dating life the starlet admits that it is very hard for a guy to pique her interest.

“I feel a spark very, very rarely. And it’s really only about spark for me. Not really anything else.”

You can check out Jennifer Lawrence’s full interview and cover shoot by picking up Glamour’s February 2016 issue, which hit newsstands Tuesday Jan. 5th.

Source: Glamour

By: Arlene Danna


Vh1 Big In 2015: Elizabeth Banks and Miss Piggy Make Out [Video]


Check out Miss Piggy & Elizabeth Banks celebrating at the VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly celebration premiering Monday, December 7, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1. Miss Piggy presented the honor to Elizabeth Banks and she was physically overwhelmed with excitement! It’s THE most hilarious moment ever, as Elizabeth calls Piggy her “OG” and “Bad Bitch Boss”.

Peep the clip below:

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Hollywood’s biggest celebrities honor the top entertainers of the year in the “VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly” celebration. On that night, VH1 and Entertainment Weekly, the brands that help define pop culture, team up to toast and roast the people who entertained us the most all year long.

The evening features honorees Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Henson, Elizabeth Banks, Aziz Ansari, the breakout cast from the most successful music biopic of all time Straight Outta ComptonO’Shea Jackson, Jr., Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell, and multi-platinum superstar Nicki Minaj.

T.I. keeps the party going as the host of the evening’s honors. Celebrity presenters include Queen Latifah who praises Nicki Minaj and Ice Cube who presents the “Big In 2015” honor to his son O’Shea Jackson, Jr., accepting the accolade on behalf of the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ cast. The multitalented Debbie Allen toasts Empire star Taraji P. Henson. Amber Rose honors her gal pal Amy Schumer. Aubrey Plaza salutes Aziz Ansari, her Parks and Recreation co-star. And Miss Piggy also hits the party to present Elizabeth Banks her “Big In 2015” honor.

Be sure to tune-in on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1.


#Trainwreck: Amy Schumer Tries To Impress Method Man with A Rap Freestyle [Video]

amy schumer and method man

While on set, Trainwreck‘s own Amy Schumer tries to impress rapper-actor Method Man with a few freestyles, and well…it doesn’t go quite well, in the beginning. Trying to rhyme from the dome — “off the top,” as Amy would say, put her in a bind of actually getting a verse/words to come out clear enough.


Once realizing that “freestyle rap” just wasn’t her thing, the comedic maven finally writes her words down on paper and impresses the NYC, Wu-Tang rap veteran.

Check out the clip below:

‘Trainwreck’ is in theaters right now!


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Official Twitter: @TrainwreckMovie

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FLY Review: Amy Schumer Shines In 4-Star Comedy ‘Trainwreck’.

Train Wreck Movie Review

“What if  I told you there was only one doll you could play with forever?” Those were the words Amy (Amy Schumer) and her younger sister Kim (Brie Larson) heard from their absentee father played by Colin Quinn explaining to them why monogamy sucks.  Those words would go on to shape Amy’s adult love life in the movie Trainwreck written by Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow.

When we catch up to adult Amy she has taken her father’s advice literally, her love life consists of nothing but one night stands that she has to be drunk to make it through. She does have a main bae who she goes on regular movie dates with played by WWE Superstar John Cena who has no idea Amy sleeps around.

Train Wreck Movie Review
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures © 2015 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Even though he has all that muscle, he still somehow manages to come off gay with lines like “I wanted you to be my Crossfit Queen”saddened when Amy ended their “relationship”. The two even engage in what might be one of the funniest sex scenes ever with Cena delivering the worst bedroom lingo ever. In between her one night stands Amy does have a job, she works as a writer at a men’s magazine hysterically named S’Nuff. Her boss played by Tilda Swinton makes a living off pitching misogynistic stories for them to write about. She throws Amy a curve-ball when she tasks her to write a story on Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) a world renown sports surgeon.

Amy’s younger sister Kim is the exact opposite of her as an adult, she’s married and has a stepson (Evan Brinkman) with her husband played by Mike Birbigila. Amy takes every chance she gets to make fun of Kim’s corny husband and her well-mannered stepson who Amy jokes could be gay.

Amy isn’t into sports, and expresses how much she hates them, knowing that revelation her boss thinks she can bring a certain uniqueness to the story she has to write on Aaron originally pitched by her fellow writer.

Train Wreck Movie Review
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures © 2015 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The two instantly hit it off, Amy looks to just make Aaron another notch on her on old belt but fails miserably when Aaron calls for a second date. During the call, Amy’s loner best friend played by Vanessa Bayer is listening in and they label Aaron derange for asking Amy to go out again.

Train Wreck Movie Review
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures © 2015 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

LeBron James plays himself in the film and is Aaron’s sensitive best friend, he is one of the films biggest surprises as his character has a quite few hilarious scenes in the movie. Looking out for his best friend’s best interest he interrogated Amy asking her “do you hear his name in the wind ?”in a serious but still hilarious exchange among the two.

Train Wreck Movie Review
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures © 2015 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Schumer/Apatow deliver the perfect summer rom/com with unique role reversal with Amy playing what most would unanimously agree as the guy in the relationship. Schumer and Hader’s on-screen dynamic worked flawlessly as Hader doesn’t have to do much to be funny in the film with Amy doing all of the work. It looks like Judd and Amy are definitely onto something and we hope the two link up together for more films in the future.

#WELike !

4 out 4 on the FLY Meter!

Trainwreck is in theaters now !