4 Predictions For Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead is upon us once again and yes FLY one’s we are so excited and nervous. Why are we nervous you ask? Well of course there is this gigantic mystery of who met their demise at the hands of Negan and his trusty weapon a bat custom fitted with barbed wire he affectionately calls Lucille.

Season 7 will center around Negan whom fans of the comic book series labeled as one of the most bad ass villains the group has ever encountered. Damn even worse than the Governor? Wow! Well we took the liberty to single out four things to look forward to in the upcoming season premiere. Hit the gallery below to find out what we are looking forward too and some predictions as to what might transpire during season 7 of The Walking Dead.

PHOTO: Gene Page/AMC

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Watch The Intense Trailer For Season 7 of The Walking Dead is Here!


he Walking Dead left some folks (not me) mad with its cliffhanger ending with our favorite band of survivors being taunted by Negan’s bat Lucille. As he played a game of eenie, meenie, miney, mo to help him decide who he was going to “beat the living hell out of” we watched in horror.


When he finally made his decision the camera switched to the victims view as Negan delivered on his promise.


All we know is someone bit the dust but we have no clue as to who. Let’s just hope it’s not one of our favorite characters though. Today at San Diego Comic Con AMC dropped the official trailer for Season 7 of The Walking Dead and it’s intense. Of course the it’s cut that it doesn’t reveal who bit the dust and doesn’t even give the slightest hint. What we do get to see is some intense walker killing action involving Jesus, Morgan, Carol and some new faces. We also meet the new character to the show King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.


Oh boy are things picking up on The Walking Dead! Watch the exciting new trailer for season 7 below:

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On The Gram: The Walking Dead Season 6, Season Finale Recap and Memes


WOW, JUST WOW! Tonight’s season finale had everyone on edge tonight especially with folks waiting on the arrival of Negan finally.

Sasha, Rick, Eugene and Abraham (Gene Page/AMC)

The finale picks up where the last episode left off with the group worried about Maggie and the baby. They decide they need to make a trip to Hilltop to see the doctor to find out what’s going on with Maggie and her seed. Maggie is in bad shape and can barely walk so things are very dire. They load her up in the RV, Rick, Carl, Abraham, Eugene, and Sasha set out on the mission to save Maggie and her child. They will come to find out that journey will not be as easy they think it will be.

So how’s Carol faring on her lone journey?

Carol (Gene Page/AMC)

Morgan is still looking for Carol and he successfully finds her as well as a horse, but Carol is not looking good after her encounter with some the Saviors. Morgan stitches Carol up and tries to convince her to come back to Alexandria but she doesn’t want too. Carol manages to sneak out while Morgan is outside taking care of a walker literally hanging around. Morgan discovers Carol is once again gone and hops on his new buddy the horse and sets out to find the wayward and now reluctant warrior once again.



Carol is still moving along, but she encounters one of Saviors she thought she killed. He’s been on a mission for revenge ever since Carol easily dispatched his Savior brethren. Carol is not in top shape to take on anyone so the Savior had his way with her. Thing’s aren’t looking too good for our favorite killer/baker as the Savior begins to torture her by shooting her in strategic places such as her hand and arms. He want’s to make sure she suffers a very painful and slow death. Unfortunately for him he’s gonna wish he took her out quickly cause Morgan rides in to save the day. Morgan is still on his trying not to kill movement but his buttons are pushed when the Savior makes an attempt to kill Carol. Morgan wastes no time and puts six bullets in the Savior and in the process saves Carol.

Image (4) giphy1.gif for post 110282

We also get introduced to two new characters who remain nameless but will be important come season 7.If you remember we  did get a glimpse of one of them when Rick and Morgan bumped into him looking for his horse.

Morgan and a new friend. (Gene Page/AMC)

Now back to operation save Maggie

Walker barricade (Gene Page/AMC)

Well at least that ended on a good note right? Can’t say the same for Rick and the gang. The journey to Hilltop turns out to be a very deadly one. The Saviors have blocked off all roads towards the town putting Maggie and the babie’s life in serious jeopardy.

RIck is visibly running out of hope and ideas, in a last-ditch effort Eugene suggests that they walk on foot and he will drive the RV sacrificing himself for the greater good. Seemed like a brilliant plan as the Saviors will only be looking for the RV and not expect on them to be traveling on foot.

Rick, Sasha, Abraham and Maggie surrounded (Gene Page/AMC)

WELL that plan didn’t work either!


Eugene didn’t even make it far before he was captured and the Rick and co walked right into Negan and the Saviors hands. Having no choice but to surrender, our favorite group of survivors get on their knees and are finally introduced to one of the most dangerous men in The Walking Dead’s comic universe NEGAN!


Negan made it perfectly clear that someone will pay for him losing a lot of men thanks to Rick and the gang. He did assure them all of them wasn’t going to die because he needs them to work for him but SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY!


Yeah our stress levels are on a hundred at this point. Negan begins the selection process of who is going to get acquainted with his trusty spiked bat Lucille.

After the frightening rendition of the childhood game eenie,meenie,miney, mo and we are very sure it was never this scary when were kids, Negan finally makes his selection. Here’s how the brutal killing went down:


The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving it to your imagination who you think got a dose of Lucille to the head. Well we put up a little poll to see who you guys think met their demise at the hands of Negan so feel free to cast your vote below.

Now of course we live for the instant reaction from the social media universe especially on the gram. The memes pretty expressed disappointment, shock, and despair at the idea of one of their favorite cast members have died. Peep them all in the gallery below.

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Welp we are just gonna have to keep guessing until The Walking Dead returns, at least we got Fear The Walking Dead to hold us over till then.

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On The Gram: The Walking Dead Episode 15 Recap and Memes


Were down to just ONE episode left in season 6 of The Walking Dead and tonight’s episode titled “East” left us pretty much looking at our television screens and screaming:


Before we get to that moment lets discuss how we eventually got there shall we. Darryl is still fuming over the death of Denise at the hands of Dwight with his own crossbow.

With revenge on his mind Darryl heads on outside the gates, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita who doesn’t want to be around Sasha at the moment for sleeping with Abraham (yuck) head on out to stop Darryl.


In the meantime, Carol developed a conscience and decided to pack up and leave Alexandria. Carol is over the bloodshed and decides Alexandria isn’t where she belongs anymore. Her new boo thang Tobin finds the note she leaves behind and shows Rick. Already having booted Carol out of the group before for something he reveals later in the episode was the right move, he and Morgan set out to find her. So that means pretty much the best fighters aren’t there to protect  Alexandria with the threat of the Saviors attacking the town hanging over their heads.


Carol takes one of the vehicles used to block the gates and is well on her way to wherever the hell she’s going. Unfortunately her journey is cut short by a bunch of jerks a.k.a Saviors in a pick up truck who decided to shoot her tires out.

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

Boy did they learn impeding Carol from getting to her destination was a bad idea quickly .The truck jerks were well aware of Alexandria and it’s location. They assumed that Carol was from there even though she provided them with a fake name and told them she wasn’t. Carol begins to do the hyperventilating thing she picked up in the last episode making the jerks nervous. What they didn’t know hidden in her sleeve was an automatic weapon that she uses to easily dispatch of her would be captors.


Carol manages to escape but one of the Saviors managed to survive. Rick and Morgan are still hot on her trail they pull up to inspect the damage Carol left behind.

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

Rick and Morgan never catch up with Carol, Morgan decides now is a better time than ever to clear the air with the leader of Alexandria. Morgan reveals to Rick that he held one of the Wolves that attacked Alexandria captive in the basement of one of the houses. He tells Rick how that wolf escaped holding Denise hostage and him and Carol fighting about it. Morgan then goes on to explain by saving that wolf that he somehow started a chain reaction. The wolf saved Denise from walkers and Denise wound up saving Carl after he was shot in the eye. Morgan described it at the “circle of life”.


Morgan is really on some nonsense of late and it clearly carries on this teaser from next weeks episode.

Morgan convinces Rick to let him go on alone and find Carol and that Rick should head back home to Alexandria. We believe that was the smart thing to do! Meanwhile how are Glenn, Michonne and Rosita doing on their mission to stop Darryl?

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

They finally catch up with Darryl or basically Darryl catches up with them. Glenn and Michonne try to convince Darryl that he should give up his quest for revenge and return home. Glenn and Michonne both fail in changing Darryl’s mind and Rosita decides she agrees with Darryl. They eventually split up with Darryl and Rosita leaving and Michonne and Glenn staying behind. Unfortunately things go south very fast for both Glenn and Michonne as they run into a familiar face.

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

The saviors led by the now dickless Dwight surround and outnumber Glenn and Michonne forcing them to surrender.

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

Thing’s aren’t looking too good right now for Glenn and Michonne and we already know The Saviors are out looking for blood. Glenn also doesn’t know poor Maggie is having issues back home with the baby as she falls to floor screaming in pain. Michonne and Glenn looks like they are about to be saved when Darryl and Rosita find them. BUT unfortunately Dwight gets the jump on the both Darryl and Rosita,

Gene Page (AMC/The Walking Dead)

Dwight wastes no time with Darryl this time around and well he does this:


Dwight mutters out ‘you’ll be alright’ as the screen completely fades to black. But can we trust that ? We shall find out next episode. Peep the trailer for the 90 minute season finale below:

Negan is finally here!

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Also do yourself a favor and checkout the hilarious fan reaction after tonight’s dramatic episode in the gallery below.

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On The Gram: Carol’s Kiss and Baking Skills, Glenn Kills His First Human & More Moments From Episode 12 of The Walking Dead Generates Hilarious Memes!

Carol Photo: Gene Page /AMC/ The Walking Dead

This season might be the greatest season of The Walking Dead ever if they continue to belt out these amazing episodes. Negan’s presence is looming over Alexandria and Rick and the game finally set out on the road to deal with the big bully.

Episode 12 opens up with Carol back in the kitchen baking away, she goes about the town delivering her delicious baked goods to the good folks of Alexandria except Morgan and we all know why he’s not worthy of a cookie. Hell even Sam’s grave  got a cookie.

Sam’s death seems to be weighing on Carol but she also seems to be back in her happy place, BUT that quickly changes when Rick and the gang comes back. Rick reveals to Carol that they are going to have to pick up arms and take care of their Negan problem.

Rick contemplating their decision to take out Negan. Gene Page/AMC
Rick contemplating their decision to take out Negan. Gene Page/AMC

Rick like the great leader he is decides to hold a meeting to discuss the decision with his fellow Alexandrians. They are all in agreement with Rick that Negan and his “Saviors” have to be dealt with or they will eventually come for them. Well everyone except for Morgan that is, who feels they should go and “talk” with Negan instead of killing him and his group.


Well it was it was a unanimous decision anyway and the group decided Negan had to be dealt with. Now that part is settled it’s time to formulate a plan. With help of a Hilltopper Andy and Jesus they draw up some very, very rough plans of Negan’s hideout and I do mean very rough plans.

Carol and Tobin Gene Page/AMC
Carol and Tobin Gene Page/AMC

Carol meanwhile pretty much kills all hope of “Caryl” ever happening when she locks lips with Tobin.

Well at least she’s finally get some much-needed action. Glenn and Maggie both decide they were going to join in on the fun in taking out the Saviors. Abraham got a piece of Rosita’s cookies one last time and decided to break up with her after. Tara confessed her love to Denise well at least we thought she did, we find out later in a scene that wasn’t meant to be funny but it is that it was a bold face lie. Now it’s time to officially get the plan in motion now, team Grimes assembles and heads out to Negan’s compound.

Rick Grimes AMC/Gene Page

Before they get to the Saviors hideout they stop to lure some walkers for an intricate part of their plan. They chop off the heads of three walkers and decide on one that closest resembles the Hilltop leader Gregory. Jesus makes an observation that the nose was not perfect. Rick being the quick thinker that he is punches the severed head in the nose crushing it’s nose. Andy looks at Rick and tells him that Negan and his crew got nothing on him.


With everything in place now it’s time to get the ball rolling, Maggie and Carol stay behind with the vehicles while the rest of team Grimes head out to wipe out Negan and his Saviors.

Andy presents the fake Gregory trophy. AMC/Gene Page
Andy presents the fake Gregory trophy. AMC/Gene Page

Andy presents their fake Gregory trophy to convince the Saviors that task of taking out Gregory has been completed. Meanwhile in a scene full of irony in which it could be a joke starting off by saying a lesbian, pastor and Jesus are in a car together.Father Gabriel, Tara have a moment, Tara tells the now pro kick-ass preacher she committed the sin of lying as if that’s the only sin the pastor feels she should be worried about. This all happens with a man named Jesus sitting in the backseat, these Walking Dead writers are something else.


Back to the plan, everything seems to be going of without a hitch, team Grimes successfully infiltrates the base.  After easily dispatching what seemed like the only guards awake, they also take out unsuspecting sleeping saviors. This night was a historic night for Glenn as he popped his cherry and killed his first human. He didn’t handle it too well initially but he quickly got used to it.

Rosita firiing off shots AMC/Gene Page
Rosita firiing off shots AMC/Gene Page

Things quickly unravel when one the Saviors in a dying effort manages to trigger an alarm. An intense fire fight ensues and the gang handles the Saviors quite easily. There was no trace of Negan unfortunately but there was a scene with Glenn where he got to see first hand Negan’s brand of punishment.

Foreshadowing much? Daylight comes and the gang regrouped and everything seems all good. Till the sound of one Savior trying to escape on Darryl’s trusty motorcycle startles everyone. Rosita shoots him before he can escape and just when Rick is about to put a bullet in the guy a female voice can be heard on a walkie-talkie the fleeing Savior was carrying. The voice is not bearing good news as she reveals that she has both Maggie and Carol. OH NO!


Man we can’t wait till next weeks episode! For more hilarious and intense commentary be sure to follow @PhotosByBeanz on Twitter. In the meantime hit the gallery to see Episode 12 broken down in glorious meme form as well.



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On The Gram: Glenn’s Bisquick, Richonne and Jesus and The Hilltoppers Spark Hilarious Memes.


the-walking-dead-episode-611-rick-lincoln-935Sorry FLY gals and gents for leaving y’all hanging after last weeks episode, we were busy in L.A.  but we are back. Last night on The Walking Dead love was definitely in the air in Alexandria. Rick and Michonne or as we like to call them “Richonne” are clearly in love after their intense night of swirling in last week’s episode.

Rick and Michonne getting ready to “bump uglies”

We catch up the new couple right after their peaceful after sex slumber was interrupted by Jesus standing over them. Carl eventually finds out about the night of passion when Jesus calls Michonne his mom.

Sasha shuts down Abraham (thank you real Jesus) but he still manages to score with Rosita (yuck), but for some reason throughout the whole episode is worried about Glenn’s Bisquick as he eloquently puts it and the idea a child can be born during the zombie apocalypse.

Jesus reveals to Rick and the gang that their “world is about to get a whole lot bigger” when he tells them there are other communities of survivors. Jesus tells them about Hilltop and how they trade with other communities but reveals they are desperate need of supplies. He agrees to take Rick and the crew to Hilltop to talk to their leader douchebag leader Gregory. On the way there they encounter a turned over vehicle and Jesus quickly recognizes it’s one of his people.

Rick is not too sure about Jesus at this point!

Jesus convinces Rick and the gang they should look for survivors and they find a bunch of them held up nearby building. What Rick also finds out is that Hilltoppers and the Alexandrians have a whole lot in common, they can’t fight worth a lick. Rick and the gang easily dispatch the few walkers “terrorizing” the survivors and save them. One of the people they saved just happens to be a doctor/obstetrician, great news for Glenn and Maggie and the pancake in the oven.

Jesus leads Rick and Co to the gates of Hilltop.

They finally reach the community of Hilltop which could easily pass as Calvin Candie’s plantation.


Rick quickly notices that the guards of Hilltops are equipped with SPEARS yes you heard right spears.So not only can they not fight but they have no real means of protecting themselves.


What they lack in the form of weapons they make up with livestock, supplies, food, crops and medicine. The regular towns folks live in trailers supplied by F.E.M.A while the boss man Gregory stays in the very colonial looking home. Gregory immediately comes off as sexist and  reveals how big of a dick he is the group and tells Maggie she should definitely handle negotiations between the groups.

the-walking-dead-episode-611-maggie-cohan-935 (1)
Maggie dealing with Gregory.

We also learn that Hilltop trades with Negan and in return he doesn’t mess with them. A group comes back from bargaining with him with some not so good news. Apparently Negan felt that the drop wasn’t satisfactory and killed members of the group and kept one named Craig as hostage. Negan also told them in order to ensure the safety of Craig they would have to kill Gregory. Nathan proceeds to stab Gregory in the gut and that’s when things hit the fan.


Rick immediately springs into action, and with the help of his new boo Michonne dispatches Nathan in what is the best scene of the entire episode.

The Hilltoppers were rightfully shocked at the violent scene that took place. Shoutout to Michonne for standing up for her man though. Gregory manages to survive his assassination attempt and after an intense bout of negotiations with Maggie agrees to trade with them. The deal is Rick and the gang will take of care Negan for them and they get half of their supplies in exchange. It sounds good but Rick doesn’t know he’s gonna have his hands full with Negan. We are looking forward to an ultimate showdown and won’t be shocked if we lose some favorite cast members this season.

Of course the meme reactions for last nights episode were on point of course. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones that were generated from episode 11 of The Walking Dead.

Images Via: AMC/The Walking Dead

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On The Gram: Carl Loses An Eye, A Lot Of People Die on Mid-Season Premiere of The Walking Dead. The Internet Collectively Loses It!


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE WALKING DEAD HAS RETURNED! Boy did it ever, tonight’s episode titled “No Way Out” is already being called a classic by fans of the show. They are most certainly correct with that assessment! In tonight’s powerful episode we saw A LOT of death from the beginning of the show till the end. Don’t worry no favorites were killed in the making of this episode, but with the way this season started  we won’t be surprised if we do lose a favorite character. Tonight we saw a group of bikers  get blown to smithereens, a whole family devoured by walkers and a mega-herd of walkers chopped into pieces.

Daryl Dixon 21

We even saw Carl take a bullet in the eye… OMG!

The internet of course totally lost it after tonight’s intense episode of The Walking Dead and reacted with hilarious memes. Hit the gallery below to see the best reactions.

Photo: AMC/The Walking Dead



Walker Overload: Rick and The Gang Are Welcomed Back With Hilarious Memes

The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Memes

YES it’s that time of the year where the dead roam the earth! The Walking Dead is back and all is right in the world once again. Hit the jump to see how the internet reacted to the return of television’s best show,


ZOMBIE OVERLOAD: Watch The Trailers For Both The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

Fear and The Walking Dead Comic Con Trailers

Zombies will be ruling AMC this year!


Today at San Diego Comic Con, AMC premiered not one but two trailers for both of their horror/dramas The Walking Dead and new series Fear The Walking Dead


Feast Your Eyes On A Clip From AMC’s New Show Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is back, well sort of…

AMC unleashed a clip of their forthcoming The Walking Dead spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead.